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Healing Crystals For A Broken Heart

Almost everyone experiences a broken heart at some point in their life, and it can be extremely difficult to know what to do to feel like our old, happy self again. In fact, heart break is such a painful emotion that it can really feel like physical pain, as though your heart is literally breaking in two.

The people around us who care about us are an important part of the healing process, so if you’re going through heartbreak, then remember to surround yourself with friends and family! However, discovering healing crystals is a great way to heal your heart from the inside out. Gemstones and crystal healing can really help to mend those broken pieces, making you feel more like you again!

How Crystals Heal the Heart

When we are happy and feeling loved, our heart chakra is in balance. We tend to feel peaceful, compassionate and full of love when the heart chakra is in this state.

However, when our heart chakra is not balanced, this can lead to feelings of loneliness, isolation and depression. Emotions like heart break can most certainly cause our heart chakra to be out of balance.

Crystals work by re balancing our heart chakra, helping us to heal our heart and feel at peace again.

Heart Healing Crystals

Want to know which crystals can nurture your heart and balance your chakra? Read on…

rose quartz

Rose quartz is known as the stone of love.

This crystal is connected to the heart chakra, opening the heart to love in all areas of your life, from self-love, to the love of your friends and family. Rose quartz is effective in healing a broken heart as it is filled with comforting and soothing energy, bringing calm and peace.

Rose quartz will help to raise your self-esteem and balance your emotions, lowering the stress and upset associated with heart break.

Try carrying rose quartz in your pocket, holding it during meditation or even holding the crystal to your heart.


Rhodochrosite is a beautiful red/pink crystal which is wonderful to use when working with matters of the heart. This stone is great for balancing the heart chakra due to its comforting and positive energy, bringing emotions to the surface and allowing personal growth, self –forgiveness and self-love.

Rhodochrosite also helps to improve your damaged self-worth and can relieve any emotional stress associated with heartbreak. This crystal can even attract new love into your life!

Again, carry Rhodochrosite with you in your pocket, use it during meditation or place the stone around your home to welcome good energy and love.


Chrysoprase is a hopeful, empowering crystal which increases positivity and helps with acceptance, compassion and self-growth. It also energises the heart chakra, helping to soothe emotional wounds and strengthening the heart. This crystal will not only help you to combat heartbreak, but it is also great for breaking up any negativity, bringing hope into difficult situations.

Chrysoprase is described as a good friend through experiences of loss, so carry this crystal if you’re struggling to cope with the loss involved with heartbreak.

ruby rose

If you’re suffering from heartbreak, wear a ruby rose necklace close to your heart to help heal emotional wounds. Ruby rose helps by soothing and strengthening the heart chakra, allowing you to let go of any pain and negativity in your heart.

Ruby rose will help to rebalance your heart chakra so you can regain a sense of peace and compassion.

If a necklace isn’t for you, try holding the stone to your heart.

If you’re going through heartbreak right now, remember the emotional pain and trauma may seem unbearable right now, but with time, the support of your friends and family, and perhaps a little help from healing crystals, your heart will mend and you will welcome love into your life once again.

For extra support and guidance on matters of the heart, contact our psychic readers.

4 Healing Crystals For A Broken Heart


  1. Hi what kind of Stone to get back my lost love, i want back ” Razi Naser ” coz i fall inlove with him can’t u please help me. Thanks so much?


  2. I think you mixed up the pictures for rhodochrosite and chrysoprase, just a heads up. With love, Katie.

  3. Hello Diane, Just wondering if you got a reply at all, I am going through the same thing, I know we were destined for one and other, any stones to bring back a lost love or repair our broken relationship is any help at all.

  4. hi i was wondering if their is a crystal i can use on behalf of my daughter to bring back a lost love. my daughter as no idea i have got in touch with you. she is so heart broken can u help. its her first relationship and they have been together for 2 and a half years. please can you help. i no they belong together

  5. Please can you tell me which are the best crystals for emotional healing and energy…I want to cleanse and rejuvenate my chakras ….. And where can we buy them please….. Many thanks

    Henrie .

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