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Guardian Angels Explained

Sometimes we experience things in life that, no matter how hard we try, we just cannot explain them. Whether you get a strong sense that a spirit is trying to communicate with you or you’ve had a near death experience and can’t understand how you survived, it could be the case that your guardian angel is protecting you.

What is a guardian angel?

A guardian angel is an angel that has been assigned to protect a particular person. These angels do everything in their power to help individuals achieve happiness and avoid danger until it’s time for them to move on into the afterlife.

Who has a guardian angel?

Everyone has a guardian angel and although you may not have realised it, yours is likely to have protected you from spiritual, mental, and physical harm on hundreds of occasions. Your guardian angel will stick by your side from birth until death.

What does my guardian angel look like?

Most of us will go through life without seeing, hearing, or touching our guardian angel but some people believe they have experienced their protector’s presence in a notable way.

If you ever see your guardian angel, they may be accompanied by waves of love, joy and power. Other people believe they come as beams of light while some say that when a feather appears, angels are near.

Do guardian angels protect us from death?

Many of us go through our lives without realising our guardian angels exist. Although some people joke that they were saved by a guardian angel following a near-death experience.

Often, those who haven’t faced a narrow brush with death assume they’ve never needed a guardian angel. But in reality, it’s most likely that they’ve been subtly protected many times in the past.

If we all have guardian angels, why do people still die?

Although we all have guardian angels to protect us from death, we’re obviously all going to die one day. Although we may wish that we and our loved ones were immortal, death is a natural part of life and is necessary to make room for birth. Sooner or later, our time comes to pass over into the afterlife and so our guardian angels step aside and no longer intervene when death tries to take us.

Why do some people die young?

Death is always tragic but, when a person dies at a young age, this can be particularly difficult for us to come to terms with. It’s important to remember that although a person may be gone from this earth, their soul will continue to live on in the afterlife. They may have died at a young age because they were needed elsewhere. In fact, if you’ve lost someone at a young age, be proud of them – they’re probably busy bringing positivity and happiness to others in the afterlife.


  1. About 20yrs ago my son and I went on a marked hiking trail for some reason we realized we were no longer on the mark trail it was a hot summer day and we had no more water . Right in front of us was a feather my son picked it up when we looked up there was an older couple. One of them said “You are almost at the end of the hiking trail “ when we looked back to say thank you there was nobody behind us. We both believed that they were guarding angels just tonight I was watering my garden and looked up and saw a small black feather coming down I extend my hand and it dropped into my hand. After reading the meaning of the black feather I realized that my angels will be by my side because my beloved dog was diagnosed with cancer and her time with me will end soon

  2. It’s Thanksgiving. I gave been trying to recover from some massive hurricane damage plus my husband has dementia. My family is not here and they do not call to see how we are or to offer words of encouragement. I did call my son today and we talked for a few but he never asked or offered support. . Kind of a shallow,exchange. I came in from the porch still feeling alone. I went to close the blinds and looked down behind my chair and found a small 3″ black feather. Someone came to tell me i was not alone. God sends a sign. His angels are near. Great timing to find the real thanksgiving.

  3. I rescued my Border Collie at the age of 8 from a rescue center, we both had the most amazing time together, he sadly had to go to the afterlife, after suffering what I consider to be a stroke, on the 18th of June last month just 3 weeks ago, aged 17.6 months and although I have heard people say about
    White feathers, it was not until I saw a black feather on my kitchen floor today that curiosity was playing with my mind and I always thought white, there was no reason why a black feather should appear on the kitchen floor, it’s been a hot day and back door is always open, so I picked up the black feather and put it in the beautiful Rose I was given called in lovely memory, this may sound a bit sad, but I also put my boys last drop of his poo into the compost too days ago, to find another smaller black feather in the spot where he had had his last poo.. very sad and finding life with out him very hard

  4. I don’t know if people believe or not in what I am going to say but I saw my Guardian Angel at least I thought so. He was just standing few steps away from me, I remember that for a reason I was being attacked spiritually and I started saying my Guardian Angel prayer can’t remember how many times but I think till 5 times and he just appeared but then a lady sitting on my left side said something and as I looked to her just for seconds I looked back to see my Angel and he was gone. Everyone was still doing they’re all things and apparently I was the one looking straight to my guardian angel. Yes I thank so much my angels and God for protecting me. ❤

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