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Horoscopes for the Week of 1st June 2015

With a full moon on 2nd June in Sagittarius, this means that many rose hinted glasses come off people and they see the truth they’ve ignored for a long time.
This can be in the love sector or in your workplace, where you have failed to admit there is a problem you need to address. We all need to remember that where there is a problem, there will be a solution, so there’s no need to worry yourself sick over this.
Who knows, you might learn a pleasant, surprising truth that can transform the rest of your year in a brilliant way that is completely unexpected.

Also, this Friday there is love in the air as Venus moves into Leo, heating everything up for four months. Usually, Venus will be within a sign for a lovely four weeks however, they are extra lucky because of the retrograde, meaning it will stay for a lot longer. Enjoy it!

ARIESAries (March 21st- April 19th)

This week for your Aries, you may have a connection from across the pond. Who knows what it might be related to! You could meet someone very interesting who is from another country. Or, you might have an opportunity to go on a trip of a lifetime, thanks to a very recent discount popping up that you can’t possibly miss out on. Just make sure you fill everyone in with your plans because you tend to be very independent, meaning you can lose contact with people very easily due to your crazy escapes.

In other news, you could experience a hot encounter this weekend that makes you want to give up the single life you adore so much.
Aries is a fiery sign and they don’t like to be tied down, unless it’s for deep, passionate love. However this week, someone might just walk into your life and make you look twice at your options in your love life. You might even surprise yourself by being so drawn to this person that you for once make the move, putting the ball in their court.
Go for it and see what happens.

taurusTaurus (April 20th- May 20th)

You truly are experience the “one foot in, one foot out” problem at the moment and it’s really confusing you, Taurus.
It’s very likely that you have been asking yourself questions about a partnership that you might be a little too involved in for your liking. You’re not one that settles however, you do like to go with the flow a lot of the time in your relationships. This is brilliant way to be however, being too easy going can mean you don’t put your foot down when you really need to.

Has a casual relationship turned into you both seeing each other every weekend? It could be time that you cut loose and be honest with this person, or just slow it down a little. There is nothing wrong with wanting your own space, especially when you’re an independent Taurus.
The only thing we ask is to be gentle. You might still really want to see this person, but just not as often. So make sure they know exactly what you mean so they don’t feel completely rejected.

GEMINIGemini (May 21st- June 20th)

The full moon on Tuesday means that you want to get to the bottom of things when it comes to your close relationships. Are you going out with each other or not? This could be a question you might ask yourself this week, Gemini. You of all people are extremely independent however, when you’ve found that special someone, you want to know exactly where you stand.
Even if you’re in a relationship, you might be wondering where it’s all going. This could be scary for you because you’re usually the person who runs away from people who ask this. But when you know what you want and you’re committed, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to know if a relationship has hit a dead end.

All you need to do is ask it casually. Instead of asking the big old question of “What are we?”, try asking it over a bottle of wine, phrased a little more lightly. Who knows, you could find out that someone views you as a long term partner, when you were worried it was just a fling.
At the end of the day, this week is all about finding out where you stand, in a non pushy manner.

cancerCancer (July 21st- July 22nd)

This week, you just want to get everything signed, sealed and delivered. It’s not easy for you to be running around, not fully completing tasks however, recently you may have been guilty of spreading yourself too thin.
If this is related to your career and too many tasks are being dropped on you at last minute, have a chat with your boss and tell them that you’d like to do a job without feeling too rushed. At the end of the day, it’s quality, not quantity. Showing that you care about how work is being executed could impress people higher up in your career. If you’re struggling, it’s not illegal to ask for a little bit of help. You are only human.

In other news, you could seriously feel the need to get back to the gym and work on your body. You might have felt rather sluggish due to your emotions, which may have made you want to stay in and hide from the world. Instead, try booking a few classes at the gym which can help you forget your worries whilst doing something good for your health. Who knows, you might find a fitness class you enjoy enough to go to every week.

leoLeo (July 23rd- August 22nd)

Oooh, this week is an absolute scorcher for you, Leo. With the full moon in Sagittarius, you could expect for something to heat up wonderfully.
Have you had your eye on someone for a very long time but felt like you couldn’t act on it? Well, lucky for you, this week could be THE week that everything changes.
Have you ever watched a film where the characters have a chemistry that is so spicy that they inevitably end up kissing like crazy? This electricity could happen this week for you when someone you fancy the pants off makes their move.. on you!

Trouble could crop up though, if you let the green eyed monster take over your emotions.
This person may have only shown an interest in you however, when you see that others are attracted to them too, you might get extremely jealous. But why, Leo? If they didn’t want you, they wouldn’t be making the effort. Take a close, observant look and see whether you have any reason to be jealous at all. Chances are, there’s absolutely no reason and you’re just being a little silly.
Chill out and enjoy it.

virgoVirgo (August 23rd- September 22nd)

The way you really feel could spill out big time this week, Virgo. You are a sign that can be a little too critical of yourself, feeling as if you aren’t allowed to be upset and be human.

