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Healthy Smoothies For Your Star Sign

Certain star signs can actually be prone to a few health issues here and there. Sometimes, just eating the right food can do the world of good. However, because it’s coming up to the summer, we decided to show the best health smoothies for each star sign so you can happily sip them in the summer sun and get some of your 5 a day!


Aries are very determined individuals, making sure they can always rise to success. This trait can sometimes gradually turn into irritation, leading to anger problems when things do go as smoothly as planned. A fruit to tackle this issue is Pear, which has calming qualities that will help relax you when you’re at your most stressed. A great fruit to pop into this smoothie alongside Pear is Lemon. Lemon is a brilliant antibacterial which will help keep the doctor away.

There is nothing more a Aries hates than getting ill, because it stops them from getting on with their busy lifestyle. To top this lovely smoothie off, add some fresh ginger into the mix, which will help with reducing headaches, which can be brought on due to the stress Aries might experience.

People born under the sign of Taurus are ones that never really slow down when it comes to working around the clock. In their life, they can experience reoccurring throat issues, such as terrible coughs or tonsillitis. A brilliant ingredient for your smoothie which will help with this is Licorice. The anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties will help sooth an irritated throat which will help you sleep better and feel better all round.

If a Taurus feels too ill to eat due to their sore throat, Banana is a brilliant addition to the smoothie because it’s full of vitamins that will boost you back to your normal self, plus it’s it’s filling and sweet. The last tasty ingredient to top this recipe off would be Coconut. With this ingredient being delicious, it’s a double whammy when coconut is excellent at killing off viruses and infections that could keep that cough going for weeks.


Gemini are another sign constantly on the go and will have very active social lives that their body may not be able to keep up with. For example, those nights out dancing every weekend can take it’s toll on your legs and lower back, giving you intense pain for weeks afterwards. You are the type to even get up the day after a night out and work out at the gym, which puts extra strain on your body.
To tackle these issues, a smoothie that would do the trick is one that has Cherry, Peppermint and Cranberry.

Cherries are excellent because they contain anthocyanin which give the fruit a lovely red shade yet also provide anti-inflammatory and pain reducing enzymes that can help tackle the pain in your legs. The peppermint will give a fresh taste whilst easing painful joint conditions and discomfort whilst the added cranberry will help any other pain that could be brought on with a busy lifestyle. Cranberries are excellent for their anti-inflammatory qualities that could help you if you are extra sensitive all over due to the pain and discomfort in specific parts of your body.


People born under the sign of Cancer are very sensitive souls, who tend to worry a great deal about problems that haven’t even begun in their lives. This sign is known for also battling issues with paranoia because they care so much about what others think. This caring sign can bring a lot of unnecessary stress onto themselves, which can create many problems with the digestive system, such as bloating, acid reflux and indigestion.
Brilliant ingredients that can help battle these issues are Ginger, Papaya and Apple which would work wonderfully in a smoothie.

Ginger is used a lot in different herbal teas because it is known to help with nausea that is often experienced with stomach aches. Also, the warming sensation of ginger will sooth your upset tummy. Many people may not know that Papaya contain enzymes that do a brilliant job improving the digestive system. If it’s taking your stomach a while, this fruit can soothe the stomach and help break down the proteins. The last ingredient to add is Apple, which can help decrease diarrhoea, which is ideal for an upset stomach. Blend these together and you’ll feel better.


Leos are very passionate people and tend to give tasks 100% but can also be guilty of pushing themselves too hard. Many Leos are extremely devoting to succeeding in their life and can often neglect their health. They do tend to get themselves a little too worked up when something goes wrong, which can bring on problems linked to the heart, such as anxiety and panic attacks. It’s normal for everyone to panic when something doesn’t go wrong but Leos (even if they are usually confident) can regularly blame themselves for absolutely everything.
A great smoothie combo to help calm a Leo in their stressful state is Yoghurt, Pomegranate and Oats.

