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How To Use Your Moon Sign For Empowerment

As most of us know, your Star Sign is determined by the position of the sun at the time you were born. Star signs or Sun signs are the ones most people go to if they read horoscopes in magazines to see what the week has in store for them. These 12 different signs were discovered in our constellations, making up the different representations, such as Leo being represented by a Lion and so on.

Our Sun Signs change depending on the position of the sun at the time of your birth, and sun signs change towards the end of each month. For example, the sun sign Virgo starts on 23rd August and doesn’t change until 22nd September, therefore, you don’t have to be born strictly in one month to have a certain Sun/Star sign. Those born towards the end dates of signs are actually born on a cusp. If you would like to find out if you are born on a cusp, have a read of our blog all about it here and discover more!

When it comes to Moon signs, these can change every hour which means if you were born at 4 pm on your birthday, you could have a completely different Moon sign to those born at 7 pm and so on. People say that due to the Moon signs changing so often throughout the day, they feel that this is the sign they are most connected to. It’s difficult to say that people born in the Sun Sign of Virgo are all the same therefore if you are born as a Virgo with a Leo Moon sign, it might explain strong sides of your personality that aren’t very Virgo at all!

We think it’s always interesting to find out what your Moon sign is because this can help you understand yourself much better. Who knows, you could be an Earth Star Sign with a Fire Moon Sign which could explain your passionate personality.

To find out which Moon sign you are click here before you read the rest of our article about each one. Below we are going to talk about the different Moon Signs and how you can use this side of your astrological sign for self-empowerment!

Aries Moon  Fire Sign

If you have a Moon Sign in Aries, you are someone who has a very playful side to your personality but one that is also full of passion. Even if you go through challenges and your Sun sign emotions come out to deal with it, you could suddenly snap into the Aries fiery way of thinking and decide to whip yourself back into shape. For example, something in your life might go wrong yet this Aries side of you is what makes you get back up again and continue your life, looking towards the positives. Because of this, you are the go-to friend when your friends need to look at bright side of life when they are worried and upset! Try to look up to your Aries Moon sign to give you strength in times of difficulty so you can bounce back and move on.


Taurus Moon  Earth Sign

If you were born under the Moon Sign of Taurus, you are someone who is brilliant to be around, always having something interesting to talk about. Down to earth and full of respect for others, you are someone who will go through life having many different types of friends. You like to go through life with a loose yet steady plan for the future. You are realistic but spontaneous, meaning that you will go for your dreams only if you make sure you keep a certain level of security around you. Silly mistakes are always avoided so you don’t rush into things you aren’t quite ready for. You love to have fun but also like to take your time, which is what makes you one of the signs that hates being pressured into quick relationships or life changing decisions. If you are feeling overwhelmed, look to your Taurus Moon Sign to give you a little peace of mind. It will remind you to slow down until you are ready to take a step forward in life.


Gemini Moon  ☾  Air Sign

When you are born under the Moon Sign of Gemini, it means you are someone who has a very adventurous streak in your personality, which is great! Gemini is an Air sign and their head can be up in those clouds most of the time but for good reasons. In life, Geminis might come across people that walk around with a rain cloud over their heads, which this sign will believe is a pointless way to live. Instead, you live life trying to put the negatives to the back of your mind, making you a very positive, carefree individual. You like to push the boundaries in life and go for what excites you, rather what is advised. Just be careful that these choices can be backed up and followed through! If you start to become negative, look at the Gemini Moon sign which will remind you that you should try and stay positive instead of being like those gloomy people you once avoided!


Cancer Moon  Water Sign

If you are born under the Moon Sign of Cancer, it means you have a very deep, emotional side to your personality. In life, you like to put people first, which could explain a lot of things if you are a Sun sign that is more stubborn. All along you could have been reading your horoscopes thinking, “I would NEVER act like that!” which will explain everything if you are a Cancer Moon sign. Throughout your life, you may have found it very difficult to deal with people who are cruel and careless however, there will come a time where you have to stop these people affecting your happiness and live a life you want, filled with people who are caring like you! If there is a time in your life where things are getting difficult, instead of letting it get you down and making you moody, look at the caring Cancer Moon to make you realise that you need to stop letting struggles turn you into an unapproachable person.


Leo Moon  Fire Sign

If you have a Sun/Star Sign that is known for being quiet, yet you love being around people so you can express yourself, it may come as no surprise that your Moon Sign is Leo. You might not be over the top and attention seeking person, yet you could be an incredible performer, artist or musician who likes to socialise with like-minded people. It wouldn’t surprise us if you love going out and making new friends at every chance you get! You also like to help people achieve their full potential which means in school, university or work, you’re more than happy to help people improve their skills so they can progress in their lives. People will never forget this trait because it’s very rare for people to put others first, especially in a workplace environment.
If you are currently going through a time where you are anxious, look at the Leo Moon and let it inspire you to be confident again so you can live life to the fullest!


