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Monthly Tarotscopes: February

For February, one of our psychics has chosen a different tarot card for each sign to represent how the month will unfold. We believe Tarotscopes are a simple way to tell you about your month, plus it’s an opportunity for people to learn more about the definitions of tarot decks. Below are all of the cards that are chosen for the month of February 2016.

*All cards pictured in this blog post are from the famous Rider-Waite Tarot Card deck.*


The Hermit (upright)The Hermit Upright

Keywords: Hope, personal development, time away.

In February, you are a sign that will need to do a lot of self-reflection so you can develop emotionally and mentally. If there is an opportunity to learn away from the office, it’s a great month to get started. If there are any online classes or tutorials you can take to give you a level-up on projects, make sure you schedule a good amount of time to do this. Spending more time on your own will give you the peace of mind you need to tackle any obstacles that come your way.

If you’re surrounded by stressful types who make an atmosphere hectic, it’s time to take some time away from them so that it doesn’t negatively impact your mental wellbeing. This can be a good idea also if there is any gossip going around that you don’t want to be a part of. Keep your distance and remain working hard throughout the month. Being a part of a group might have it’s good parts however, it could be the primary reason you’re so distracted.


Page of Wands (reversed)Page of Wands Reversed

Keywords: Manipulation, confusion, mixed signals.

February might bring a challenge to the forefront for you, Taurus. Someone close to you might be attempting to manipulate you into doing something you aren’t comfortable with. A friend or colleague asking you to keep a secret that you find is morally wrong. When they attempt to guilt you into something, realise that this is a form of manipulation. Why should you sacrifice your ethics for someone who has done something wrong? They should be owning up to what they’ve done instead of making you sweep their mess under the rug. Stand up for yourself and don’t allow them to give you their dirty laundry.

How would you feel if someone lied to you for someone else’s benefit? Approach the dishonest individual and express that you won’t support a behaviour like this.


Seven of Pentacles (reversed)Seven of Pentacles Reversed

Keywords: Doubt, worry, stress

Gemini, you are making a mountain out of a molehill! You’re a sign represented by the twins. Once of them might be full of worry whereas the other has a chilled head on its shoulders. Are you going to listen to the wrong one this month? As you soon realise you have a lot on your plate this year, the more prone you are to panic suddenly. Don’t you realise you have it all together? While other people are worrying about money, perhaps you’re the type who has a savings account for emergencies that you’ve never touched.

If you’re afraid of winding up somewhere with no stability, please don’t fret! You’ve got this entire year in the bag! Double check everything if you don’t believe us!


Death (reversed)Death Reversed

Keywords: Denial, emotional baggage, not being able to move on.

In January, this card was drawn for Cancer’s reading and the same card has appeared in the same position. It rarely happens, so it means you need to keep the following in your mind for this month also.

Last year a relationship, career or travel adventure may have come to an end. It has affected you in many different ways and now, the only thing you can think about is how great things once were. To enjoy a wonderful life, you must live in the present and appreciate what you have at the moment. If a long term relationship ended, you might feel empty and lost without this other person. You must get back in touch with your individuality to move forward.

If you learn to let go and move forwards, you’ll soon realise your friends and family are the people who make your life feel whole. Moving on is difficult, but January is a new beginning and a phenomenal time to start fresh.


Knight of Pentacles (reversed)Knight of Pentacles Reversed

Keywords: Inaction, corruption, manipulation.

Someone might really begin to annoy you this month, Leo. Is someone allowing you to do all the work while they sit back and relax? If this individual and you share a project, make sure each puts in 50/50 effort. Without you realising it, them asking you a small favour could turn into a heap of responsibility. This could be someone asking you to cover shifts without any promise of them returning the favour. Subtly let people know what’s happening so they can also keep an eye on the situation. If you keep your mouth shut, you’re just letting this person get away with whatever they throw at you.

You’re a kind hearted person, but make sure people don’t try and walk all over you! You deserve an easy going February, so stand up for what you feel is right! By the end of the month, the person will realise how generous you’ve been and might offer to do a few things for you as a peace offering.


Page of Wands (upright)Page of Wands Upright

Keywords: Luck, finances, projects

If you’re been struggling with money, now is the time you’ll experience a huge boost. Whether it’s a promotion or a new project, you’re going to experience success very soon. You may have worked for a long time to get here and may have even felt exhausted, however, it’s all worth it in the end. Even though this increase will help your finances, it’s extremely important that you don’t go splashing your cash needlessly. Pretend you’re dealing with the same money so you don’t run out too quickly.

