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Guide: Cancer Astrological Profile


It’s currently the time of the year for people born under the sign of Cancer. To celebrate this birthday, we have brought you a profile of the sign, which can help you understand yourself more if you are born under this sign, but can also help people understand a friend, partner or family member who is a Cancer.

Sometimes, you may have certain characteristics, and you might not be aware that it is connected to the time of year you were born, so take a look at our guide to Cancer to learn more!


Personality Traits

Cancer is a star sign that can experience problems when it comes to their independence. This is because they can be extremely independent so much so that they can push people away when they want to achieve their goals. Someone born under this sign might move far away from home for their dream career and might neglect to keep in touch with others at home.
On the other hand, a Cancer sign can suffer from not being independent enough, especially when it comes to their comfort zone. They might struggle with confidence earlier on in life, making them very emotionally dependent on their parents.
This can all end in their teen years which often sees this sign break out of their shell and experience life as an individual.

This sign can also have very conflicting sides to their personality when it comes to their friendships. Some people born under this sign can be very emotional when it comes to their friends. They can connect easily with people, making it easy for them to be a part of a group. When they have found a good group of friends, they are most likely going to stay in touch with those people throughout their life, which is great news for someone like a Cancer who is very sociable. Having many friends means they will have many different event invites all the time!
The down side to their personality is that they can actually be very moody at times towards friends. They can come across a little too demanding, wanting everything their way. Their friends won’t want to put up with their mood swings yet will often keep their thoughts to themselves to avoid upsetting them. This sign needs to realise when they are doing this and ask themselves whether they’d like someone treating them this way.

Another great trait a Cancer has is their need for adventure in life. Yes, they can get a little too bored at times and swap jobs too much, but this is mainly because they never want to settle. When they are exploring out and about in a new country, before they’ve even flown back home, they will be thinking about their next trip away.
A Cancer will experience major wanderlust throughout their life and because of this, they need to keep an eye on their funds. Too many short breaks can end up costing just as much as a lavishtwo week stay in Mexico. They need to keep a closer eye on their finances and so when they want a treat, they know they can actually afford it.


Relationship Style

People born under the sign of Cancer either absolutely love relationships or can completely hate them. They can spend the majority of their relationship wondering when the person is right for them, regardless of whether they need to make a decision about it or not.
This sign can often plague themselves with questions and a search for meaning, making them very very emotional towards their partner.
They can become a little too clingy towards a partner or completely push them away if they’re unhappy. A Cancer will have to find the right balance in a relationship where they can express how they feel without being too crabby about it.

Due to the independent nature of a Cancer, when an awful lot is happening in their lives, they can become completely detached from what is happening around them.
A best friend might have broken up with their partner the same time they are going through a huge career change. People shouldn’t be surprised if this sign forgets to give them enough time and support.
At the end of the day, they can be oblivious to it all and they don’t mean to upset anyone. Instead of getting distant with them, sit them down and tell them that you need them for support. This way, their loyal side will kick in and come running to your door!

When this sign is in love, they fall very hard. It may have taken a long time for this sign to find someone they are actually comfortable with. Once they have found someone who accepts their emotional side, they will be completely besotted with them, not wanting to leave their side.
Going back to what was stated before, this is great yet they also need to remember not to be too full on.
Romance for them needs to have a great deal of passion. This means that their ideal partner will probably be someone who loves to travel and explore the world.
If their relationship takes them to new countries and has many different things to look forward to, they’ll be happy for a very long time.


Lucky Colours Etc

Lucky Colours: White, Yellow, Orange

Lucky Number: 2, 7, 11, 16, 20, 25

Lucky Day: Monday

Lucky Fragrances: Daisy, Vanilla, Sandalwood

Lucky Stones: Pearl, Opal, Moonstone

Love Matches: Virgo, Pisces, Taurus, Scorpio

Ruling Planet: Moon


Ideal Careers

Due to their emotional side, people born under the sign of Cancer are very good at jobs that help others on a regular basis. A Cancer would make an excellent team leader or business manager because they find it very easy to be empathetic towards others going through trials and tribulations. They can often give brilliant, logical advice that is also easy on the emotions, making it easier to motivate their team towards success.

Another job that would be a fantastic match is career as a counsellor because they can listen deeply to someone in their time of need. As well as being a good listener, they can analyse a situation very well, offering words of wisdom, which can make people see different sides of a problem. Doing this will be very rewarding in their everyday lives.

People born under this sign love animals and would like nothing more than to be around cats, dogs and anything else all day long. If they can, they should try and become a Vet which will reward them emotionally.
With this job also, they will need to learn how to tame their emotions when animals cannot be saved every single time. A career like this will also them to be caring but will also strengthen their personality.


Are you a Cancer? If so, Happy Birthday! We hope you have enjoyed your star sign profile.

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If you would like to calculate your moon sign, click here and check back on our blog for our star sign guide every month which could be good to look at for your Moon sign if yours is different!


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