Yoghurt is packed full of protein which helps boost the brain chemicals that are responsible for feeling happy. If you pop yoghurt into your smoothie, it’ll make it much more filling, which can help people with either who either eat too much or don’t eat at all because of it.

Pomegranate has an excellent enzyme that can help bring down cholesterol, which can be significantly high in people with anxiety or heart problems. A brilliant way to put this smoothie together is to blend and drain the pomegranate, add the yoghurt with a bit of milk and then add Oats to the mix. Oats are brilliant because they’re filling and full of Vitamin B, fibre and magnesium which are amazing at reducing anxiety. Get some natural oats and see how different they start to make you feel. Instead, you can always leave the blender out and eat these together as a healthy breakfast.


Virgos are extremely hard working and can tend to rush through their lives, constantly forgetting to look after themselves. This is a sign that will have a masseuse telling them they need to treat themselves more to spas or just time by themselves. When this sign rushes, they tend to also rush the way they eat, which can have a knock on affect to their diet. This can result in problems with the stomach which can leave a Virgo with different dietary issues and food allergies.

The way to tackle this issue would be to make a smoothie that is packed full of healthy ingredients that they can drink whilst on their way to work or running all those errands. Virgos need to avoid ingredients that have too much acid, otherwise it can make stomach issues even more sore, when instead they need ingredients that soothe a little more. This is why an ideal smoothie will contain Apples, Grapes and Probiotic yoghurt.

Apple is a tasty yet helpful fruit which has compounds such as Vitamin C that can help combat allergies, even ones such as Asthma. Grapes are a tasty combination but are also a fantastic anti-inflammatory for allergies that can inflame and irritate parts of the body, such as the stomach which can lead to painful bloating.
The last ingredient, the Probiotic yoghurt, can really help soothe and block out those allergies that can take place, such as eczema which can be brought on by hidden food additives. All of these together can make a wonderfully tasty smoothie or yoghurt for when you need a little pick-me-up.


Libras are known as erm… passionate characters which mean they like to engage in a bit of loving as often as they can. This isn’t a bad thing because you love enjoying yourself in every way. However, too much can irritate the bladder and urinary track, which is annoying because it proves too much of a good thing can turn bad. You might laugh but it can be really quite painful, making you feel as if you need the loo all the time, not to mention trouble getting to sleep because of it.
Brilliant ingredients that can help this problem are Cranberries, Oranges and Blueberries.

Cranberries have been used for a very long time to help cure the pain that comes with a urinary tract infection. They contain hippuric acid, which stops that annoying bacteria from staying near the urethra. Just try and buy the unsweetened drink to add to your smoothie so you don’t pile on the calories whilst trying to get better. Add oranges to this smoothie because they contain an amazing amount of vitamin C, which is an antioxidant that can keep your bladder happy as ever.

For the last ingredient, yummy blueberries will sort you out in no time. Full of antioxidants similar to the other ingredients, it can help fight those nasty infections that can make your week a misery!


Scorpios are often very intense in their lives. They are a sign that always needs to get what they want when it comes to their career and relationships. This can sometimes give them the green eyed monster which is one of their unattractive traits. This can spark a big problem when it comes to their relationships, making them jealous lovers and partners. This jealousy and stress can really affect a Scorpio and end up causing issues with the bladder and mental state. They need a smoothie that is going to soothe that mind and also help with any bladder irritation. A great combination would be Pears, Strawberries and Cranberries.

Pears are a great alternative to fruits that you may want to each but that are too acidic, such as lemons and oranges. Pears contain antioxidants that can help give you hydration but beat the horrible feeling of bladder irritation.
Strawberries are extremely juicy and also a great source of Vitamin C that can help boost immunity to these problems occurring in the future. Adding cranberries to this smoothie will really help the inflammatory that will be going on when you have an irritated bladder. Overall, this smoothie is a great one for the summer that will also have brilliant health benefits.


