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How To: Boost Your Chakras With Crystals

The seven chakras have their individual energies which can be affected by our emotional wellbeing. When this happens, it can change our spiritual energy and decrease the positivity we have in our lives. If you are sad, there is a big chance that you will begin to feel physical symptoms such as restlessness, exhaustion and more. It’s important you analyse where in your body you are feeling strain brought on by emotions so you can help boost that chakra. Healing crystals are excellent to use in times where you are stressed because their qualities can bring purity and a positive influence to a particular chakra. Once you understand which chakra is in need of some positivity energy, look at the crystals below that you can use.


chakra map

The Crown Chakra: Problems can lead to situations where you struggle to make the right decision, you worry and have discouraging thoughts.

The Third Eye Chakra: Problems with forgetfulness, concentration, intuition and creative blocks.

The Throat Chakra: Problems can lead to issues with communication, inability to express yourself and trouble with misunderstandings.

The Heart Chakra: Problems can result in a decrease of confidence in relationships, self-doubt and negativity towards partners.

The Solar Plexus Chakra: Problems can lead to insecurity, low self-esteem and a lack of emotional balance.

The Sacral Chakra: Problems may result in decreased libido, pelvic aches and worries that affect your gut (feeling unwell, lack of appetite).

The Root Chakra: Problems can lead to worry, anxiety, emotional instability.


Take a mental note of the one you are experiencing the most at the moment before we go ahead and find the best stone to suit your current issue.



AmethystThe Crown Chakra

An Amethyst is ideal for people when they are suffering from a blocked Crown Chakra because it helps clear the mind’s negativity. It’s a great all-around stone to use if you are having difficulty finding the right path in life. Using this stone will help you make the right choices for you to see a happy outcome. The stone can also help to decrease feelings of anxiety and worry, which is really useful if you are making big changes in your life.



AzuriteThe Third Eye Chakra

An Azurite is a fantastic stone to use for the Third Eye Chakra because it helps to increase psychic ability and energy to the mind. When using this stone, it’s a great idea to meditate so you can enhance your experience with the crystal powers. It will improve concentration and your ability to look beyond what is physically apparent, it will give you better results when trying to gain spiritual guidance.



TurquoiseThe Throat Chakra

A Turquoise is known as the ultimate healing stone because it protects whoever wears it or has it around them. It’s useful if you are experiencing problems with your Throat Chakra, as it will help relieve any stress you feel in your everyday life. When you feel more at ease, you will be able to communicate freely with people instead of constantly being worried about what others think. It’s the perfect stone to wear if you are going for an interview or have a big presentation coming up.




Rose QuartzThe Heart Chakra

A Rose Quartz is the perfect semi-precious stone to use when you are having issues with your Heart Chakra because its unique qualities help improve all types of love in your life. By using this stone, you might experience a heightened security in your relationships where you feel 100% confident that your partner adores you. Overall, it will boost the emotional connection you have with your loved ones.




CitrineThe Solar Plexus Chakra

A Citrine is one of the best choices when you are having issues with your Solar Plexus Chakra. The stone helps to bring personal power, which is useful in times where you have insecurity issues. Its ability to increase joy will help improve your emotional balance and keep you looking on the bright side of life.






The Sacral Chakra

A Carnelian is one of the best semi-precious stones to use when your Sacral Chakra has a blockage. It helps boost creativity, so you will be able to tackle any relationship issues you might have by looking outside the box. It also promotes positive energy at home, which means you might be able to connect spiritually with your partner with ease.




Smokey Quartz

The Root Chakra

A Smokey Quartz is one of the best semi-precious stones to use when your Root Chakra has a blockage. It helps decrease negative energy in the mind and can help you reach your full potential while bringing psychic protection. When you use this, you could experience clear thinking where you can sort out problems very quickly.



How Crystals Can Help You Boost Your Chakras

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