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How to know when somebody is thinking about you

It would be great if we could know what everyone was thinking all the time. Having a direct line into a person’s mind might make life a little bit easier – although we might find out some things we wish we didn’t know…

Even people with tremendous psychic abilities can’t just tune into whoever they like, whenever they like.

However, you may be able to tell when someone is thinking of you. Read our list of signs and see for yourself!

If you find yourself thinking of that person frequently

If you find yourself thinking of someone, for no apparent reason, and it seems to be out of your control, it could be that they’re thinking about you.

We don’t mean if you see something that reminds you of someone, such as their favourite drink in a restaurant. We mean really out of the blue, persistent thoughts with no warning. Then you are most likely in their thoughts too, especially if they are someone you don’t think about too often.

You get an emotional surge

Often, when someone is thinking about you, you get a surge of unexpected emotion that corresponds to how they’re feeling. For example, you may be having a perfectly pleasant afternoon and all of a sudden you get an overwhelming feeling of sadness. If you instantly think of someone in particular, they are probably thinking about you and missing you. Maybe a friend you haven’t spoken to in a while? Or even an ex-boyfriend or girlfriend.

Finding a feather

We’ve written extensively about feathers and what the meaning behind finding feathers is but a white feather could be a sign that a lost loved one is thinking about you from the other side. Many people have reported finding white feathers either in their home or out in the world, soon after a loved one has passed. Just because a person dies doesn’t mean that they stop thinking about you! (We’ve blogged about other signs a lost loved one is nearby too if you’d like to learn more about that)

Have you experienced any of the above? If so, someone in particular could be thinking about you! If you’re looking for help or answers on any other topic, make sure you have a look at our range of psychic guides on our blog.

How To Know Whether Someone Is Thinking Of You


  1. Hi I fell in love with this girl from school back in the day but i never put my undivided attention into the relationship because I was young and stupid. I moved away a couple of years later and she didn’t wana talk to me anymore which hurts so much. I go months without thinking about her one bit then all of a sudden she will pop in my mind either in a dream or out and about. It brings me kronic sadness. I feel as if I have moved on as it was over 7 years ago now and like I say I dnt think about her often, every now and then she will pop in my mind and I so regret not making it work cuz I no it cud of worked it was all my fault why it didn’t!

  2. I get tingly sensation in my head, chest and sometimes in my private area as if he’s thinking about me emotionally and sexually. I’m realizing that I have never gotten that feeling from anybody else I’ve had crushes on. I know he’s attracted to me but he has somebody else but when he comes around he acts all nervous and shy. The feeling comes and goes and it’s nothing I can bring on myself so I know it’s him thinking of me.

  3. This is happening with me from a very long time. Due to situation we are staying apart but still not able to forget her and our memories still haunts me everyday, every single minutes. Dont know what to do…

  4. I cant stop thinking about my crush all the time i feel it sexually is he thinking about me in that way. Why is he always on my mind all the time. I feel tingly when i cant stop thinking about him is this normal or not

  5. Wow!!!! I really thought I was the only person to experience some of the things I’ve been experiencing. There was this guy I was involved with. Not the usual type that I go for but his approach was what made me think twice about giving him a chance. After weeks of playing phone tag via texting, I finally found the courage to let my guard down and invite him over. It was Thanksgiving of last year. We hit off immediately. I’m not the one to jump into bed so of course I made him wait. He actually had no issue with doing so and that was a major plus in my book. We met up after he’d get off wrk and we’d enjoy one another’s company. Completely innocent. Long story short… about three months in, I found out he had a child on the way. Literally torn me to splinters. It wasn’t that he had a child it was that he kept this from me and all the while I thought we were building something. His reason for not telling me was understandable but not excusable. We cut ties for about a month or so afterwards then we picked back up right before his bday. Things were going well. Then months later he moved. I was crushed and still am to this day. There are times when I think of him some but then there are times where he’s on my mind heavily and I become emotional. I try to think of other things but my mind always lead me back to thoughts of him. His smell his smile and all. Sometimes I believe I’m bugging because I have dreams about him that are very intense where I wake up feeling the exact way I felt in my dream. I can actually hear his voice sometimes calling my name and I can even feel his touch and kisses as if the dream was reality. Am I crazy? Am I just overwhelmed because I miss him so much?

  6. There was this boy in my old school , who liked me and i liked him back but we both changed school and I decided not to share my new number with him (I know that must look stupid) but after 4 years I decided to add him on instagram and started thinking about him and then it stopped and all of a sudden I start thinking about him all day , and I even wanted to draw him , to text him , to tell him that I like him but I can’t , I just can’t !

  7. I randomly thought about a guy I really don’t like. Like I mean I wanted to kiss him so bad, but I frickin hate his guts…Well, I thought I did…Lately, I’ve found myself thinking about him, and when I do I can’t stop…But around 11:30, it just stops…What is happening to me?