But hey, we all get times where we are really upset or troubled and we need to accept that this is a part of life.
You could look back on your life and get a little teary eyed, especially if you’ve seen yourself go through tricky situations. Or perhaps you could look back at an upsetting event and get all upset again like you were back then. Don’t worry, you are allowed to do this, but just don’t let it affect what’s happening now. You may have gone through a complete transformation, changing everything negative in your life for the better, meaning you are currently very happy.

Don’t mistake how you felt then for how you feel now because it’ll just confuse you.
Instead, if you are unhappy with how a few things are at the moment, consult people about it. If you want changes in your career, ask for it. Who knows, you could get these feelings ironed out quicker than first anticipated. Take a deep breath and don’t worry!

LIBRALibra (September 23rd- October 22nd)

This week, you’re extremely talkative, wanting to get to know as many people as possible. You could even share your sarcastic humour with people you’ve just met, which could have them laughing or on the other hand, turning away from you.
You’re an opinionated, colourful person however, sometimes you need to put a sock in it. For example, telling a vegetarian that they can’t do anything about their beliefs might be going way past the line. People born under the sign of Libra can be very logical however, they can often forget about the emotional side to people’s views and their personal reasons for standing by them.

This is why you need to keep it down a little and instead of offending people. Make people laugh by having a dig at yourself and showing your goofy side.
You also could meet up with a friend who you don’t see too often and decide that this friendship is destined for a closer status. In the future, you could see yourself going on holiday with this person and having an amazing time. Even if it’s a few coffees a month together before this, the more the better!

scorpioScorpio (October 23rd- November 21st)

This week is all about financial improvements, which is exactly what you need to hear right now. You may have been slaving away at a job for a long time, not getting much of a pay rise or recognition for your efforts.
This is all about to change for you and you couldn’t be happier. You might get a promotion or find your perfect job that offers better money than you could have asked for. Who knows, you may even be offered a manager position in your current team, making all that hard work worthwhile.

All we ask is that you don’t get too greedy. We know it’s hard, especially when you know you deserve it. However, no one else lives in your shoes and sometimes, it takes people a little longer to catch up with exactly what you’ve been doing for the past couple of the months.
Don’t go storming in, ordering a bigger wage. Instead, sit back and let the people in authority approach you. They will be much more willing to discuss your desires if you are more polite about it.

sagittariusSagittarius (November 22nd- December 21st)

This week you’re seriously feeling extra confident, Sagittarius and you aren’t afraid to let anyone know about this, either.
It’s your time to shine and this is in many different ways. You could have a very important presentation at work that goes extremely well, making you feel incredible about your future. Or, you could be feeling extra fabulous in your relationships, including your close friends.
You might be in high demand, making your confidence spark after many event invites for the month of June.

This week, you might even be preparing for something that is being finalised, like a new job offer or a house move that you’ve been looking forward to. When it comes to your surroundings, you feel amazing when everything is taken care of. Other people leave things to the last minute however, you are someone who likes everything sorted so you can enjoy yourself.
So this week, expect projects to finish successfully and you’ll be able to let your hair down and enjoy this fantastic feeling.

CAPRICORNCapricorn (December 22nd- January 19th)

This week for you will be very different to other star signs, Capricorn. This is the time for you to sit back and relax. You may have felt a little stressed over the past couple of weeks, constantly rushing around like crazy, trying to get everything done. Being busy may have taken its toll on you, making you feel as if you can’t possibly slow down, until this week.

Have a look at your living space and see if it’s cluttered beyond belief with old magazines or empty candle jars that are lying around without a purpose. You need to declutter and throw whatever out you can to get your living space back to somewhere you can actually live in.. peacefully.
After this is done, have a serious chill out. Schedule a weekend in with your favourite films and snacks so you can just have time to yourself. It’s really important to do this every now and again so that when you get back to your everyday life, you feel refreshed and ready to tackle everyday obstacles without being too exhausted.

aquariusAquarius (January 20th- February 18th)

There is going to be an emotional clear out for you this week, Aquarius and it’s about time that you do it. You may feel like some of your so called “friends” have little to no use in your life and haven’t done for a long, long time. Yes, some people might see this as harsh, being so cut throat when it comes to getting rid of people out of your life. However, you are a sign that always helps people in need and is always there to cheer someone up. But when did these people ever offer a helping hand to you?

This week, you’re going to seriously have to ask yourself a couple of questions about what friends actually treat you like someone who is important to the.! Even if the outcome is disappointing, you’ll feel much better for it, knowing that you’ll no longer be taken advantage of.

piscesPisces (February 19th- March 20th)

It’s all go, go, go in your career this week! You’re ready to rock and roll when it comes to sealing the deal with contracts and important meetings. You could even land yourself a fantastic client that transforms the rest of your year.
On the other hand, the different important contacts could be telling other people about how fantastic you are, making your phone ring off the hook! You have worked extremely hard recently, Pisces and you’re about to see the incredible benefits that you’ve earned.

There have been times where you have questioned whether you can really do this big career move and it’s common for people to have these doubts however, now you can finally know that there was no need to worry.
It’s about time to celebrate this success of yours. Go out with your friends or book that spa treatment you’ve wanted for a couple of months. You deserve one hell of a treat after this hard working period since the start of January. Go on, treat yourself!


Here at Wishing Moon, we hope you all have a fantastic week!


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