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How The Stars Can Help Attract Your Dream Partner

We all know how hard it is to find that special someone. And some find it harder to connect with people than others. Whether you’re shy, out of practice or are simply looking for some advice, you can use the zodiac to help you attract your partner.
If you’ve got your eye on a special someone and you know their zodiac sign, we can tell you the best way to connect with them.


Making friends with an Aquarius first is the key to success. Once you’ve laid the groundwork love can grow and flourish from there. You should respect their space and be patient. Don’t come on too strong and don’t be too pushy. They’ll come to you.


Pisces people need you to open up to them as they have strong emotions. Emotions that they may keep inside at first. But they are truly compassionate, sensitive and kind people who want someone to make them laugh. If you can do that you’re golden!


Playing hard to get might be the best way to bag an Aries as they love a challenge and get bored pretty easily. Stubborn and independent, you might have to let them take the lead at first as they love to be the one in charge, but when they’re comfortable with you, you should see the dynamic shift.


Being honest and forthright is the key to winning the heart of a Taurus. You might have to be the one who asks them out as dropping subtle hints might not do the job. Taurus’ are loyal, genuine and dependable and they value those traits in others. Don’t try to be something you’re not or they’ll see right through it and they won’t like it!


Strike up a clever and witty conversation with a Gemini to catch their eye. Gemini’s are attracted to those that are outgoing and adventurous so if you like trying new things you’ll get along great. You know that saying “variety is the spice of life”? Well Gemini’s live by that.


You need to show Cancer signs love and affection. They don’t love easily and find it hard to trust people completely so you need to make them feel safe and secure. They need to hear kind words a lot and tend to be emotional so by showing yours, they’ll feel comfortable with you.


Complimenting a Leo on their hair or clothing is a great way to get their attention. Leo’s love those that make them feel good so showing them admiration, respect and devotion is a must if you want to be with them. But don’t worry they’ll be very respectful back. You’ll feel like royalty when you’re in a relationship with a Leo.


Patience and honesty is key with Virgo signs. Playing hard to get will do you no favours as they don’t like mystery or the unknown. It scares them and they’ll assume you’re just not interested. By being upfront and honest, they’ll warm to you. Once Virgo’s are in, they’re in for the long term.


The trick with Libra’s is to start off casual and let it evolve into something more serious. Confidence is key when it comes to connecting with a Libra – they love someone who feels comfortable in their own skin, it’s sexy! Strike up a conversation and see where it leads.


You can play hard to get with a Scorpio but still retain your honesty and don’t withhold too much affection. They like a challenge and are very confident and intense, but they also have an emotional side. Once you’ve connected on an emotional level, they won’t let you go.


Great thinkers and listeners, you can indulge in deep and meaningful conversations with them to catch their attention. Be prepared to explore and experience new things, as Sagittarius signs are travellers, both physically and spiritually. Give them space to do their own thing as they value their independence.


Capricorn signs look for people who are as ambitious and goal-oriented as they are. Respecting their ambition is a sure fire way to win their heart. Try not to be too disheartened if they put their own personal goals before your relationship.
Love & relationships can be tough but hopefully this might make things a little easier for you. It’s also worth having a look at our post on couples who have the same star signs and the kind of relationship they have.

How To Find Your Dream Partner With The Help Of Your Star Sign

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  1. I’m a Gemini and I really like a Cancer, but he likes my friend, which is a Virgo. I need advice on how to get out of the friend zone, and to make him like me, with the help of mine and his star sign.

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