  8. This happened to me yesterday!! I woke up with intense thoughts about a guy I was casually introduced to and saw 2more times after that. He’s not the usual type of guy I go for, but he is an attractive man if you like the tall, tan skinned, dark hair/eyes somewhat muscular type. The 3rd and last time I saw this guy was about a month ago at a party. We said hi to each other a little small talk, he gave me a side hug and we went about our own ways at the party, he mostly stayed near the bar with a few friends while I stayed with my friends at a nearby table. There were a few glances here and there, nothing that really stuck out in my mind, I thought he probably had a little too much to drink and that was it. When the party was pretty much over I left without saying goodbye to him, like I said before he’s not my type and it was just a casual introduction by a mutual friend that knows I wouldnt be interested and I don’t think he’s interested in me either…but an exact month to the day of that party I wake up thinking intense thoughts about him. All day long I can’t get him out of my mind. The thoughts are so vivid so intense that it felt like he was in whatever room I was in, I felt as if I could turn around and he’d be there. Obviously he wasn’t though.. these thoughts lasted all day and mostly into the night. When I got into bed still thinking about him, I actually said out loud “Ok, *name of guy* if you’re doing this to my mind, if you’re the one feeding me these thoughts then knock it off and actually come talk to me in person!” I went to sleep and woke up today like any other day. No thoughts of him at all. I just don’t know what yesterday was all about to be honest I feel like I lost my mind and real foolish.

  9. I recently joined a new S/w company…I use to go buy a company cab .. I had crush on one guy .. within a week I feel in love with him..I dnt know why..I thought it might be just attraction.. But I can’t stop thinking about him even am at home and workplace as well..I eagerly await for him to see in breaks and at login and logout cabs…I feel very happy when I see his face…he is calm n cool guy..daily we look at each other..while he entering into the cab I will look for him very eager..one day he sat besides me in cab, no one knows how much happy I was that day..he spoke with me he said he likes my hair and asked suggestions for his hair to look better…love u becz u spoke with me right … 🙂 days are passing , I realized that am loving him lot… I hardly speak with him only 1min but I cried lot for him ..I just wanted to be in his life as his life partner…..Really dnt know how to express my feelings and I can’t do that becz he is two years younger than me and I’m not sure he will accept me…I know my love is blind… I don’t even know his name and few days later I came to know hos name is venu..babe…u dnt know how much I love you..my love is one-sided and it is pure …I hope one day atleast u will come to know my love 🙂 missing u Every second…Urs mad gal….

  10. I suddenly started missing my ex way too much.it has been 1 year that he dumped me and from then on i moved on with a really nice guy . But nowadays i am finding myself being really sad about my ex.

    Does my ex wants me back?
    How can i get rid of the feeling and appreciate what i have?

  11. So I have this guy friend that I had a crush on for over a year. Well he finally admitted to having feelings for me, long story short he ended things with me because of his past and some issues I was going through with my mom not accepting him for me. One night we were watching glee and he was being all touchy feely, later he confessed that he still liked me but didn’t want to hurt me. I’m confused, and I feel like we are both thinking about each other.

  12. there is this boy i kind of have mixed thoughts on :/ he recently got a girlfriend and i know he doesn’t like her and that hes just doing it for peer pressure because she likes him but then i’m not so sure on my theory anymore cause apparently they were kissing today (like proper making out) but he just keeps walking into my mind and i can’t seem to get him out. but then also i’m not sure because he calls me annoying and he actually looks generally pissed off so he might be thinking about me in a bad way :¬[ and also when i first saw him he looked straight into my eyes and my eyes starting burning and we were no where near a window or light in that matter it was just really odd :{

  13. I have experienced this with someone I’ve only met 3 times in my life. The day i met this guy i felt a very strong connection between us. He was sweet talking to me for a good couple of months until I realised things are not gonna work between us so i let him go. After a month of not speaking to him I had stopped thinking about him. One day I suddenly felt him near me. It felt so intense and real. The morning after I got a message from him.. We chatted for a bit and I ditched him again.. 3 month after similar thing happened with the same guy. I lied down in my bed and felt him looking at me. Again it felt so real and the morning after I got a message from him. Isnide I was raging at him for not leaving me alone though I never said anything to let him know how i flet about it.. out of the blue he apologised for it like he knew how he had made me feel. Then I made him understand that it would be better if we didnt speak. It’s been a couple of months now since we stopped speaking. I was at the cinema last night watching a detrctive movie and the same feeling run through my blood. He popped in my head again. The morning after I checked my phone and got a message… this time from another of my admirers that I hadn’t spoken to in a while 😀

  14. Hello. Out of the blue I started thinking about an ex boyfriend from 20 years ago. I haven’t thought about him in 20 years & now I can’t stop thinking about him Does that mean he’s thinking about me?