Virgo Moon    Earth Sign

If you are born under the Moon Sign of Virgo, you will be someone who likes to list their goals and achieve them properly without rushing. Slow and steady wins the race with you Virgo and you like to ensure that everything is done to perfection. You love to make a huge effort and try your absolute best to achieve what you want in life. For example, if you really want a career that is going to be difficult to fulfil, you will take all the classes you possibly can. Instead of giving up, you are always looking for ways to improve your life. If you are stressed in life, you feel there is always a solution. You don’t want to sit in a corner and cry about it so you are most likely to book yourself a spa trip or yoga class to feel more at ease and get on with things which are very admirable. If you are going through a time where you feel as if everything has come to a standstill, look at the Virgo Moon sign and this should give you strength to find a great route to move past it so you can be on a much happier road.


Libra Moon  Air Sign

If you are a Libra Moon sign, you are someone who is very interested in life and what happens behinds the scenes. Libra Moon signs are people who adore finding the meaning in everything, which could mean you emotionally connect very easily to music, movies and books. You could give a book to someone and say “This changed my life”, making people laugh, however, you love finding meaning in your different activities.  Artistic and happy, you are someone who will want to travel the world and experience the beauty our earth has to offer. You are actually very independent, which is great because you won’t settle for unhappy relationships that fill you will dread. Spending time around friends who you have a connection with is what keeps you ticking and they will enjoy your positive outlook to life. If you have a time where you feel emotionally drained, look at the Libra Moon sign and let it remind you to stay positive!


Scorpio Moon  Water Sign

People born under a Scorpio Moon could be very shy yet have a hidden sting in their tail. You are a very strong character that can see through the wool that people want to cover your eyes with. Scorpios are very loyal and don’t like people that are dishonest. What is the point of not being truthful in life? It annoys you to your core when you find out someone’s real agenda, making it very difficult for you to not point it out straight away. If people are like this in your life, walk away instead of going in for a battle. Your passionate nature can be used for better things, like positive relationships and friendships that don’t hurt you. If you are currently finding out that many people aren’t positive influences, look at the Scorpio Moon and allow it to give you the strength to move on from these people and find those who make you happy.


Sagittarius Moon  Fire Sign

You are a natural researcher if you are born under a Sagittarius Moon, making you the type of person who absolutely loves to read up on different topics. If you are visiting a new country, you love to discover as much as you can about it’s hidden gems so you can have the best time possible. Always alert and on the ball, nothing slips through your fingers, including amazing opportunities that present themselves. Other signs might mull over life changing decisions, but you are always up for the ride! You are brilliant at handling sudden changes, making your flexibility an amazing side of your sign that is bound to impress people around you. A sudden job change? A move to a different country? No problem, you are ready to go!
If you feel very scared at life’s twists and turns, look at your Sagittarius Moon sign that will inspire you to grab the bull by the horns and go for it.


Capricorn Moon  Earth Sign

If you are born under a Capricorn Moon, you have a strong, earthy side to your personality which keeps you very grounded. Instead of drifting through life, you are always looking for different ways to improve so you can be even happier than you already are. You can have a rather reserved side to your personality and even if you are emotional, it can take you a very long time to fully open up to people, especially new partners. You are warm-hearted yet are often see as an Ice Queen that can push people away if you’re not careful. Communicate with people and let them know that they need to be patient if they want to unlock that heart of yours.
If you are being told by people that you are being too harsh and reserved, look at your Capricorn Moon sign and let it remind you that you can open up to people that care about you and sometimes, it’s absolutely fine to take the plunge!


Aquarius Moon  Air Sign

If you have an Aquarius Moon in your sign, you are most likely to be one hell of a trailblazer. Many people will look at you as someone to watch as if you’re about to do something incredibly inspiring. Quirky, honest and fun, you are often the life of the party even if you don’t want to be. You aren’t attention seeking in the slightest, but people can often be so drawn to you, by how you tell stories and live your life in an alternative way. People born under this Moon sign will never let their age stop them from enjoying life. For example, at an elderly age, you could decide to travel a part of the world you’ve never been to before, making people half your age admire your adventurous streak.
If you are feeling a little self-conscious or are worried about what people think of you, look at the Aquarius Moon sign and let it remind you to just be who you are and enjoy being the quirky person you’ve always been!


Pisces Moon  ☾ Water Sign

Ready to help and keen to be by a friend’s side, people born under the Pisces moon will be extremely helpful whenever they can. At parties, this sign is the one who is always making sure everyone has a drink in their hand. Even if it’s not their party, they will want to help the host serve food and tidy up afterwards. Often seen as the mother hen of a group, you are the shoulder to cry on and very maternal. Even if you don’t have children in your life, you will love to be surrounded by different animals as if you’re some sort of Disney princess or prince. Cheerful and artsy, you will prefer to see life as a beautiful journey! Sometimes, people born under this sign can neglect themselves therefore, it’s a good idea for you to look up to your Pisces Moon and let it inspire you to look after yourself a little more!


Which Moon sign are you? We’d love to know so comment below!

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