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Guide: How to read your palms

Palm reading is an interesting and unique psychic technique that is widely known as Palmistry or Chiromancy, which is commonly used to help read someone’s personal traits as well as predicting their future. Palm reading has been originally connected with countries such as China, Tibet, India and more yet has increased in popularity over hundreds of years. Reading palms and connecting key factors is done by looking closely at the lines in the palm and analysing the shapes to give excellent guidance during a reading. It is not only a brilliant way to learn more about yourself and the future, but it’s a light-hearted and fun technique to practise yourself. Whether you want to read your palm or someone else’s, we’ve put together a guide to help you along the way, so let’s get started!

                                                                                                                                                  Hand and finger length

finger length and shape

Analysing your hand and finger length can reveal the first part of your personality. Astrology and Palmistry can link to elements of the world and you might already have a connection to a particular element due to your zodiac sign. However, your hand shape can reveal you belong to another element depending on your hands and fingers. This element will reveal more about you as an individual and what makes you tick. This part of the guide requires you to find a ruler so you can measure the length of your fingers and hands. Below are the different ones that will help determine which element you are.

Earth- Short yet broad hands where the palm is square. The palm and fingers are just as short as each other and can look stubby or masculine.

If you have Earth palms, it means that you are someone who is very reliable and productive in your everyday life. In your career, you might suit a practical job where you get to work with your hands instead of being stuck in an office. You can sometimes be stubborn, so you must be careful when speaking with authority figures such as your boss or manager.

Air- Rectangular hands where your fingers are longer than your palms. Your fingers might have a rounded tip.

If you have Air hands, you are someone who always likes to spend time with others. People see you as an eternal optimist because you look on the bright side of life, even in times of trouble. You like to push boundaries so you can complete tasks in your own way. Creative and innovative, you’d work best in an environment that allows you to explore your natural talents. Be careful that you don’t come across as too chatty because some people might not like this side of your personality.

Fire- Your palms might be a tiny bit longer than your fingers but not in a way that is easily noticeable.

If you have Fire hands, you are someone who is always fun to be around. You’re fiery and have a passion that helps you achieve your wildest goals. Naturally extrovert, you love to be the class clown of every group and you’re always the person invited to parties. You might need to be careful about the way you treat others because you could come across as insensitive. Don’t dismiss people straight away because they could end up surprising you. As a career, you would suit a job where you can express yourself and guide others, which is why teaching is an excellent option.

Water- Oval shaped palm where the fingers are long. Your hands will look slim and elongated which can also look rather feminine.

If you have Water hands, you are someone who is extremely creative. These type of hands as also known as “Musician’s hands”, so it wouldn’t surprise us if you like to play in a band or as a solo artist. Surrounding yourself with beauty is important to you, so you might be the person who enjoys trips where you can explore the natural surroundings. You can be known as someone who’s more on the quiet side yet when friends get to know you; they’ll be blown away at your artistic abilities.

different palm linesPalm Lines

This is the main part of Palmistry because it’s where you can look into the different lines that have naturally formed in your hands. Lines can vary and not one palm is identical, similar to the way our fingerprints and 100% unique. Reading into this lines can reveal different parts of our lives and what could take place in the future. Remember, you control over your life, so don’t worry if you hear something slightly negative. Firstly, you must choose the hand you want to read. Most prefer their dominant hand, such as the one they usually write with. Next you need to look at the different palm lines and we have indicated the various lines with colours below.

Heart line

  • If your heart touches your life line, you are someone who shows a lot of passion very early on in relationships. You might trust people too quickly, which is why you may have experienced a few heartbreaks that have been difficult to get over.
  • If your heart line is short, you are someone who is more independent and you don’t focus too much on finding “the one”. Instead, you’ll go about your life and will only give time to particular people who earn your trust.
  • If your heart line is wavy, it can mean that you go through life uncertain about romance. You might be a little afraid of commitment yet most of the time; you can be the person standing in the way of fun. Relax and enjoy yourself more.
  • If your heart line has small lines going through it, this can indicate that you’ve battled romantic problems such as trust issues and partners who haven’t treated you very well. Hang on in there because the right one will come along!

Head line

  • If your head line is long, you are someone who thinks before they act. You don’t just have a plan B but you have them running through the alphabet, just in case anything bad happens. You’re always prepared for change yet think logically about life.
  • If your head line is very straight, you are someone who is very determined and straightforward. You like to think with your head more than your heart so you can get the best out of situations.
  • If your head line is faint or broken, you might experience issues with thinking logically in life. Emotions rule your life, which can get you into messy situations if you aren’t careful. When in doubt, as someone for wisdom!
  • If your head line is wavy or curvy, you are someone who is known to be creative and full of ideas. You think outside the box and aren’t afraid to try anything new.

Life Line

  • If your life line looks never-ending, you are someone who has heaps of energy. You could be a morning person who likes to do their most important work at the beginning of the day.
  • If your life line in short, you are the type of person who must be on the lookout for wolves in sheep clothing. You can be rather gullible, so don’t let someone manipulate you!
  • If your life line has a lot of lines through it or breaks, you will experience a lot of sudden change in your life. It can be linked to far away travel, new family members or lifestyle alterations.
  • If your life line is very close to your thumb, you will need to look at ways to boost your energy so you can get the most out of your days, instead of feeling drained.

Fate line

  • If your fate line is faint, you might find it difficult to decide what you want in life. It is mainly caused by you have several passions, making you unsure about which one is the best to follow. Take your time with your decisions.
  • If your fate line is touching your life line, you are not the type of person to wait on others. You take the bull by the horns and only rely on yourself to get things done.
  • If your fate line is deep, it means you probably believe in fate and that everything happens for a reason, which can make you very optimistic in negative situations.
  • If your fate line joins up with the life line, it means you make sacrifice what you really want for those you love. For example, your family might need you to stay with them instead of you moving far away.

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