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How To Bounce Back And Remain Positive After Disappointment

Negative situations can come swooping round the corner which could take over our lives. Life wouldn’t be normal if you didn’t encounter dark times and obstacles you had to overcome. We’re born completely innocent and pure yet changes in our lives make us stronger. As humans, we learn how to deal with people and situations that might not be the most pleasant. You might work really hard for something, only to have setbacks which put you down emotionally. Even if this does happen to you, it’s vital that you remain positive. Letting the bad parts drag down the good means your upset can stand in the way of amazing opportunities. If you are in a bad mood, it shows and it can stop friendly people approaching you. You might even tell yourself that you can’t go for what you want, resulting in you never applying for that dream job you may have landed.

What goes down must come back up again, meaning bad things can transform for the better. If you are currently going through a turbulent phase in your life, fear not! Here are some brilliant tips that can keep a smile on your face.

1. Believe that a positive change will come.

If you speak to anyone, no matter how successful they are, there will be some point where they struggled. If everything went to plan, you probably wouldn’t appreciate the brilliant things that happen because you have nothing to compare it to. For example, if 2014 was a rubbish year but 2015 is going well, you’ll treasure it more. Remember that life will throw twists and turns your way, but you just have to fight through them and reach the sunnier side.

2. Keep people close to you.

Being in a bad mood can make you drive others away. People who care about you will want to help take your mind off the negatives so you can focus on what you have going for you. If we start to shut people out of our lives, we’ll drain our days of the laughter and happiness that were once there. Isolation is ok for a short period of time but do not let it continue.

3. Note down the changes you’d like to see in your life.

The great thing about your life is that you are the one in control of it. Note down several areas in your life and score them a happiness rating out of 10. If some are lower than 5, ask yourself why this is the case. A problem can always be fixed, so explore various ways you can bump it up to 10. For example, if you are unhappy in your love life, think about the different ways you can meet someone new. Is there a yoga class or pub quiz in your area? Why not start there?

bright side wishing moon

4. Be kind to others.

When we feel low, we can take it out on others without even realising. Have you ever had someone say or do something cruel for absolutely no reason? Chances are, it’s because they were feeling terrible about a situation or themselves. Happy people aren’t nasty people, so remember that. Try and take a step back to look at how you are carrying yourself and evaluate whether or not your attitude is negatively impacting others. Even if something unfortunate is going on, reflecting this to the world isn’t the way to deal with it. Engaging in a friendly conversation with someone will make you feel miles better.

5. Listen to upbeat music.

It might be tempting to listen to songs about sorrow and broken hearts, but this will only make you feel worse. Music can trick our brains into feeling happy, which is why you should create a playlist jam-packed full of cheerful tunes. Two of our favourites are Len’s “Steal my Sunshine” or Talking Head’s “Once in a lifetime” which might be good songs to put you in a brilliant mood. On the way to work, make sure you listen to upbeat songs so that you can feel bright and chirpy when you walk into the office. Go through albums you own that remind you of happy times and pick the best ones to help start your day.

6. Don’t do too much all at once.

Sure, you might want to snap yourself out of feeling down however, it’s best not to do too much too soon. Going overboard at the gym or staying late at work every night can tire you out. What’s worse than emotional exhaustion? Adding physical exhaustion into the mix. Instead of spending hours on the treadmill, vary your exercise by taking gentle walks in the park. Who knows, you might even start talking to locals or dog walkers, which could cheer you up!

7. Remind yourself that things aren’t all bad.

Many of us have that one bad part in our lives that act as a domino effect. One negative thought can make you believe absolutely everything is crumbling around you when in fact, it isn’t! Note down some of your achievements and have a look at what you have to be grateful for. Do you have an incredible parent who is always there for you? Noting down the people you love is a good start. Reach out to them during this difficult time and ask for a regular catch up.

We hope this blog post has given you some inspiration to find your happiness again! Have a great day and thanks for reading!


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