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Monthly Tarotscope: March

For March, one of our psychics has chosen a different tarot card for each sign to represent how the month will unfold. We believe Tarotscopes are a simple way to tell you about your month, plus it’s an opportunity for people to learn more about the definitions of tarot decks. Below are all of the cards that have been chosen for the month of March 2016.

*All cards pictured in this blog post are from the famous Rider-Waite Tarot Card deck.*


Three of Cups UprightThree of Cups (upright)

Keywords: Celebration, happiness, healing.

Last month, it was all about going through a stage of self-reflection. You will have avoided a lot of interaction with people but for a good reason. Thankfully, March is a time where you will heal and have a lot of celebration. If you are beginning a new relationship, this person will prove that they understand you completely. This connection is going to light up your world and will give you lots of positivity. You could even embark on a new friendship where you can both help each other with artistic pursuits.

You will look back over February knowing it was a good time to step away from all the action so you can plan your next step. Now that everything is running smoothly, it means this month is going to be one of the best times you’ll have throughout the entire year.


Ace of Pentacles (upright)Ace of Pentacles Upright

Keywords: Good finances, happiness, success.

The Ace of Pentacles celebrates success in many areas of life. For many people born under the sign of Taurus, 2015 may have been a tough time to deal with emotionally, which is why this card is a good sight! Finally, you will be able to experience the financial success you deserve after all your hard work and selflessness shown to others. Yes, there will have been ups and downs, but it’s a journey that has made you stronger as an individual.

It’s also important that you remember to welcome other people to your time of celebration. There’s a big chance that others have put in their efforts to make sure plans have resulted in success. Give the people who deserve it a pat on the back and thank them for the support.


Eight of Swords (reversed)Eight of Swords Reversed

Keywords: Blame, hurt, worry.

Goodness gracious, Gemini! You’re putting too much weight on those shoulders of yours. Is there any need? Please take a step back and look at a situation for what it is. You’re a friendly type who likes to help a little more than you should. People around you will happily give you their fair share of responsibility without a second thought. It means that when things go wrong, you’ll do nothing but blame yourself for something others should have dealt with in the first place.

If this is to do with your family members, ask yourself why you are the person who is picking up the slack. What are they doing to help the situation? Perhaps it’s time you begin to stick up for yourself so that you aren’t left alone with a problem that’s too much for one person to deal with.


Six of Cups (upright)Six of Cups Upright

Keywords: Benefits, positivity, a new start.

March is the month where you will soon realise how much your past is about to impact your future. Luckily, it’s for all the right reasons. People who you’ve met in the past will remember you as someone warm and approachable. Your lasting impression will give you an upper hand if you meet people through the contacts you made a while back. Nothing works better than someone saying “Oh, they’re a wonderful person!” and who knows, it could bring a splendid opportunity you way.

Look at your Linkedin profile or social media pages to try and find those familiar faces that could be the key to your future success. Don’t be shy about asking them for any jobs or extra work on the side. Everyone likes to help out a friendly person like you!


Queen of Wands (upright)Queen of Wands Upright

Keywords: Love, passion, relationships.

Valentine’s Day might come a little later on for you, Leo. The Queen of Wands brings you great passion in your life and means you could experience an incredible connection with someone close to you. It could be a new or current lover who will show you that you’re the only one they have their eyes on. In the past, no matter how fiery you are, you may have been a little uncertain of yourself. This lack of self-confidence could be because attractive friends always surround you. It’s important never to compare yourself to someone when you’re the complete opposite. What on earth do you think that’s going to do?

If someone shows you that they want you and no one else, believe them! Don’t start asking questions and instead, accept their love because you deserve it!


Strength (upright)Strength Upright

Keywords: Courage, patience, determination.

March is a month where you must take your time with important projects. Hard work is what is needed to make this month a successful one. Sure, you’ll face some new challenges, but it’s nothing you are unable to tackle. If you roll over and let the pressure get to you, it’ll affect your progress further down the line. Pick yourself back up and face the fear head one. If you need to, ask people around you for advice. Remember that no matter how senior you are at a job, it’s okay to ask for a little help.