  15. Hi there! I’ve wondering the same for the past weeks. There’s this guy at work I cannot stop thinking about even when I tried very hard no to! he is married but for some reason he keeps poppin into my head. One weekend I was home, since we don’t work weekends, and my phone rang and I swer to God he came to my mind. When I answered I could not believe it but it was him!!!! I don’t know where or how he got my number and of course I didn’t have his, but the whole thing blew my mind, specially because he didn’t have to call me. An e-mail would have sufficed, and since that day it has become very hard for me to stop thinking about him. When we are in the same place, our eyes meet and I feel like I am about to pass out. I try to pretend nothing happens, but I don’t know… in my country we kiss hello and good-bye and even when we run into each other for like 2 minutes, we kiss hi and good bye.
    I haven’t seen him for almost a week and it feels awful to miss him and think about him.
    I am so sure he thinks about me too, I also have been waking up in the middle of the night out of the blue just to find myself thinking about him, I hope this goes away for obvious reasons…

  16. Every minute in my mind I am just thinking about my ex boyfriend, I tried very hard to forget him but the more I try the more I miss him. What could be wrong. Could it be he also thinking about me also?

  17. I am constantly thinking about someone. I tried to stop thinking. I could not do so. How to get rid from this all. It annoying ,disturbing and changing my mood.how can I know. The other person also having same feeling

  18. I met someone, who very much like me, believes in enrgy, and balance. We were talking for months, and than she stopped, because I’ve been off balance, and I constantly feel like she’s thinking of me, my heart races, and she rushes to my mind. Does anybody else ever experience this? I’m honestly confused, because she says she no longer loves me, but it feels like she does.

  19. Its been four sometimes I cnt stop myself from thinking of someone familiar…and I must say too much…at work watching movies even while sleeping etc….Is it possible that she is thinking about me too?

  20. It’s been about 3 weeks since I last heard from / chatted with the guy I love . To be honest he just disappeared out the blue and to be honest he hinted he would go through depressed states since his father’s passing .

    Lately though I have been quite sentimental … I sometimes find myself feeling this heartbreaking sadness which brings me to tears . When this happens he pops to mind , I’ll see reminders of him almost everywhere … his football team logo , or the name of his state/city , but more importantly before I got involved with him … I hardly ever saw or heard his name . Now all of a sudden it pops up in movies , or I’ll hear people calling his name to other people next to me etc .

    Does any of this have a meaning ? , is there a reason as to why the more I try not to think of him the more I’m being reminded of him ?

  21. I have fallen in love with the plastic surgeon who botched my nose.
    I have been emailing him for over a year as I was suicidal and severely depressed after he botched my nose. He has turned out to be the nicest man I have ever met. I think about him 24/7. Seriously he is the first person I think about when I awake and the last person I think about before I retire to bed. He is on my mind all day. The sad thing is someone told me he was single and only around 3 months ago I found out he’s married with 2 children. I wish I could stop thinking about him but I cannot. I have never come across such a lovely kind and handsome man as he is. Oh he also lives over 5000 miles away from me. I am patiently waiting to find someone just like him which would be a miracle because there is no one like him. 🙁

  22. I had a distance relationship for almost 3 years ,i didnt hear from my bf all the day cause we had an argument, but when i was working i had sudden pain on my shest for moments was so weird , then the next day i get his text early in morning that he had brain aneurism and he is in hospital and thank god they saved him , it was a miracl ,but the crazy part that i did felt when something wrong was with him , like mothers instincts , but this was a lover instinct

  23. I have been talking and writing to a guy in prison
    for six years. I fine myself thinking about him
    all the time.And think does he think of me too.

  24. I broke up with my bf a month ago…. and he called me about a week ago and he had called some days before that . But when we broke up we didn’t talk . And know I’m crazy thinking about him like 24/7 I’ve had dreams about him but i dont know what’s going on . It’s weird to have such a feeling about your ex And it doesn’t go away .

  25. It has assisted me alot as I am trying to mend my relationship with a close loved one who means alot to me

  26. In college I fell in love with this girl, and I don’t mean puppy love I mean proper love and she was my very first love. For over a least one whole year I noticed that when I go to sleep, before I actually fall asleep I see her face in my mind and it use to happen every single night. I also would sometimes dream of this girl. Could this mean that she was to thinking/dreaming of me and more importantly could it show that she likes or loved me back?

  27. I was in a long distance relationship and suddenly the other person left without any notice.After a long time the message was I will always be there for you and then again left.Thoughts related to that person always lingers and feel restless at certain hours in the day.Is it that the other person is remembering me.

  28. I broke up with my boyfriend and month ago and all that time I persists to not talk to him and feel that it does not a matter if he will not come back to me but today suddenly I remember him and felt a great desire to talk to him and cried a lot . Does that means that he thinks about me ?

  29. I experienced this once last year.. After broke up for a long time.. I already forgot about him.. Suddenly one night I was thinking and feeling great sadness of him.. I was confused.. Because the feeling and thought came out of the blue.. I wonder if he missed me so much but I didnt contact him… Tommorow day, i got a phone call.. It was him.. He asked to make up our relationship again..

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