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How to see your faults in a different light

Many of us go through life wanting to be liked by all people we come across. When this doesn’t happen, we can be guilty of beating ourselves up, wanting to alter things about ourselves that in reality make us who we are.
Of course, if you’ve acted in a particular way that is in the wrong, you can avoid this slip-up reoccurring and damaging relationships around you by not repeating it.
However, there are traits we have that will never leave us. We will find people that adore us regardless of whether we are a little too talkative or whether we aren’t the best at making decisions. The initial step though, is to accept it ourselves and our personalities. Would you prefer to be everyone’s cup of tea or someone’s glass of champagne? We think it’s great to be liked for who you are rather than someone you’re trying to be.
Here are four personality traits that are looked at negatively that you can look at from a positive angle. This will give you an example of how to see something very different and appreciate the positives it could bring.

You’re stubborn
Being stubborn is very common between people who tend to not back down. Many people can find this ridiculously irritating however; it’s all about how present your opinions across.
You are allowed to have your opinions and you shouldn’t modify them for another person’s benefit. But there is a fine line between agreeing to disagree and rubbing their face with what you think is right.
Let’s say somebody is a devote Christian and you like to research all about evolution and how science has come a long way. Instead of pointing out you believe they are wrong, discuss the possibilities of their point and put your thoughts forward. You can have a debate without leading to an argument. By doing this, people will value the way you can think about the box, plus it can make for a very remarkable conversation.

You’re Shy
Are you someone who darts away from most social situations, believing you might come across daft in front of new people? Have people said you should come out of your shell more? It doesn’t happen overnight and you an individual who definitely knows this struggle.
At the end of the day, you may not be the easiest person to get to know, but think of it this way: people will learn more wonderful things about you along the way, which may surprise them.
You might wish you were super chatty but if this isn’t the way you are naturally, so don’t force it. Being more on the quiet side can be rather helpful! You could be a brilliant listener for friends who need someone to talk to during a crisis. You’re not someone who regrets what they say because you always think before you speak to avoid any misunderstanding or confrontation. Opening up to people gradually will let them know how lucky they are to know you more and more.

You’re very confident
We think this is a really positive trait to have however it’s very common for this to look like a downfall to others. It is incredible that you believe you can achieve anything you put your mind to and it means that you don’t doubt how great you are. Many people struggle with a lack of confidence throughout their whole lives and it can hold them back from being happy.
You might be one of those people who have learnt to appreciate the way you are and don’t really mind whether people like you or not.
Unfortunately, if you’re not careful, you can come across as someone very arrogant, even if you’re not at all! Being the life of the party is great but if you don’t allow others to talk or have an input in events, you might look self absorbed. Just think about how much you are talking about your life and how many questions you are asking others. If you are doing well in your career, great! Tell people about it, you deserve to be proud. However, make sure you ask them how they are progressing and discover more about their talents, too! This will make your conversations flow and become more two sided rather than focusing on one subject.

You’re Indecisive
“Should I or shouldn’t I?” could be the question commonly uttered out of your mouth, asking people for their opinions on something that isn’t anything to do with them. Wondering whether you should go on a second date or interview for that job is entirely up to you and no one else should take responsibility for your actions.
You could even be eyeing up a pair of shoes that you can afford, but you might torture yourself with hundreds of questions to whether it’s ok to treat yourself. No one will know about your life completely therefore they may not give you the best advice.
To everyone else, you might come across as someone who just can’t make their mind up at all about anything, which is especially annoying in relationships. Instead of feeling like you have to decide right away, leave it for a few days and come back to it. This way, you’ll know more clearly how you feel instead of flaking out at the last minute. Imagine how annoying it would be if you got a reply from someone about not coming to an event anymore. They may have been thinking about it for ages, never wanting to give an answer.
For everyday decisions, perhaps make a diagram to follow. For example, include questions such as “Can I afford it right now?” and if it’s a no, you should give yourself an outcome such as “save for a 2 more months”. This way, you can get an opinion which is actually yours but at a time where you could be going back and forth with questions. It could push you to go for more opportunities in life inside of inquiring about an outcome that hasn’t even happened.

Always remember, personality traits are what make you the person you are. If some are seen negative, it’s just a matter of how you act when showing this side of yourself. Never change who you are to suit one person because it’ll never suit everyone, especially not yourself!

Do you have traits that other people might misunderstand? We’d love to know! If you want to discover how to make the most out of your personality, we could give you a detailed reading and spiritually guide you to become more positive here!




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