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Guide: Gemini Astrological Profile


To celebrate the beginning of Gemini’s birthday, we have brought you a profile of the sign, which can help you understand yourself more if you are born under this sign, but can also help people understand a friend, partner or family member who is a Gemini.

Sometimes, you may have certain characteristics, and you might not be aware that it is connected to the time of year you were born, so take a look at our guide to Gemini to learn more!

Personality Traits

Gemini is a star sign that is naturally very intellectual and one that loves to talk and debate about all types of topics. They are very open minded too, meaning that even when people have a different viewpoint, they can appreciate this, instead of causing an argument.

This sign is extremely sociable and they can have many friendship groups because they tend to get on with all different types of people. They absolutely love to have a bit of banter with people, so they are the type of person people call when organising a fun day trip or a night out.
Because they are naturally very intelligent, any task that is new to them can be learnt very quickly, which can impress the people around them.

Another great trait a Gemini has is that they aren’t afraid to learn from others. Many people hate feeling like the student, yet Gemini thrives when in these types of situations. For example, if someone asks, “May I teach you this?” instead of a Gemini being hesitant by somebody showing leadership, they completely open up this, with incredible enthusiasm and love for challenges. This trait will help their career and relationships because it will show people that they are more than happy to improve themselves in life.

Geminis absolutely hate being bored and whenever they are, it’s common that they quickly jump into an activity, such as furthering their knowledge and skills for different subjects or hobbies. If you walk into a Gemini’s room, you are sure to see a large collection of books, movies or both. Because they adore a wide range of topics, they love to get lost in stories that are different from their life, offering a form of escapism when they reach boredom.

Cheery and enthusiastic, they will find it easy to persuade others to join them on any adventure they come up with.

They are also a sign that loves adventure; this ties in with their hatred for boredom. There will come a time in the year where a Gemini might propose a crazy getaway idea with their partner or friends. Expect this person to want to reach different corners of the earth with their travels, while learning about different languages and cultures along the way.


Relationship Style

Geminis are naturally very independent and love to spread their wings when it comes to life and enjoy being happy with themselves. This means, many Geminis are absolutely fine with being single for an extended amount of time and are difficult to pin down when it comes to commitment.

To them, it’s pointless to be in a relationship that serves no purpose of happiness. This sign will learn very well from past experiences and will make sure that problems do not reoccur. In the future, this could end up changing a Gemini’s frame of mind about partnerships. Many of their friends could see them ending relationships very quickly. This isn’t a bad thing because this sign likes only to settle down for something that feels right.
Once they find someone they adore, they are extremely loyal to them and can become very romantic.

Because Geminis are very understanding and polite, they are a great support to their partners and can find it hard to say no to someone they care about when that person is struggling. They hate seeing people they care about vulnerable, so they will happily give a helping hand.
However, Geminis hate to feel restricted in their relationships, which means partners need to leave them to their own devices and allow the Gemini to approach them instead. Otherwise, if a partner is constantly seeking for their attention, this sign can become very confused as a result of them feeling trapped.

If you are dating a Gemini, remember that they can have different sides to their personalities and emotions which can often make their minds a muddled mess. When this starts to happen, keep a safe distance until they come around, rather than rushing to ask them tonnes of questions.


Lucky Colours Etc

Lucky Colours: Orange, Yellow, Green

Lucky Number: 5, 14, 23, 41, 50

Lucky Day: Wednesday

Lucky Fragrances: Lemon, Bergamot, Peppermint, Violet.

Lucky Stones: Agate, Sapphire, Tigers Eye, Quartz

Love Matches: Libra, Aquarius and Leo

Ruling Planet: Mercury


Ideal Careers

Due to their sociable and talkative nature, Geminis love any job that allows them to openly communicate with others around them. Also, because they love to travel, they would be extremely happy in a job that offers travel, even if that is to different cities for meetings.
This will also reduce the risk of them becoming bored, because no day will be the same in a job where different conversations or trips take place.

Geminis love to put their natural intelligence to good use, meaning they love looking for more information and can come up with effective solutions to problems very quickly in their working environment.

Many Geminis can be a big lover of facts and figures which put proof in the pudding, so careers in Marketing or finances could be a brilliant choice. They won’t find a problem with gathering statistics and reports for people often which is why careers that involve numbers and problem solving will come naturally to them.

Another excellent career option for a Gemini is Journalism. This is a job that can teach them tricks of the trade, plus their openness, friendly attitude and hardworking nature can see them produce excellent qualities of work.


Are you a Gemini? If so, Happy Birthday! We hope you have enjoyed your star sign profile. Does this not sound like you? Why not take a look at your Moon Sign?
The Moon sign is much more accurate as it is calculated according to the precise time of day you were born, the result could surprise you. You could be born in the month of Gemini but the Moon sign of something completely different.

If you would like to calculate your moon sign, click here and check back on our blog for our star sign guide every month which could be good to look at for your Moon sign if yours is different!


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