If other people are becoming swamped due to the increasing pressure, give them a hand if you can. Being the person people can run to in a crisis is your type of thing so don’t let anyone leave the office without a smile on their face!


Justice (upright)Justice Upright

Keywords: Balance, peace, positivity.

Last month, we mentioned that your plans were going to be delayed for a little while so if February has been a struggle, we completely understand. March will bring you a positive change that will make you feel like you’re back on track. Balance will return, and you’ll finally start seeing progress in your career and personal life. If you want to, take a week off in March for that holiday you’ve wanted to treat yourself to. After all the hardship in February, you deserve it!

Relaxing and enjoying a peaceful environment will help your mind get back to normal before you begin new projects. There is no panic to experience now, so enjoy the bliss Spring will bring.


Five of Cups (reversed)Five of Cups Reversed

Keywords: Healing, relaxation, encouragement.

Last month you went on a journey which has probably tired you out! If you moved to a new job, the longer hours and bigger projects would have taken a toll on your wellbeing. In reality, you’re just not used to it yet! Don’t fear, Scorpio. Making a big jump will feel a little wobbly at first but after the first couple of months have passed, you’ll feel miles better. March is the month where you can sit back and relax a little more. Changing your life will mean many other shifts will occur, too. Thankfully in March, the storm will settle, and you can begin to take things at your pace.

If you’ve just started a romantic relationship, uncertainty you may have felt will now fade away. You need to remember not to analyseover a situation too much. Enjoy yourself and stop thinking something bad is going to happen!


The Emperor (reversed)The Emperor Upright

Keywords: Possessiveness, unreasonable, control.

It is the month where you might need to fight your way past someone who is going to try and control you, Sagittarius. Try and analyse this person and ask whether they are just a wolf in sheep’s clothing. If someone new to a business or friendship group is attempting to become everyone’s best friend all of a sudden, it could be because they have an alternative motive. If they feed you any information you don’t want to hear, ignore it. They might be someone who loves to stir gossip just for entertainment, so anything they say that is negative about someone else, it’s best that you dust it off your shoulder.

If you are more of the gullible type, try not to get too close to them. If you trust them too quickly, you could end up seeing the negative outcome much sooner than you thought. Please, be careful because they aren’t all they are cracked up to be.


The Star (upright)The Star Upright

Keywords: Projects, success, happiness.

Over the past couple of months, it may have been difficult to get a project lifted off the ground. We don’t blame you if you are felt a little disappointed throughout February, but you’ll be happy to hear about the positive change that is coming your way! If the project is an artistic one, visiting art galleries or another city could give you brilliant inspiration. What once seemed dead on arrival now has a new lease of life, and you can put all your effort towards something without experiencing a creative block. People around you will be impressed with your productivity.

We also wouldn’t be surprised if you are asked to lead future projects due to your positivity and invention mind that never felts to bring something fresh to the table.


Ace of Cups (upright)Ace of Cups Upright

Keywords: Love

Plain and simple, the Ace of Cups upright symbolises love. This love can come in many forms, and it will bring you a lot of joy regardless of what type it is. You might experience an incredible platonic love with a friend, especially if you travel together during a weekend in March. Creativity will flow too, which will help existing relationships get a new lease of life as if it’s a new honeymoon phase! Everything around you this month will feel light and airy, just like the zodiac sign you are.

It’s important to remember to keep in touch with the new people you meet in March because they could end up being positive influences that could bring great luck in your future. Get your phone or contact book out and log down those friendly faces so you can track them down later!


Knight of Pentacles (upright)Knight of Pentacles

Keywords: Slow progress, security, happiness.

Thankfully, your life is going to experience some positive changes, Pisces. If you’ve been working very hard to boost your own business, this is the month where you could see a huge increase in clients and financial gain. Word has got out and yes, it’s all good information that has been passed down by others. You’re such a kind person that it doesn’t take you long to make friends wherever you go. Little did you know that the person you struck up a conversation with that afternoon could be something exciting in your life.

If you can, put a new strategy in place for 2016 to ensure that everything linked to your career has goals you need to complete. It will give you a sense of order, and it will make everything much easier to accomplish. Slow and steady wins the race!

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