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Guide: Leo Astrological Profile

Leo (July 23rd- August 22nd)

First of all, we’d like to say a very Happy Birthday to all the people born under the sign of Leo because your astrological birthday periods starts today!
To celebrate the start of this Birthday with a bang, we have brought to you our Leo Astrological Guide so you can have a good look through and understand your sign a little better. Also, this guide is brilliant if you are close to a Leo but also want to gain a deeper understanding of their personality traits and what makes them tick!
If you are a Leo, have you ever wondered why you have certain elements in your personality? Well, below you could find out that they are actually connected to your star sign, making you feel more and more suited to it!


Personality Traits

Similar to the Lion that represents their star sign, Leos do have a lot of strength and courage, even if they aren’t always loud about it. In many star sign profiles about Leo, the entire sign is often put across as extremely confident and that if you are born under this sign, you often walk around believing you are amazing. However, there are people born under the sign of Leo, who are more humble and reach their goals quietly and effectively. Many of them could doubt their abilities throughout their life! It’s even more of a surprise to know that some Leos don’t find their real voice until much later on in life whereas others are opinionated and sharp straight away. Many Leos might feel as if they relate more to their Virgo neighbour in how they approach life, which will make you excellent friends with this sign.

This sign could go through the darkest of days in their life and still find a way to turn it around. If something negative does happen to Leo, it can influence their actions very much regardless of how confident they are as an individual. They will take time out to evaluate so they understand their next step towards the solution. Instead of telling people about their problems, they are more of a “suffer in silence” type which is commonly applauded but it could break them down brick by brick if they never seek help. One of the biggest lessons in life Leo’s need to learn is that it’s ok to be a human who suffers from problems, emotions and insecurities. Reaching out to friends and family about hardships can make Leo feel calm and this will allow them to relate more to people around them. Once they understand that people can help and offer support, they will start to feel a boost in motivation to power through.

When it comes to their everyday life, people born under the sign of Leo are commonly very kind with a heart of gold. Sure, they can be pretty stubborn when they want to be but when it comes to people they are close to, they will often be the optimistic person that cheers people up. With your straight forward approach to communication, you won’t hold back telling someone that their partner is a waste of time. This can shock a lot of people, which means you need to be careful and make sure you know someone well enough to be blunt with them. After a while, people will understand that you are only trying to be honest and you only want the best for people. Passion is often shown through your words, which means the confident Leo makes fantastic public speakers like influential Barack Obama, whereas quieter ones could make incredible authors like warm, soft spoken J.K Rowling.


Relationship Style

A relationship with a Leo is always one that is going to be fiery. Many Leos adore being in a relationship, although they won’t be in one for the sake of it. This star sign will very rarely settle for being second best and they want a relationship that has a strong bond with mutual respect. If this starts to change, they will want to sort this out straight away. If a Leo has experienced a relationship which left a negative impact, they will learn from this relationship and avoid it, instead of making it into a pattern. This sign is incredible at getting back up and dusting the dirt from past relationships off their shoulder.
If a Leo is in a new relationship, they will like to show their adventurous side, meaning they might want to book a romantic trip away or go on a fun day out to test their compatibility with a potential partner. It can take this sign a long time to finally settle down in a relationship, which is why they like to evaluate the pros and cons before they make any permanent decisions.

Even if they don’t try to be, a Leo can be quite the charmer when they first meet someone and even if these people aren’t romantically attracted to them, they’ll still want to keep in touch afterwards. Many people born under the sign will be a part of different social groups because of how flexible they are with others. Many Leos have to overcome the stubborn sides of their personality, especially if it’s the reason they have fallen out with people earlier on in life. Once they understand that it’s better to be approachable and agreeable, the more they’ll enjoy friendships instead of feeling like they have to stand their ground all the time.

A lot of Leos go through a time in their life where they refuse to admit their wrong or they deny defeat because their ego won’t allow it. For example, a partner might turn around and leave but a Leo won’t want to accept that they have decided this. They might throw a lot of insults at someone who isn’t worth their time anymore. At this point, life can get tricky because once confidence is bruised, it can be really hard for them to get it back. This will be a point where time with friends will make them realise that everyone experiences rejection and it’s something you need to get past. Instead of becoming a hermit in relationships, this sign needs to come back swinging and prove to themselves that they’re worth it!

Lucky Colours etc

Lucky Colours: Red, Orange, White, Gold

Lucky Number: 1, 4, 10, 13, 19, 22

Lucky Day: Sunday

Lucky Fragrances: Amber, Vanilla, Sandalwood

Lucky Stones: Tigers Eye, Peridot, Ruby

Love Matches: Gemini, Libra, Sagittarius

Ruling Planet: The Sun

Ideal Careers

This star sign only wants a job that they can put their heart in to. For example, if a Leo feels as if they analyse all areas of their life, a job that allows them to do this on a regular basis will stop them from doing it so much in their personal life. Whatever a Leo does, they want to have passion towards it. Otherwise a job just won’t work out. Leos can get pretty impatient when it comes to praise because they want to know that they are doing a good job, plus a pay rise is rarely off their mind. However, if a Leo has a job that is emotionally and mentally rewarding, they will be patient for the financial benefits and won’t care so much. If they are challenged with tasks that fulfil them, they will be fine to start from the ground up to reach their goals.

People born under the sign of Leos tend to have an amazing artistic ability, plus their driven nature will help them put their all into getting where they want to be, even if it’s in a difficult industry. Anything like Interior Design, event management and performance might reveal amazing sides to their personality, especially if they are shy.
This sign would also be fantastically suited to careers that show their social skills, such as Teaching and Nursing because they can also feel accomplished when they show their passion to help others.

If a Leo can wake up every morning feeling excited and confident for their working day, they will live a very happy life.

Are you a Leo? If so, Happy Birthday! We hope you have enjoyed your star sign profile. Does this not sound like you? Why not take a look at your Moon Sign?

The Moon sign is much more accurate as it is calculated according to the precise time of day you were born, the result could surprise you. You could be born in the month of Leo but the Moon sign of something completely different.
If you would like to calculate your moon sign, click here and check back on our blog for our star sign guide every month which could be good to look at for your Moon sign if yours is different!


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