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Scorpio Astrological Guide


Today is the official start to Scorpio’s birthday, so Happy Birthday to all of you who have a birthday during this period. Here at Wishing Moon, we like celebrating star signs and each month we write an in-depth profile, so you can gain a deeper understanding of the personality traits your sign is best known for. Below you could discover that you are actually more connected to your sign than you thought. We hope you enjoy reading your profile.


Scorpio is the sign of the Scorpion, which is spot-on because this sign has an inner strength that is often underestimated by others. This is a fixed sign. Therefore, people born under Scorpio are very hard working and reliable individuals who like to set regular goals. They are energetic but never too skittish because they want to be regarded as someone who has it together at all times. They prefer to pace themselves and complete goals carefully, without making silly mistakes along the way. It’s very common for Scorpios to desire great achievement from a very young age meaning they’ll show a tremendous amount of effort in their favourite subject at school. If a parent told a Scorpio that a particular career path isn’t easy, it would make them want to do it and prove people wrong.

In their everyday lives, Scorpios are extremely independent. It’s a very admirable trait because they won’t base their self-worth on what others think. Being happy in their own skin and building up self-confidence has a much higher value than words of admirations others can give. It’s their mission to be the best version of themselves and luckily for others, they aren’t the type to throw people under the bus to get where they want to be. However, if you ever try to deceive a Scorpio, they are likely to hold this against you and might never forget it. Don’t attempt to trick this sign because chances are, they can see straight through it. Being independent means they like to sit back and observe others. They will often have amazing predictions about whether someone has honest intentions and could fear for kind people that are too trustworthy. Friends and family might believe Scorpio is concentrating on the negatives but this isn’t the case. Scorpios want to protect themselves and others, therefore keeping a distance until proven otherwise is the best option.

Growing up, a Scorpio may have felt very differently from others their own age. As a child, friends may have spoken about the dream of being in a perfect relationship with a glorious house. For a Scorpio, their ideal picture of happiness will be built around what they achieve for themselves. If a marriage comes later on in a Scorpio’s life, it will be for the right reasons. However, their spouse might find their independence tricky to deal with at first since Scorpio won’t need to rely on them. The most exciting times in this sign’s life will be when they can buy their first home all by themselves or when they climb the career ladder after years of determination. Building their own life is extremely important but if the right partner comes along, they’ll happily make room for them and be extremely loyal.


A Scorpio really is the best of both worlds in a relationship. They are strong yet very sensitive, so they can lead a relationship while being understanding of their partner’s needs. Throughout their lives, Scorpios can have a lot of admirers because of they way they can connect with people. They need to be careful how they put themselves across to the opposite sex. Scorpios are charming and chatty, yet this can be viewed as flirtatious. Unfortunately, this makes it very easy for people to threatened by them. Some Scorpios have no idea that they are doing this and it might upset them if someone is rude to them as a result. Once people know that Scorpios are naturally very friendly, they’ll realise that their intentions are 100% honest.

Once they are in a relationship with someone, they might have one foot in and one foot out for a very long time. Scorpios adore having their own life and time to do whatever they want, so a partner will have to be patient. If someone in the past has wronged a Scorpio, it will take them a while to open up again and let someone see their true selves. To be honest, this isn’t a bad trait. They want to take their time instead of jumping into a relationship before they’re certain it’s the right one. They will find it harder to get to know someone emotionally rather than physically. This sign has a tendency to be very sexual, so they might date someone for a couple of months and then completely shut them off if they change their minds. This can often confuse people but a Scorpio can be very cut throat if they realise someone isn’t the right fit.  If a Scorpio marries you or is in a long-term relationship with you, don’t be offended if they don’t have pictures of you everywhere- they just aren’t the type. They will often keep their personal life to themselves yet behind closed doors; they’ll melt like butter around you. Relationships to a Scorpio aren’t for show and if you try to treat this sign like a trophy, it’ll be a huge turn off for them.

If your partner is a Scorpio, watch out for them being a little too over-protective. If someone they love starts to become ill, they might fuss over them more than the person wants. It’s funny because Scorpio’s independent streak means they’d hate someone to do it for them! As an emotional water sign, they love being there for people whenever they can. This sign will often schedule time out of their busy lives to take care of a friend in need, which makes them incredibly loyal. If this sign is a little over-bearing, just be upfront about it. They’ll soon understand and will go back to happily doing their own thing.


Lucky Colours: Mauve, Ruby, Copper.

Lucky Number: 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, 81, 90

Lucky Day: Tuesday.

Lucky Fragrances: Amber, Leather, Cassis, Leather.

Lucky Stones: Opal, Topaz, Tourmaline.

Love Matches: Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn, Pisces.

Ruling Planet: Pluto.


If a Scorpio doesn’t wake up excited for their day at work, something is seriously wrong. This sign is very hardworking and it’s the ultimate quest for them to find a career path that suits them. It’s also important for them to find a working environment that accepts them for who they are. Scorpios hate competitive people so if a business is full of fake, obnoxious people that don’t care about others, they’ll walk straight out of the door. They want to succeed and have financial stability, yet they are the type of often look out for others too. They are excellent at analysing pretty much anything, so if a career allows them to tap into this strong trait, they’ll be a happy chappy. If there is a problem in the workplace, the Scorpio is the right person to solve it. It will amaze people how they can iron out issues without ruffling feathers. Therefore, this can often put them in a leadership role. Trustworthy and loyal, they are an excellent person to have around an office.

Something a Scorpio must keep in mind is not to let rejection get them down so much. Because they want to achieve everything they can, they won’t accept negatives that get in the way. This could happen the most in their career. If they reach for the stars but get pushed back a few times, it’s critical for them not to lose their drive. They are a sign that will make something work so it’s vital that they keep going, instead of letting each job rejection get to them. A brilliant job for a Scorpio would be a researcher because they can put their findings and ideas forward to power projects. Since they are amazing at tapping into their intuition while being sensitive to others, they can make brilliant psychiatrists and councillors. Scorpios love making sure someone feels happy in their presence, so these types jobs will make them very positive about themselves.


Are you born under the sign of Scorpio? If so, Happy Birthday! We hope you have enjoyed your star sign profile. If this doesn’t sound like you, take a look at your Moon Sign instead. The Moon sign is calculated according to the precise time of day you were born so the result could surprise you. You might be born under the sign of Scorpio yet your Moon sign could be something else.  If you would like to calculate your moon sign, click here. Check back on our blog for our star sign guide every month that could be good to look at for your Moon sign if yours is different!


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