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Modern, Mystical & Ayurvedic Birthstones For Each Month

Birthstones are often associated with each month of the year, which can be different depending on which list you are referring to. For example, the Modern list of birthstones have been established by the Jewellers of America in 1912 which is what makes this list the most recognised throughout the world. However, there are different birthstone lists that existed early in history, meaning we can have different stones connected to our birth months which are great if you want a birthstone alternative.
A different list is the Mystical Birthstones which originated from Tibet and dates back to over a thousand years. People who enjoy anything related to spirituality may find these stones better suited to them instead of the modern birthstones. The third is the Ayurvedic Birthstones which were linked to an ancient Indian medicine and goes back to 1500 B.C, making it one of the oldest birthstone lists available.
Find out below your different birthstones and what they symbolise.


January’s birthstone in the Modern list is the Garnet, which is a beautiful red rose colour that represents health, vitality and is the same birthstone for January in the Ayurvedic list. Garnets were also used in battle by being set into shields and weapons to help keep the warrior protected and powerful. This incredibly bright stone is often believed to enhance your love life, which is brilliant for people who want to add more passion.
The Mystical birthstone is an Emerald, which is currently the most valuable stone that is brilliant for it’s calming qualities and eye-catching beauty. It also is known to help the heart, which is why this stone is advised to wear around your neck to keep your cardiovascular system healthy.



February’s Modern birthstone is widely known as the Amethyst which is a stunning purple colour that can help boost spirituality and positive vibes in the home. This stone is also the same for February on the Ayurvedic list. An Amethyst is excellent not just because it’s wonderful to look at, but because it’s also amazing for people who want to improve their psychic abilities. This stone is known to improve your perception of everything going on around you and can help heighten your senses, ideal for psychic readings and meditation.
February’s Mystical birthstone is a Bloodstone that is dark green and has red running through it which is believed to be a blood purifier. This earthy stone is excellent because it helps people gain courage in times where they need to step forward and change their lives, making it a brilliant stone to wear if you are starting a new chapter.



March’s Modern birthstone is an Aquamarine which has a blue colour, very similar to the ocean because it’s almost fully transparent. This stone has great qualities that help with emotional healing, soothing of the soul and is seen as the Mermaid’s treasure to bring good luck.
March’s Mystical birthstone is a Jade, which is a lovely dark green colour yet slightly blue, which has been seen as a blessing by many people throughout history. It is known to have incredible healing and protection qualities and years ago was used for ritual artefacts in Mexico, New Zealand and Central/South America.
The last birthstone Ayurvedic list is the Bloodstone which is which is a dark green with red running through it. This stone might look a little evil, however, is believed to be a blood purifier which is excellent for people who want to improve the health of their heart and chest area.



April’s birthstone on the Modern and the Ayurvedic list is widely known as the Diamond, which is one of the most desired stones in the world that can come in many different colours and clarities. As millions of people know, this stone is often used as a symbol of love, making it the famous stone for engagement and wedding rings. Many people combine a diamond with another birthstone to either represent their relationship or who the ring is being given to. This stone is actually known as the gem of the Winter due to its appearance being light and transparent as ice, being said as the ultimate stone for strength, victory and courage, making it a wonderful sign for a good future.
The Mystical birthstone for April is an Opal, which is an absolutely breathtaking white stone that has multicoloured flecks inside. This stone is the ultimate one if you want to boost your creativity and inspiration, which is an excellent one to wear if you work in the creative field.



May’s most known birthstone is from the Modern list and as an Emerald, which at the moment is the most valuable stone in the world. This is an excellent stone to wear due to it’s calming qualities which can help people who suffer from anxiety or insecurity. It can even help people reflect on their lives and gain spiritual guidance back so they can step forward for them towards a better life. This stone is even known to help the heart, which is why this stone is advised to wear around your neck, dropped low enough of on a chain to rest near your heart.
May’s Mythical birthstone is the Sapphire, which is one of the most famous stones, especially because of the “Heart Of The Ocean” necklace from the 1997 film, Titanic. It’s bright blue colour is a reason why this stone is often teamed with diamonds in Engagement rings, making it a timeless choice that will never go out of style. Sapphires are known to drain away negative thoughts and emotions whilst helping increase wisdom and a happy spirit.
May’s Ayurvedic birthstone is an Agate, which can come in many different colours. This stone is excellent to use for inner peace, strength and protection against negativity which can bring you down, making it brilliant for people who often worry needlessly.



