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How To Bring Positive Energy Into Your Home

Your living space is extremely vital when it comes to your peace of mind. Have you ever had days where you’re super tense and you just need to sit down and relax? Your home needs to be that space where you can retreat and forget about your worries.
If you get home and everything is jumbled up in a mess, you will find it difficult to sit down and enjoy the rest of your night. Of course, we can all get a little untidy every now and then however; having too much around you can break you out into unnecessary stress.
You may have heard of the old practice known as Feng Shui, which is believed to help bring peace and tranquillity into your home after you have arranged items such as furniture and accessories. Perhaps you need a bit of harmony in your home to help you drift off into a more stress-free mood when you walk through the door.
Here we are going to give you a guide that will help you alter your home and a little to bring more positive energy.


Imagine living in a world that is completely dull every time you walk out of the door? How much do you think that would depress you on a day to day basis? Many of us feel worse when it’s raining outside or if it’s a really cloudy day where little to no sun is showing.
The same feelings can happen when we are in our homes. If you have poor lighting in your living space, the rooms will look a lot smaller, making you feel even more cramped. An open plan kitchen joined to the living room will open a space up and display more natural lighting. This is superb because it can also save you a lot of money if you don’t have to turn the lights on as often to brighten up a room.


There are many of us that don’t have the luxury of a mansion, so if you think you need a very large space to feel more optimistic about your home, you’re mistaken!
This is actually related to how you use the space around you. You could have a medium sized room but might be guilty of filling it with too much furniture that takes away space where you could move around more.
Instead, you need to think about what you actually need to keep a hold of. If you have a set of drawers that are full of unwanted or unworn items, in reality, it’s limiting what you can do with your room. Sort through your items and create three different categories, such as “Keep”, “Donate” or “Throw”. This way, you can evaluate what you actually want to keep and which items you’re holding onto for no reason. After this, think about where you could display your items to get the most out of a room. Pop drawers or cabinets in spaces that aren’t hit by the sun your natural lighting isn’t wasted and make room for people to move around the furniture.


Balance is the key when it comes to colour schemes in your home. You could be an admirer of very dark colours however, if your walls, furniture and floors are all dark, it can be a magnet for a lot of negative energy, whilst making the room look a lot smaller than it actually is. Instead, balance out different colours and use diverse shades to compliment.
For example, you could have a white kitchen teamed with black plates and bowls, which means you can still include the dark shades if you want, instead of making the entire space too gloomy. A good idea is to select a colour you love as a feature wall and plan your accessories around it. If you love deep teal colours, make sure you have light floors to contrast. Here are some colours that can help determine what mood you want in your room.

colours for the home schemes

Red = Passionate and sensual, this colour represents the fire element. Darker reds are perfect for the bedroom whereas brighter shades are a great choice for the kitchen or living room.

Orange = Cheerful and stimulating, this also represents the fire element and it can bring a more social atmosphere to a space. It also works brilliantly well in kitchens, dining rooms or any room where you can host a party. In a bedroom, make sure the tone is earthy for a relaxed, almost bohemian vibe.

Yellow =  Warm, happy and uplifting, this colour connected to the fire sign will grab your attention. This colour can be a little too much for some people, therefore it works well as on a smaller wall space or as decorative accessories, such as candles, flowers and cushions. This colour works nicely in a kitchen and living room because it shares similar qualities to Orange.

Green = Healing, relaxing and calming, green is an excellent colour to use just about anywhere in your home. You could even have green accessories in a room such as a conservatory, matching the plants and flowers that surround you to give that natural feeling. It’s a colour which is brilliant if you want a little healing in your life. It reduces stress and brings tranquillity and as a result, it works well in a bathroom, so perhaps pick accessories with candles that match this colour.

Blue = Soothing, calming and elegant, this is a wonderful choice if you want some renewal in your life. Blue represents the water element, so it’s very good at bringing out inner creativity. This is why businesses use blue when it comes to their logos, because it brings much more productivity. Therefore, if you have a home office, add blue in any way you want to bring more motivation. Or if you want to take advantage of its calming elements, use it in a bathroom to give that peaceful vibe.

Purple = Spiritual, calming and romantic, this colour can be used in many different ways. It may not always be the first choice on someone’s mind however it can work wonders for your personal space. You can deepen this colour to bring a luxury feels for rooms such as the kitchen and living room or you can lighten it with tones such as Lavender to bring a dreamy, feminine feel to a bedroom.

Pink = Romantic, feminine and playful, this is a brilliant colour for a bedroom if you want to help bring a peaceful feeling to a room. This is usually painted in a woman’s bedroom to help connect to their feminine nature whilst also bringing out their fun side, which could see them experiment with different fashion and styles.

Black: Modern, elegant and powerful, this colour packs a punch and should only be used very lightly. If you use this colour for your entire room, it might look like you’re hiding the fact you’re a vampire. Instead, team it with light furniture to give it a clean, classy look.

White/Cream = Clean, spiritual and innocent, white is a popular colour in many rooms, especially bathrooms where being clean is the main focus. This colour represents the metal element and can boost creativity in people, which makes it a great kitchen colour if you have small children. This is always a fantastic choice if you are a little indecisive because you can always add different coloured accessories to give it a fresh look. Deepen it a little to create a light grey colour if you want, which will bring the same influence.

Brown = Earthy and stable, people like to use brown in a room where they want to be comforted because it offers that warmth without being too bright. This colour is used often in bedrooms and living rooms because it’s where people like to put their feet up and relax. You should use this colour if you have your very own room to relax and forget about your worries.


Adding scent to your rooms will definitely change the way you feel when you’re at home. You can pick whichever scent you want, whether it’s sandalwood for relaxation or ylang ylang for a clearer mind, lighting incense sticks or candles will do wonders for your home’s Feng Shui. It’s also a brilliant idea to light candles that have a colour which matches the room so it all blends together. Bring these into your bathroom when you’re having a bubble bath and you’ll soon be in bliss!


When different pots and pans look tired, so will your home. Of course, you can have a rustic themed home but you don’t want your belongings to look tired and worn out. You can odd the old, classic vibe with carefully picked vintage pieces which can make your home look wonderfully retro whilst remaining chic, such as own brown suitcases stacked to make a table or a big metal mirror to reflect more light. If you want the modern approach, add your favourite colour with accessories that are easy to change throughout the different seasons. For example, for the summer, you could add a palm leaf patterned pillow on your sofa to give it a tropical style. You can have lots of fun playing around with colours and fabrics that won’t clutter when picked carefully and used at a stylish minimal for the best impact.

Those were our tips for how to bring positivity into your home! We think this is a great thing to consider before Summer begins. We hope you have enjoyed reading!


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  1. THANKS. So well thought and expressed. Simple to follpw yet helpful. Stay blessed n stay you!

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