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Growing demand for Psychics

According to recent research into the use of clairvoyants and psychics, there has been a huge and sudden increased demand in their services from high powered, business professionals who want advice on how to tackle the recession and survive in these financially difficult times.

Mediums and psychics have also reported a change in what people are asking in their readings. Usually, people would go in to the psychic reading and speak about love or romance and this has changed to questions about money, investments and business.

According to book sales, the amount of self help books, crystal readings packs and tarot cards has also increased as people try and look for alternative ways to get them through difficult times. Many more people are also buying books on angels and spirit guides.

Because of the recent documentation of mediums on programmes such as Derren Brown, Most Haunted, and Sixth Sense, more and more people have a renewed interest in psychics which is perhaps what pursues them to go and visit one for themselves.

This is not the only time there has been a sudden increased demand for mediums. After the 9/11 attacks many people were visiting psychics to help them deal with their grief.

One clairvoyant commented, “I have seen an interesting pattern in my workload over the past ten years. After a major event that has effected a lot of the country, or even the world, many people are coming to visit me to find out about their lost loved ones or even to find guidance along the path of their own life. Issues vary, but during the recession most problems were money related. This does not surprise me, times are tough and people need a way of finding some reassurance and confidence in their lives.”