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Is Your Child Psychic?

Many parents wonder whether their child is psychic or not. If you have an inkling that your child may have psychic abilities or that they are more in tune with the spiritual world than other children, chances are, you’re probably right.
However, if you want some further proof that your child is psychic, here are some strong signs and signals to look out for.

Talking to an imaginary friend

Whilst it’s widely accepted that children have imaginary friends at some point in their lives, usually under the age of 8-9 years, it could actually be a sign that they are psychic. Not every child who talks to their imaginary friend has psychic abilities of course, but for some children, they may actually be speaking to their spirit guide.

Extreme sensitivity to their surroundings

When a child is spiritually gifted, they feel the energy around them much more strongly which means new environments and loud and crowded places can be a little bit too much for them. This heightened sense can take a while to get used to and is something they have to grow into. So if your child prefers to be at home in the peace and quiet, don’t worry, they could just be getting used to their psychic abilities.

Emotional maturity beyond their years

Young kids can often be a little insensitive and lack tact when communicating with others, however children with psychic abilities tend to be empaths which means they can feel the emotions of others as if they were their own. This means psychic children often display emotional maturity beyond their years. It’s also common for them to feel overwhelmed by the emotions of others. For example, if one of their school friends cries over something in the playground, it could take them a while to move past it.

Trouble sleeping

It’s not uncommon for psychic children to experience vivid dreams, night terrors or disrupted sleep. A lot of children experience this and not all are psychic but spirits usually approach the living at night, and often through dreams. So if your child is consistently waking up in the night or telling you about dreams they swear are real, they could be displaying psychic abilities.

Ear pain and/or nausea

Not every child who gets an upset tummy or an ear infection is obviously psychic. However, if your child frequently complains of feeling sick or has ear pain that cannot be explained medically, they could be psychic. When psychics feel the presence of spirits they often feel it in their gut which can manifest as stomach pain or sickness. Similarly, when they feel a difference in energy vibrations, it can be painful to the ears.

Recalling past lives/events

Does your child ever describe past memories or lives in great detail? It could be that they remember their past life. Many psychic children have residual memories of their life before this one and speak freely about it to their parents. You might hear things like “my very first mother didn’t like coffee like you do” or “when I lived on the farm.” Don’t be startled by this as these memories tend to fade as they grow older.
If you think your child is psychic, you’re probably right; especially if they show many of the above signs. We hope you found this post helpful and be sure to keep up to date with all of our psychic guides.

How To Tell If Your Child Is Psychic

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