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How Balancing Your Chakras Can Help You Overcome Your Fears

Every single one of us experiences fear. Some can be minor fears that don’t really affect our lives in a meaningful way. These can include things like being afraid of the dark, spiders or clowns. But some people have deep-rooted fears that do affect their lives and their relationships greatly.

It’s time to ask yourself, are your fears holding you back?

Throat chakra

When your root chakra is out of balance it can manifest in a way that stifles your emotions. This can lead to you developing a fear of expressing yourself freely and fully. Maybe you find yourself holding back in relationships or at work; not telling people how you really feel or think. An unbalanced throat chakra can also cause you to have fears about letting your creativity shine through, which can mean you’re left unfulfilled and your potential is never reached.

Heart chakra

If you’re too afraid to love or don’t believe in the concept at all, despite never having been betrayed or hurt in the past, you could have an unbalanced heart chakra. If you find yourself unable to give yourself over to anyone for fear of betrayal, or find that you’re your own worst critic, try balancing your heart chakra.

Solar Plexus chakra

If your biggest fear in life concerns money and lack of resources, it’s time to take a look at your solar plexus chakra. Of course, it’s sensible to keep track of your finances but when it starts to take over your life or your have an irrational fear of losing money and opportunities, you could have a misaligned solar plexus chakra. This can also manifest itself in an aversion to aggressive people and a withdrawal from others.

Sacral chakra

Do you fear being too real or authentic? Do you think people won’t like your true self? Putting on a tough exterior to hide your true feelings can be a sign that your sacral chakra is unbalanced. Once you’ve realigned you’ll feel much more connected to the people around you.

Root chakra

Many of us think about our own mortality, but if you’re constantly preoccupied and worried about death, your root chakra could be unbalanced. Your root chakra keeps you balanced and tethered to this world so when it is misaligned you can feel like you don’t belong to this world. Once you’ve balanced your root chakra you should feel more grounded and physically present.

Third eye chakra

If you’re afraid to trust your intuition; second guessing what your heart desires, looking at your third eye chakra. It can be dangerous to mistrust our gut instincts as you can end up making wrong decisions. To have faith in your inner mind’s eye you need to balance your third eye chakra.

Crown chakra

Have you lost your sense of spirituality? Do you feel blocked off from your higher consciousness? Are you afraid to delve into the spirit world? Chances are, your crown chakra could be off balance.
If any of these fears seem familiar to you, hopefully you’ll now know where the problem lies. If you want to balance your chakras, you can read our post on aligning the body chakras through the power of crystals, and overcome those fears for good!

How To Overcome Your Fears By Balancing Your Chakras

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