Ways to pay
Ways to pay:

Spell to Help Your Business Grow

Cast this spell on a Wednesday.

You will need:

  • One large cluster of Amethyst
  • One piece of Aventurine
  • One green ribbon
  • One red ribbon
  • Small amount of rice

You can perform this spell at any time of the day.

Start at the right side of your entrance doorway.

Working in a Deosil (clockwise direction), walk around your work place hold the Amethyst and the Aventurine in your right hand, with your left hand leave a few grains of rice on each window ledge (the rice symbolises new growth).

As you walk think of how you want your business to expand.

When you arrive back at the point you started from repeat the Angel Invocation:

“Archangel Raphael I invoke you to bless my work
Business prosper
Business grow
Secure and successful
My dealings to flow
So Mote It Be

Thank the Archangel for helping you.

Tie the green ribbon to your telephone to ensure orders flow in and lines of communication are kept busy.

Tie the red ribbon to your order book or cashbook this will ground your money and ease cash flow problems.

Place the Amethyst on your desk or workstation or near any equipment you use to earn your living.

The Amethyst will aid your concentration and help you to put new ideas into practise. It will also help you to remain calm under pressure and alleviate stress.

Keep the Aventurine in your purse or wallet to ensure financial security.