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Major Arcana Tarot Card Guide: Part 3

It is now the last part of our Major Arcana Tarot Card Guide. If you’ve missed them, have a read of Part 1 and Part 2 so you can catch up.  A complete deck of Tarot cards has 22 Major and 56 Minor Arcana cards that all have different definitions that can reveal situations during a reading. During your reading, a psychic will analyse the symbols and emotional meanings of cards selected to create a sequence that will tell a spiritual story about your future. Major Arcana cards represent significant events and powerful influences that can alter our future. When you receive one of these cards, it is telling you that you recently have or are about to make a very significant decision in your life that will begin a new chapter. Each Major Arcana card has a Roman numeral at the top starting from 0-21. These numbers symbolise their journey throughout the deck and can also reveal the stage of your life or close relationships. Here are the last Major Arcana cards of the deck and their meanings.


All Tarot cards shown below are from the Rider-Waite tarot deck, also known as the Rider-Waite-Smith deck.

14- TEMPERANCERWS_Tarot_14_Temperance

Key meanings: Transformation, settlement, stability, faith.

Symbols: Angel, cups, water, sun.

Temperance is a card that shows an Angel pour water from one cup to another. The water flowing into another cup symbolises a natural flow of energy between people where ideas can develop in harmony. Ruled by the sign of Sagittarius, this card has the power of a fire sign without being too overwhelming. It means this figure is a character who can put across ideas and find an agreement without being too domineering of others. Gentle and fair, it represents a time of hope where we can find balance in situations which were once one sided.

In a reading, Temperance brings a happy outcome to situations which have seen you struggle. If you haven’t been able to agree with someone in a relationship or business partnership, now is the time where you can both compromise to reach an excellent solution that suits you both. Conflict will be ironed out, and any feeling of bitterness will fade. From now on, you can both share ideas without one person being more in control of the progress that is yet to come.

15- THE DEVILRWS_Tarot_15_Devil

Key meanings: Obsession, temptation, enslavement, limitation.

Symbols: The devil, chained people, tree.

This card is one of the most feared Tarot cards to appear in a reading because it’s linked to a very dark side of life. People often jump to conclusions about this card because they automatically focus on this evil devil who has two innocent people chained up to his tree. What people don’t realise is that the chains that are over the couple’s heads are so loose, that they can leave if they want to. The point is that they feel enslaved to a point where they can’t find an escape even though it is right in front of them.

In a reading, The Devil represents a problem where you feel completely trapped. What you are failing to understand is that it’s up to you to make a positive change in your life. If you are giving energy to someone toxic in a relationship, it’s time to think about finally leaving. If you want to end an unhealthy lifestyle, now is a perfect time to put plans into place. You are the only person who can escape these issues, which means you must find the strength to make a big change.

16- THE TOWERRWS_Tarot_16_Tower

Key meanings: Drastic endings, resignation, failure, arrogance.

Symbols: A tower, fire, lightning, people falling.

The Tower isn’t the best card to receive in a psychic reading if we’re being honest. The Tower is pictured to be on fire and struck my lightning. For people to escape the tragedy, they must go to extreme lengths by jumping out. This card is ruled by Mars the God of War, meaning it’s a time full of battle and struggle. If you look closely, the disaster is caused by lightening which is an unavoidable problem. It proves that what once protects us and gave us stability can be taken away in an instant.

In a reading, The Tower is symbolising a time where you will experience a tremendous loss that will cause your ego to drop dramatically. A relationship might come to an end where our partner might be truthful about something very upsetting. If this is the case, you must realise that it’s better to be without someone than to be with someone who feels no love towards you. Starting again and building your Tower yet again is a struggle, yet you will learn valuable lessons and people will help along the way. It’s in the times of upset that people find their inner strength.

17- THE STARRWS_Tarot_17_Star

Key meanings: Fate, luck, joy, change.

Symbols: Creativity, innovation, joy, reflection.

The Star is a very positive to receive in a reading, especially after The Tower. The card pictures a woman pouring her cups of water into a beautiful lake and an area full of grass, which represents a time where you must water what you want to grow. The character looks up into the sky to see an eight-pointed star giving her spiritual guidance to achieve her dreams. The energy from the Moon gives a boost in creativity and inspiration so that new projects can be successful.

