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Monthly Tarotscopes: August 2016

To mark the start of August, one of our psychics has chosen a different tarot card for each star sign to represent how the month could unfold. We believe Tarotscopes are a simple way to create a life of peace, meaning and prosperity, plus it’s an opportunity for people to learn more about the definitions of tarot decks. Below are all of the cards that are chosen for the month of August2016.

*All cards pictured in this blog post are from the famous Rider-Waite Tarot Card deck.*


Lovers (upright)
Keywords: love, union, relationships, choiceslovers

If you’re single, the appearance of the Lovers card may have you jumping for joy but it’s important to remember that this isn’t necessarily a card about traditional romance. There’s no guarantee that The One will enter your life this month. Instead, focus on strengthening relationships with others and yourself. The people around you may help to improve the way you see yourself while blessing you with a new found confidence and wisdom. By uniting with others, you can work together to tackle anything life throws at you.


Ten of Wands (upright)ten wands

Keywords: Burden, responsibility, hard work

This is the second month in the row that you’ve received the Ten of Wands in our monthly Tarotscopes but that certainly doesn’t mean this month will be identical to the last.

Question your current life choices and ask yourself whether they’re sustainable. Is your life serving you and helping you get to where you want to be or are you on a path of self destruction?  Sometimes we think we know what’s best for us but in reality, we’re making choices that are causing us significant stress and unhappiness. Is a life overhaul in order? This could be the perfect month for a makeover. There’s no need to cut your hair or buy a new wardrobe. Instead, assess what matters to you and make the most of it while eliminating the aspects of your life that are less important.


Six of Swords (reversed) six swords reversed

Keywords: Baggage, clouded judgement, lack of clarity

Try your hardest to see the bigger picture, Gemini. You might struggle to gain clarity in the coming weeks and may suffer from emotions that significantly cloud your judgement. If you’ve been having a bad time at work or you’ve been bickering with your partner or friend, it may be worth reminding yourself of the many joys and triumphs this very aspect of your life has. If, however, you’ve been battling a bleak period for several months or there are no positives to your situation, it could be time to make a change and start afresh.


king cupsKing of Cups (upright)

Keywords: Emotional balance, kindness, creativity, generosity

A positive month lies ahead, Cancer, particularly if you have a caring, considerate or creative nature. The King of Cups brings balance and kindness. Take the appearance of this card as a indication that you should step up your game and help people close to you. Helping others and lending close friends a shoulder to cry on could help you battle your own demons.

Any turbulence of recent times is likely to calm down in the coming weeks and feelings of distress, anxiety and grief may begin to dissipate. If you’ve lost a loved one or you’ve seen a significant life change such as job loss or break up, in weeks to come you’re likely to find ways to cope with your emotions and find an element of peace and acceptance.


Wheel of Fortune (upright) wheel of fortune

Keywords: Good luck, karma, turning point, defining moment

This month could help to define your future, Leo. But in order for it to be positive, it’s important that you stay present and try to let things play out without too much of your own input. Avoid making big decisions or taking huge leaps unless you really have to. Take each day as it comes and play the game of life.

As crucial as it is to play things by ear, it’s just as important that you show up to the opportunities that come your way. If you’ve been given a task to do or you’ve been invited to an exciting event, grab the bull by the horns and take it. Who knows where this could lead you?


The Sun (upright)

the sunKeywords: Fun, warmth, success

Lucky you, Virgo! A beautiful month lies ahead with lots of sweetness, joy and light. If you’ve been battling through some troublesome times lately, this news may feel like a weight off your shoulders and you certainly deserve it.

Don’t think of the coming weeks as an easy ride and avoid being complacent. Instead, use the positivity to your advantage and make the most of this month by being creative, passionate and energetic. If you’ve been thinking of adopting a new workout regime, improving your diet, or taking up a new hobby, go at these new challenges full speed.


Justice (upright) justice

Keywords: Fairness, trust, cause and effect.

There’s a lot of wisdom in the song ‘Que Sera, Sera’ and for you, this month may bring some life changing surprises. You may not be happy about all the changes that come your way but it’s important to accept them and find ways to move forward and use them to your advantage. After all, whatever will be, will be. There are no accidents or mistakes and so it’s your job to understand and embrace the developments in your world.


Ten of Cups (upright)ten cups

Keywords: Harmony, alignment, gratitude

On your quest for success, be careful not to forget all that you already have. You sometimes forget to be grateful for all the wonderful elements of your life and fail to live in the present. Count your blessings, Scorpio. By practising gratitude, you’re likely to benefit from a new found sense of happiness and contentment. That doesn’t mean you have to stop striving for bigger and better things. In fact, you’ll be able to use your current assets to propel yourself forward through life.


The Hierophant (upright)


Keywords: Religion, conformity, tradition

Have you been going through a rough patch, Sagittarius? If so, all your troubles could soon calm down. The Hierophant card suggests a big clear out could be in order. Make an effort to rid your life of material possessions that don’t bring you joy. Outside forces may gently nudge spiritual or career-focussed changes your way.

If you’ve been clinging onto some outdated beliefs, it’s time to let these thoughts go and make room for new information. Perhaps you’ve spent years telling yourself you’re not good enough. If so, this simply isn’t the case Sagittarius, and deep down you know it.


King of Swords (upright)

king swordsKeywords: Intellectual, power, authority, honesty

Speak your mind, Capricorn. Don’t hold back. It’s vital that you get your opinion across and push aside those who are trying so desperately to silence you.

If you’ve been thinking of asking for more – whether that’s more money, more love or more fun, now’s the time. Deep down you know what you deserve, it’s simply a case of putting your desires and demands into action and making things happen.

When it comes to your personal life, wear your heart on your sleeve throughout August. If you’ve been keeping your feelings to yourself, let them free.


Nine of Wands (upright)

nine wandsKeywords: Courage, persistence, faith

Move at your own pace this month, Aquarius. Take it easy and tackle everything one step at a time. Whether you’re trying to lose weight, save money or progress your career, think of present challenges as a marathon not a sprint. Avoid cutting corners or looking for quick fixes, this attitude won’t help you achieve your goal.

Try to stay focussed this month too. Although you’re a hard worker, you sometimes have your head in the clouds and you can struggle to focus on the task at hand. Distractions are your worst enemy so do everything in your power to keep them at bay.


Knight of Wands (upright)

knight wandsKeywords: Energy, passion, lust, confidence

Want to be more successful, find true love or change the world? It’s time to come out of your shell, Pisces. If you’ve been a little reclusive lately, make an effort to get out and socialise. Perhaps you’ve been hurt in the past and you’ve been trying to protect yourself from further upset. If that’s the case, you’re going to have to let yourself live and love again eventually!

Confide in a friend for a much needed confidence boost or treat yourself to a weekend of fun, pampering and relaxation. Try to get back in touch with your playful and energetic qualities. Combined with your big heart and thoughtfulness, there are the very traits that draw people to you. It’s time to let them shine through.


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