June’s Modern and Ayurvedic birthstone is widely known as a Pearl which has a gorgeous light cream, pink, black or gold colour. Pearls are formed in the shell of a pearl oyster, making them a rare and cherished accessory, famously worn as a necklace by Audrey Hepburn in the 1961 film, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. As well as being classic, this oldest known gem is known as a symbol of beauty and purity, which is why it is often worn on wedding days by the bride. Pearls were believed to be the teardrops from the Moon, which would pass through the angels in heaven, finally reaching the Earth.
June’s Mystical birthstone is one that is also seen as an alternative to the modern stone, which is the Moonstone. Seen as a mysterious stone, it’s colour and texture looks very similar to the moon, making it a popular choice amongst people who like to practise spiritual beliefs such as paganism, tarot or anything else for that matter that connects them to the spiritual world. In India, this stone has always been sacred and is often chosen as a gift to a couple getting married because of its symbolism for love. This stone helps heighten spiritual feelings and keeps the mind focused all everything around you, great for people who want to start meditating.



July’s birthstone across all three lists is known as the Ruby, which is a gorgeous red colour that is unmissable when worn. Queen Elizabeth II is known as a huge fan of rubies and has famously worn the Burmese Ruby Tiara with the breathtaking ruby necklace and earrings. This jewellery set originally had Opals instead of Rubies yet Queen Alexandra of Denmark wasn’t overly keen on Opals so decided to replace them with this stone which the Queen Mother has also previously worn. The stone represents the Sun because of the inner fire that promotes passion, prosperity, protection and was said by legends to shine through even the thickest of clothing, making it an extremely desirable stone. It has brilliant qualities that link to love life, making it an excellent stone to wear if you want more sensuality and sexual energy in a relationship because it brings out the inner flame in people.



August’s birthstone on the Modern list is a Peridot, which is a stunning lime green stone that offers excellent qualities that help with emotional balance, clarity, positive energy and rebirth. This stone is excellent to wear if you are going through a time of change because it can help stop the negativity, especially if you a starting a new career or life path that could be making you anxious. It’s green colour can boost happiness in people and help keep you looking to the bright side of life so you can move forward.
The Mystical birthstone for August is the Diamond, which is the ultimate stone if you want to promote strength, courage and victory in your life. Many believe that wearing a Diamond through a time of learning of a new adventure, it can help you absorb wisdom that can be applied in other areas of your life.
Finally, the Ayurvedic birthstone for this month is the Sapphire, which people desire to be worn with diamonds, popular in engagement or marriage jewellery. Sapphire can help with protecting someone against illness, bright on by negativity and anxiety, making it an excellent stone to wear in all times of your life. People can also use Sapphires as a way of gaining more insight of their lives when deciding the best step towards a better future.



The most famous birthstone for September is from the modern list, which is a Sapphire. In Britain, this stone is very popular due to becoming extremely famous after Princess Diana was given a 12 carat oval Sapphire ring, surrounded by 14 solitaire diamonds and set in 18 carat gold for her engagement to royal heir, Prince Charles in 1981. After the tragic death of Diana, this ring was kept by Prince William which he gave to Katherine, the Duchess of Cornwall on their engagement which many people believe was a beautifully symbolic way to include his mother in this extremely special moment. Sapphires are also known to be excellent stones for insight, spiritual clarity and peacemaking them great for people who want to keep calm and content in their lives. Bright and beautiful, this stone is very famous for its beauty and will always be seen as one of the most desirable stones in the world.
September’s Mystical birthstone is the Agate, meaning that September and May share two of the same birthstones. Agate is a gorgeous stone because of its variety of colours, which makes it easy for you to find one that suits you. A great combat for worry, it’s excellent to wear if you want to stay calm and collected instead of being riddled with worry in times where you don’t need to be.
Lastly, the Ayurvedic birthstone for September is the Moonstone, which is a stunning white stone that is strongly connected to astronomy and can even connect you to your moon sign. Mysterious and beautiful, this stone has great qualities that boost spirituality, focus and positive energy which can even help you if you are performing a psychic reading.



