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Guide: Libra Astrological Profile


Here at Wishing Moon, we’d like to say a big Happy Birthday to all the people born under the sign of Libra! To celebrate this sign’s birthday, we have brought to you our Libra Astrological Guide. Our guide could help if you are a Libra yet want to gain a deeper understanding of your personality traits.
If you are a Libra reading this, have you ever wondered why you are the way you are? Below you could find out that you are actually more connected to your sign than you thought!


Libra is the sign of the scales, which is fitting because people born under this sign are often indecisive. They are naturally easy-going characters, always up for a new experience with friends. Adventure and fun are a big part of their life, no matter how hard they work in their careers. Libras love being free to do what they want and be who they are so restrictions will make them feel drained and dull. Their life is a continuous journey of self-discovery which is full of ups and downs. This is why they might change their career path or move away from home if they are starting to lose their sense of self. It’s important to Libras that everything has a purpose. They can easily break away from something that has naturally run its course. This sign finds that staying in an environment that makes them unhappy is simply pointless.

This sign has a cardinal quality, which gives them a huge zest for life. It’s not difficult for a Libra to start from the bottom and work their way up. After hard work and dedication, they love the feeling of great accomplishment. For a Libra to be happy, it’s all about discovering a lifestyle that suits their personality. They do love the finer things in life, yet they aren’t too materialistic. In their home, they might have a collection of handmade goods. They value creativity and originality which is why they’ll be a fan of anything arty.

In friendships, they are often the person who brings the group together. This sign has an amazing ability to lift the spirits of those around them.When problems arise, they prefer to tackle issues peacefully. People around them freaking out will wonder how on earth they keep such a cool head but for a Libra, it’s easy. They have a desire to make others happy and want to promote a calm environment. Friends will view Libra as an inspiration because of all the fun things they get up to. Someone might compare themselves to Libra and ask how they can learn from them. They might then decide to break free and transform their lives, especially if they feel trapped. If anything, this sign boosts those around them and will bring out their true desires.

Another great quality of Libra is their eccentricity. This sign can be trailblazers in many different ways. A Libra might show up at a party wearing a crazy combination, only for it to be a trend a few months later. They love to think outside the box and do so with their image whenever they get the opportunity. Throughout their younger years, they may have showed off rebellious tattoos, piercings and haircuts. This sign will always want to represent their wild side in some way. A certain sense of style will remain throughout their life but will be adapted to suit their age. Fitting in may seem like the easier option yet they people who should never dim their light. New acquaintances might be a little thrown off by how open and extroverted a Libra is at first. After a while, they’ll learn that it’s a trait they’d never change about Libra.


When a Libra is in a relationship, it’s vital that they have their independence. No matter how much they love their partner, they need to feel like an individual. This sign deals with a single life well and often doesn’t even notice most of the time. They have such an easy going nature, so it’s a breeze for them to meet new people. Something a Libra absolute hates in relationships is when someone abandons friends for them.This sign believes that it shows desperation and a lack of self-confidence, which is viewed as deal-breakers. A partner well suited to a Libra will have their own life, friends and goals. It’s vital that Libra isn’t with someone that has codependency issues.

The carefree attitude a Libra has can surprisingly cause problems in their romantic life. This is usually a positive trait . However, they can be flakey and will often forget about plans. A Libra might often prefer relationships without commitment. They don’t like to answer to anyone and don’t like feeling too attached early on. If a person wants to suddenly spend all their time round them, Libra might start to worry. Once this sign starts to feel any pressure from a partner, they will start to distance themselves. It’s key for them to strike a good balance in partnerships yet this can take a reasonable amount of time. Many people might assume a Libra doesn’t want to settle down, but this isn’t the case. It’s bad for this sign to stick with a relationship that drains their positivity. The aim is to be themselves and not have to sacrifice dreams to make someone else happy. Once they are in a relationship with someone who is as free as a bird, they’ll stick around for a long time. It’s about complementing a Libra, not trying to complete them.


Lucky Colours: Blue, Green, Yellow and Magenta

Lucky Number: 6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51, 60

Lucky Day: Friday

Lucky Fragrances: Juniper, Violet, Mimosa, Sage

Lucky Stones: Sapphire, Diamond, Emerald

Love Matches: Aries, Gemini, Aquarius

Ruling Planet: Venus


A Libra will want a job that will allow them to be themselves. A corporate job is something that they might want to avoid like the plague. Employers might not want this sign to be eccentric, which will make them feel undervalued. A Libra’s imagination is an incredible trait, and they will always find a way to entertain people. They will find being a Teacher rewarding in many ways. Helping students understand their potential will make them feel great about what they do. A Libra will feel incredible for months if a struggling student has received an amazing grade because of their help. Bringing a fun atmosphere to the table is what they do, which will transform learning into a lively process. Another brilliant career for a Libra would be a singer/songwriter or a performer. Even if this sign has to act as if they’re someone else, being imaginative and varied is what makes them tick. A Libra will be more than happy to follow the fast paced environment of the music and film industry. They want their life to be as interesting as possible, which is why creative arts is a great match.

Are you a Libra? If so, Happy Birthday! We hope you have enjoyed your star sign profile. If this doesn’t sound like you, take a look at your Moon Sign instead. The Moon sign is calculated according to the precise time of day you were born so the result could surprise you. You might be born under the sign of Libra, yet your Moon sign could be something else.  If you would like to calculate your moon sign, click here. Check back on our blog for our star sign guide every month which could be good to look at for your Moon sign if yours is different!



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  1. This is so accurate its amazing…thank u so much for this and yes i teach and im about to become a professional singer…happy bday libra’s xxxxx

  2. We’re over the moon that you enjoyed our post about Libra! We hope you have a good birthday in 3 days time!

  3. Thank you for you comment, Charlie. We’re really happy that you enjoyed the Libra profile and we hope you have a fantastic birthday season!

  4. Thank you for the moon sign as a Libra it described me to a T
    I was born October 4th
    I look falward to reading future moon signs etc in the future
    Thank you
    Kindest regards
    Mary x

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