This sign can experience a lot of problems with the spine because they tend to be very active individuals that may often take part in sports or exercise whenever they can. Even if they are unwell, this hardworking, dedicated sign will push themselves way past their limit, which can cause issues to their spine. They also really like to be active in their children’s life if they are a parent, meaning they will always have a go at silly activities that their age may not be able to handle.

When it comes to the spine, brilliant combinations of ingredients that can help are ones packed full of Vitamin A, which include Apricots, cantaloupe and nectarines. These extremely tasty and juicy fruits will help a lot because the Vitamin A will help keep the immune system in tip top condition and are good for the back because they can help the tissue and the bone repair after an accident. Apricots are especially helpful because they are packed full of calcium and potassium which can help with bone development and formation, which will help people a great deal who have back problems that prevent them from getting on with life.

Capricorns are a wonderful earth sign that want to exceed beyond people’s expectations, which can see you over work yourself. This can include running around and doing many different tasks and staying late nights at your desk. Sitting at your desk for hours in a bad position for an extended amount of time can create utter havoc for your joints, especially your knees and back. You could experience weak bones that need to get stronger over realistic period of time.
An excellent smoothie for you would include Apricots, Natural Yoghurts and Cherries.

Apricots are excellent because they are full of Vitamin A which can really improve your bone strength when they are getting weaker because of your lifestyle. We can’t help the way we run our lives, especially when its a knock on affect due to our jobs, but it is a good idea to keep our bones healthy as often as we can. It’s a great idea to add natural yoghurt to apricot because it is rich with calcium which can help bones stay healthy and strong, which can help ease the reoccurring pain. The last ingredient to add are cherries, which are amazing because they are full of anti-inflammatory properties that can help soothe any swollen areas of the joints that can be experiencing pain, especially if you’ve experienced a fall or bump.

Aquarius is a joyful sign that love to be around their friends and family. Someone born under the sign of the Aquarius could tell you that their loved ones keep them going in their lives, making them want to provide for them even more than they already do. These people are constantly on the go and never even have a chance to sit down on weekends because they are always up and out at the crack of dawn. Day trips, traveling and running about completing tasks fill an Aquarius’s life, which can seriously tire them out. This can be really stressful for them because they want to get everything done, even if their body is telling them to stop and relax. They can experience different muscle problems which can be sorted out with regular self care, which many of them forget about.

Brilliant ingredients for a smoothie will be Bananas, Honey and Milk.
Bananas are excellent because they contain magnesium and potassium, which naturally relax the muscles. This fruit would be really useful to eat on a regular basis if you do experience muscle problems frequently. Adding honey to bananas is a tasty combination that also is brilliant because it contains trypophan, which helps reduce nerve issues and anxiety. Adding to the milk will make this smoothie an excellent one for breakfast but will also have a calming effect on your body and it can also reduce the feeling of drowsiness, especially if the milk is really cold and refreshing.


The last sign (but not least) of the zodiac is Pisces, which is known as the sign who is always very helpful and caring. They can be away with the fairies a lot of the time, causing them to daydream and become sensitive to ideal situations in their head that they don’t have at the moment. They do take what people say to heart often, resulting in them being a little on the worried side. This can cause problems with the feet surprisingly and also the immune system because worry tends to harm it and cause all sorts of problems.
An excellent smoothie for Pisces would be one that contains Kiwi, Strawberries and Papaya.
Kiwis are very high in Vitamin C and E, which are excellent for immune boosting which can help people fight off different infections or allergies that might experienced as a result of stress. Strawberries are delicious in the summer time but also provide health benefits because of Vitamin A and C, which give that immune system the fighting strength the body needs to keep going. To top the smoothie is papaya because it has beta-carotene and vitamin A. These fruits will make a gorgeous smoothie for hot, sunny days but ones that can also keep you feeling health and happy.

*This article is written as a guide for healthy smoothies and shouldn’t be seen as an illness solution. If you are experiencing any problems with your health or mental wellbeing, visit your local GP.*

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