In a reading, The Star represents a time where your creativity will help improve the route towards success and happiness. Bumps in the road will reduce during this time. You will look back and reflect on the previous bumps that caused stress yet showed valuable lessons. You can move forward with ease; now that joy is surrounding your life. Nurture your skills and watch them grow into something more impressive than you first expected.

18- THE MOONRWS_Tarot_18_Moon

Key meanings: Spiritual awakening, big decisions, misunderstandings.

Symbols: The Moon, two women, dog and wolf.

The Moon is an unusual card to receive in a psychic reading. The card pictures two women looking for a dog and wolf that need help yet the dark and gloomy sky is making the situation difficult. The night time represents solitude, confusion and frustration. The characters aren’t sure what to do, which could mirror an issue you are experiencing. Ruled by the water sign of Pisces, emotions come into the mix and play a huge part in the card.

In a reading, The Moon represents a problem that must be sorted out instead of sweeping it under the rug. You might have doubts linked to a relationship or career where you are unsure of how you can move forward to reach happiness. The Moon’s solidarity is telling you it’s vital to come to an important decision on your own, instead of accepting advice from others that manipulate your true feelings. Take time away from the situation and think deeply about your actions before you make a hasty move.

19. THE SUNRWS_Tarot_19_Sun

Key meanings: Development, happiness, energy, prosperity, healing.

Symbols: The sun, cherubs, sunflowers.

The Sun is probably one of the best cards you could hope to receive in a psychic reading because it represents an incredible time in someone’s life. The card pictures two cherub angels hovering near the Sun while sunflowers grow tall from the healthy, green grass. The environment around the angels is glowing with warmth and positivity, which makes it not only a lovely looking card to look at, but also a welcomed one after times of emotional strain.

In a reading, The Sun brings a time full of glee and success. Projects or progress you have worked hard towards will now blossom like the sunflowers shown. Flowers experience time in the winter where they don’t grow, just like people who have times of hardship. There is always a sunny ending to a situation where you finally reap success and see a positive change. During this period, you might embark on a new relationship which allows you both to act playful. It’s highly likely that you’ll experience fun adventures with this person, so be open to anything that comes your way.

20. JUDGEMENTRWS_Tarot_20_Judgement

Key meanings: Honesty, justification, reflection, self-analysis.

Symbols: Angel, trumpet, graves, roses, the sun.

Judgement is a fascinating card because the symbols are rather contradictory but for a reason. An Angel is playing the trumpet while hovering over graves that are surrounded by roses. Graves symbolise death yet pink roses show growth and recovery. These symbols show that conclusions will be made and they bring a time of self-assessment. You must look at the mistakes you have made so far and how you can avoid them in the future.

In a reading, Judgement brings a time full of change. A long term relationship or project might come to an end and while it might upset you, it also brings a new beginning. Now is the time where you need to look at how your life has led to this moment and what you could have done differently. Were you responsible for sabotaging your path to happiness without even realising it? Becoming aware of blunders can give you an opportunity to try again. You can now experience a lot of positivity after your start fresh on a new path.


21. THE WORLDRWS_Tarot_21_World

Key meanings: Achievement, accomplishment, reward, celebration.

Symbols: The World, cherubs, the Sun.

The World is a wonderful card to see in a reading because it symbolises a time full of happiness after you’ve accomplished something huge in your life. The two cherubs are looking at the World with happiness as the sun is glowing behind it. The Sun represents a triumph of life where hard work has finally seen a significant outcome. Overall, it’s a gracious looking card that holds no negativity.

In a reading, The World represents a time where your biggest desires and dreams are granted. There will be emotional and financial reward during this time, especially if you’ve worked hard to improve a relationship or career. Before this point, it’s highly likely that you experienced a time where you felt emotionally drained, yet this success will prove all the effort was worth it. It is also a time that celebrations will take place. Don’t be surprised if you are invited to attend events such as weddings, parties or engagements. The people close to you might even throw you a little party to congratulate your recent success and how well you overcame obstacles.


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