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Guide: Aries Astrological Profile


To celebrate the start of the Aries star sign, we have brought you a profile of everything someone born under this sign should know. This guide will be very useful if you are close to an Aries because it could help you to understand their personality a little better.

Sometimes, you may actually have characteristics when you’re an Aries, and you might not be aware that it is connected to the time of year you were born. You can use this guide to find out about your Aries Moon sign also. Because the Moon sign is much more accurate due to the precise time of day you were born taken into consideration, the Aries part of your overall sign could surprise you.


Personality Traits

Aries are the types of people who like to march to the beat of their own drum. A lot of the time, this can clash with people, however; it’s great that you stand up for yourself. If you believe something isn’t right, you will raise your point of view.

This trait also ties in well with your go-getter attitude. Do you want to go for a new job? You can’t be stopped! If you see something you desire, you try your very best to get it and only back down once you absolutely know it’s not possible. You’ll need to learn how to accept things that happen in your life and set aside your stubborn nature.

There may be many times this year that you look for new places to explore. It doesn’t matter if people you know don’t want to visit the same places because you’re absolutely fine with venturing out on your own. You don’t rely on anyone to provide happiness; you know that it’s all about being happy with yourself. This is why a lot of the time, you can be very daring and spontaneous.

Your friends might be shocked to discover that you’re packing your bags to move to another country until they are reminded that you have a lot of courage. You wouldn’t be afraid as such to make a big, risky move in your life, because as a fire sign, you are naturally very bold in your day to day life.

As an Aries, you’ll need to be careful about how you can come across because of how passionate you are. Others may get the wrong end of the stick, and you could be left wondering why they are distant from you the next time you see them.
You can be the life of the party, but this can be judged as you being too egoistic, which is the last thing you would want people to think about you. Yes, you do have your insecurities, but you’re not one to complain. Therefore, friends may not be aware that you’re putting those problems in the back of your mind and acting a bit ruthlessly for a reason.


Relationship Style

In relationships, you can be very, very flirty due to your amazing confidence. This makes you very popular with those you find attractive, and it doesn’t take you long to grab their attention. Fiery and straight to the point, if you see someone, you like the look of, you’re the type of person who comes right out and says it how it is. This is a brilliant trait to have because not many others share this quality. However, you also need to be careful that you don’t come across too intimidating. Other people can be much shyer and could back off a little. Instead, ask them if they would like a drink and give them a very subtle compliment.

You do like to pick and choose your partners. Fussy and impatient at times, if someone shows you a side of them you aren’t too keen on; you can be known to drop them like a hot potato. Yes, this can be seen as being too harsh, but you don’t want to waste your time on someone if you’re not sure, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You may not have many long lasting relationships, but once you find someone you really love, you’re extremely loyal.


Lucky colours etc.

Lucky Colours: Wine Red, Bright Red, Burnt Orange
Lucky Numbers: 9 and any number in the nine times table
Lucky Day: Tuesday
Lucky Fragrances: Orange, Peppermint, Lime, Sunflower
Lucky Stones: Ruby and Diamond
Love Matches: Sagittarius, Gemini, Leo and Aquarius
Ruling Planet: Mars


Ideal Careers

As a great, straight forward Aries, a brilliant career match would be one that allows you to step up and take charge. You love to show your leadership qualities, even if you’re just decorating your home. You can easily boost people’s productivity with your outgoing personality, making work completed at a higher quality. Another quality Aries have is that they are driven by competition, which can see them succeed in many areas of their lives. Brilliant career paths for this sign would be in Entrepreneurship, Medicine, Athletics and Psychology because these subjects will challenge your brain and keep you motivated.

You like a challenge, and these careers will definitely bring that to your everyday life. You like to go above and beyond with what you think is possible. Even if you’re never tried anything before in your everyday life, you will always give it a go. This is brilliantly useful for the jobs you are involved in because even if you have to learn something new, you are never afraid to jump right into it. Never tried photography? You’ll be excited to try anything that improves your abilities.


Thank you for reading our guide all about Aries. We hope you have a brilliant month and to Aries, Happy Birthday!


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