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Home Accessories Perfect for Spiritual People

Home is where the heart is, which is why you should fill your environment with items that make you calm and happy.  If you like to return home from work to relax and connect with your spirituality, decorative accessories can inspire you to block out the negativity so you can feel centred and focus. They can improve our wellbeing in times of stress and upset so whether you want to meditate or just embrace spirituality, here are some great picks that we think you might like!

buddha heads
Buddha Head Bookends

Buddhas heads are iconic throughout the world because of their meaning. The head is seen as the most important part of the buddha because it’s where the inner wisdom is stored. The small bump between the eyebrows symbolises intuition, which can help us become inspired to look within ourselves to find spiritual guidance and awakening. The Buddha’s eyes are closed and the face looks calm because it’s meant to be representing the calm state of meditation, which is one of the main rituals Buddhists are known for. To place this decorative accessory in your home will help promote a calm attitude and a harmony in your mind. It is especially useful for people who believe anxiety is taking over their lives to the point they can’t relax at home. Place spiritual or advice books in between these bookends to encourage you to read more as a relaxation technique.



Moon Phases Jewellery Dish

We love this Moon Phase jewellery dish because the way the moon changes through the months tell us a lot about life, too. When we get worried or upset about something in our lives going wrong, it can feel as if it’s a neverending disaster. The moon goes through phases which can remind us that bad times in life won’t last forever. Allowing ourselves to feel hopeless in a situation will only bring our wellbeing down further. This dish is something you can use all the time and when you do, you should tell yourself that every single day, you have another chance for success. Each time you see the moon, allow yourself to be inspired by it and wish upon it to gift you with it’s spiritual guidance.




Earth Element Candle

We absolutely love this Earth inspired candle. This line of candles has one for each zodiac element, which is a great way to spiritually connect with your zodiac sign. This scent is a beautiful combination of leather, sandalwood, geranium, black pepper and patchouli which together brings a stunning, musky fragrance to any surrounding. We think this is a great candle to light during meditation or just when you want to relax and have a bubble bath. How could you resist a candle that is personalised for your star sign? It makes us want to buy all four.





hamsa pillow

Purple Hamsa Pillow

A Hamsa or Hand of Fatima is popular amongst many religions because it is said to protect people from the evil eye. The evil eye is said to inflict sadness, pain and sickness on the world, which is why Hamsas can be worn for protection against this negative spirit. “Hamsa” means five and it signifies the five digits on the hand. The eye in the middle of hamsas is meant to block out any negative energies that conflict the mind. Having this type of symbol in the home can promote harmony with family and other loved ones. If you are going through a disagreement or a difficult time with people you live with, being inspired by the Hamsa’s symbolism can help you smooth out any issues you may have.




constillation mug

Zodiac Constellation Mug

These mugs are a beautiful addition to any household because they celebrate your zodiac constellations, which will reveal a lot about your sign. There are many historical facts that date back to Greek Mythology where the zodiac signs are ruled by planets. Connecting to your zodiac sign is very useful because its different qualities can inspire you in times of uncertainty. For example, the mug shown is the constellation sign of Aries. If someone is an Aries and they are lacking confidence, thinking about this fire sign can give them the motivation to bounce back again and head towards their goals. We think it’s a great idea to buy these for every member of a family so everyone can feel the spiritual power of the zodiac signs.




Which decorative accessory is your favourite? We think using decorative accessories in the home is a great way to bring peace and serenity into your home. Finding the right ones could even help you connect to your spirit guides for meditation. Comment below and let us know which one is your favourite.

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