October has two Modern birthstones which are Opal and Tourmaline. Opal is a stunning stone which is in the Modern and Ayurvedic list for this month. It is white in colour yet has multicoloured flecks inside that can shine brightly when hit by the sun. Opals are incredible for people who are experiencing a creative block because it can help give you inspiration and motivation in artistic endeavours.
The second Modern birthstone is the gorgeous Pink Tourmaline which can either be pale or very bright. This stone promotes love and spirituality that can help soften your emotions so you can become more caring to those around you. Tourmalines will also help with spiritual enlightenment, which is fantastic if you are trying out meditation or even Buddhism to reach inner happiness.
October’s Mystical birthstone is the Jasper which can come in a large variety of colours that can look like many different wonders of the earth. Many people think the wavy pattern in this stone looks like an ocean, mountains, the sky and this does depend on which colour you choose. With strong energies from the earth, this stone has amazing qualities of spiritual connection to people, animals, planets and elements. Also, Jaspers can help with comfort and security which makes it a brilliant stone to wear if you are going through a struggle in your life.



November’s Modern birthstones are Yellow Topaz and Citrine which are similar when it comes symbolism. We think it’s great that a winter month like November can have a birthstone that is bright like the sun, especially for people who have colourful personalities. Topaz actually means “fire” in the ancient Sanskrit language, which is one of the Indo-Aryan languages spoken during the early 21st century in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. This stone is said to help increase inner strength and harmony, which is excellent to use if you are going through a struggle and want to power through.
Citrine is the second birthstone in the Modern list and this comes in different colours of yellow, often with a slight hint of green. Similar to the Yellow Topaz, this stone represents the sun and brings warmth, energy and comfort to those who wear it. This stone doesn’t hold any negative energy which means it will only bring positive properties to your life if you carry it around.
The Mystical birthstone for this month is a Pearl, which is seen as an extremely desired gem to have due to being connected to angels and the heavens, bringing innocence and purity.
The Ayurvedic birthstone for November is Topaz, which can come in different colours and is a stone that can help banish bad habits that negatively impact our lives. If you want to stop this habit, wearing a topaz can apparently help block out the negative energy which makes you indulge in this habit.



December is a very lucky month because it has three Modern birthstones which are Blue Topaz, Turquoise (the most well known modern stone) and Tanzanite.
A Blue Topaz brings positive change to bad habits and this stone can act as a healing stone that can help stop these habits being brought on by stress in your life. Turquoise is a beautiful stone that has become very fashionable over the past couple of years, especially worn as chunky jewellery. This stone is perhaps the oldest stone known to man and has been used in ancient history for many different uses including memorials, amulets, statues and shields due to its protective quality. Turquoise is also known to bring happiness and good fortune to those who have received it as a gift, which is an excellent stone to give to someone embarking on a new journey. The third modern gemstone is Tanzanite which looks rather similar in colour to a Sapphire. This deep blue stone can have tints of violet and is often used for meditation and can help very much with keeping your attitude compassionate and kind. This is ideal for people who are going through a tough time in their lives.
December’s Mystical birthstone is an Onyx and is often used to release negative emotions that people have built up inside them. Even though these emotions aren’t good ones, releasing them can get rid of them, leading to closure in your life. It can also help you realise when it’s the right time to move on to a happier time in your life, instead of focusing on the negatives.
The last gemstone is from the Ayurvedic list, which is the Ruby. This stone has excellent healing qualities for your love life, especially if you want to bring a flame back between you and a long-term partner. Full of passion, love and desire, Rubies are often used to bring new love into your life which is perfect for people who want to find a new partner.


Which one of your birthstones do you like the most? Let us know!

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