Just because you might have more money, it doesn’t mean you should spend it as quickly as you receive it. By all means, take the money out of your account and pop it into a savings to see an impressive amount by the middle of the year.


Four of Wands (reversed)Four of Wands Reversed

Keywords: Delay, inflexibility, desire.

You’re an easy going sign and everyone should know that however, you aren’t a fan of plans that just don’t go right. Libras are patient but there’s only so long you can wait before becoming frustrated. If you have planned to move or start a new career path, it might take much longer than you first thought. Everything happens for a reason; Libra so let it be! If you’re not meant to change your life at the moment then so be it.

Getting the big changes in life can take some time to build up, as the shape into place. Whatever you do, don’t lose hope. Keep your chin up and keep on moving! You’ll get where you want to be in the end up it’s important just to appreciate what you have now.


The Fool (upright)The Fool Upright

Keywords: Departure, risk, adventure.

February is all about starting a new path, Scorpio. It isn’t the easiest one to begin since you will sacrifice and risk a lot to get going. If you’ve had a stable job yet you want to quit are starting something completely different, make sure you are careful. Don’t jump into something straight away. Instead, have a wise plan and seek advice from friends. Quitting your job without money in your savings account could see you struggle, so make sure you avoid any issues that could creep up. New journeys are fantastic but it’s always important to have a backup plan.

Don’t allow being logical to spoil the excitement of your new adventure. Many people around you will be too scared to try something like that, which means you could soon become a great role model for your friends.


The Hierophant (upright)The Hierophant Upright

Keywords: Learning, progress, intelligence.

February is all about climbing up that career ladder, Sagittarius. Someone close to you could offer you a lot of advice to note down. At first, you might be hesitant to listen because he has a very different life from you. He’s probably old fashioned with the way he looks at situations. Even though you’re worlds apart, his opinion could really help you further down the line. He might end up becoming someone you go to for advice if you’re stuck in a rut.

Chances are, he’s seen many challenges himself and has plenty of stories to tell you. His positive influence and stories of overcoming struggle will help you realise you can conquer anything, just as long as you put your mind to it.


The Hanged Man (reversed)The Hanged Man Reversed

Keywords: Hesitation, delay, lack of change.

In life, many of us get to the point where we are unhappy. During this time, it can be difficult to see a way out and this can make us completely give up on restoring positivity. Hesitating because of fear is what your month is going to be based on, Capricorn. Instead of telling yourself that you can’t do something, give yourself from positive reassurance. If you want to go for something in life, you’re the only person who can do it. All this time, it’s been you who’s been standing in the way of a happier future.

Don’t shy away from challenges because it’s what will make you stronger. If you take a leap of faith, there’s a big chance you’ll see an amazing outcome. Don’t be afraid of going for what you want because years down the line, you’ll wish you never stopped yourself.


The Wheel of Fortune (reversed)Wheel of Fortune Reversed

Keywords: Negativity, lack of luck, struggle.

Before you get really worried about this card, remember what it represents. The Wheel of Fortune shows that what must come up, much come back down again. It’s true that February won’t be the easiest time for you, yet it will not last. It’s important that you don’t lose faith just because of how one month goes. You might feel exhausted with work, unable to see any reward in sight yet, it really is just a storm that needs to pass. If things don’t go your way, please don’t get it ruin the next three months. All issues are temporary if you’re willing to sort them out.

Don’t let negativity carry on for longer than it needs to. If you’re feeling rubbish, surround yourself with the positive people who can put a smile back on your face. Block out bad thoughts that give you anxiety and do the things that help you chill out!


Ten of Wands (upright)Ten of Wands Upright

Keywords: Responsibility, burden, emotion.

Are you doing absolutely everything for someone yet they don’t appreciate it whatsoever? You have a huge weight on your shoulders because you’ve come forward to help a situation involving someone you care deeply about. If this person is showing a disrespect, it’s perhaps time you sit then down and talk about how you feel. Leaving them alone in a time of chaos will make them realise how much they need you. However, you’re not the type of person to pack your bags and leave someone like this, are you?

Schedule a coffee date with them and explain why you’re unhappy. After this, they might be more aware of how their attitude is negatively affecting you.

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