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Monthly Tarotscopes: July 2017

To mark the start of July, one of our psychics has chosen a different tarot card for each star sign to represent how the month could unfold. We believe Tarotscopes are a simple way to create a life of peace, meaning and prosperity, plus it’s an opportunity for people to learn more about the definitions of tarot decks. Below are all of the cards that are chosen for the month of July 2017.

*All cards pictured in this blog post are from the famous Rider-Waite Tarot Card deck.*

ARIES (March 21st – APRIL 19)

Nine of Swords

nine swords

Keywords: Unhappiness, despair, anxiety

A bad decision from the past may come back to haunt you this month, Aries. You’ve been ignoring feedback from other people for far too long and in the coming weeks, you’ll be forced to face up to your actions. Rather than blaming current circumstances on other people or making excuses for your behaviour, look inwardly and identify ways you can change for the better. If you’ve hurt someone’s feelings or ruined a lifelong friendship, now’s the time to apologise and do everything you can to make amends.


Ten of Wands

Keywords:  Burden, responsibility, hard work

Do you feel like there’s a heavy weight on your shoulders, Taurus? If so, surround yourself with people who care about you. Whether you’re under increasing pressure at work or a family feud is causing strain, there’s no shame in asking people for help. Meditation could work wonders for you in the coming weeks, even if you’re completely new to the process. Find yourself a quiet spot and focus on the present. No good can come of spending your life with your mind stuck in the past or obsessed with the future.


Nine of Cups

Keywords: Happiness, satisfaction, glory

All your dreams are about to come true, Gemini, and the best part is it’s certainly not down to luck. Perhaps you’ve been working extremely hard at work lately or you’ve been a supportive friend in times of need. Whatever it is you’ve been doing, you’re sure to reap the positive karma in the coming weeks. Enjoy it, Gemini, because you deserve all the happiness in the world.


The Worldthe world

Keywords: Success, accomplishment, completion

The emergence of The World card suggests that you’re on the cusp of success and you’re about to reap all the benefits of your hard work and determination. Make sure you savour every moment and take a break from striving for perfection. After all, you sometimes have a tendency to leap from one challenge to the next without taking time to reflect on your accomplishments. You’ll be amazed how much sweeter life can be when you treasure these moments of glory.


The Hermit

Keywords: Loneliness, solitude, reflection

You may find yourself spending a lot of time alone this month, Leo. If you enjoy being surrounded by people, this might sound like your worst nightmare, but don’t dismiss a little solitude without trying it. Spend the coming weeks training yourself to embrace time spent alone. Once you’ve mastered the art of alone time, you’ll break down restrictive barriers you never knew existed and unlock a new found sense of freedom that will open wonderful new doors in life.


Knight of Pentaclesknight pentacles

Keywords: Efficiency, routine, responsibility

You may be faced with new responsibilities this month, Virgo, with very little warning. Although you may feel intimidated by these unexpected pressures, there’s no need to curl up into a ball and panic. This could be your chance to show exactly what you’re made of. There’s just one problem – you may find it hard to convince yourself how tough you are, let alone other people. Have faith in yourself and do the best you can. No matter what the outcome of the month, you’re sure to do yourself proud.


The Empressempress

Keywords: Abundance, glory, respect

There’s a risk you’ll get too big for you boots this week, Libra. Recent triumphs may go straight to your head and you may see your judgement clouded in the process. Don’t forget where you came from, Libra. You may feel like taking credit for all you’ve achieved but remember who helped you get to where you are today. You couldn’t have done it alone and if you fail to acknowledge those who picked you up when you were down, you may lose the very respect you desperately crave.


Ace of Cups

Keywords: Joy, inner peace

If the first half of 2017 has felt like an emotional rollercoaster, you may be relieved to hear that it’s finally time for you to exit the ride. The Ace of Cups suggests that peace and tranquility lies ahead, giving you some much needed comfort following recent dramas. You might not get all the answers you’ve been hoping for, but you should start to see the rainbow peeking out from the clouds.


The Fool

Keywords:  Naivety, foolishness, adventure

Don’t be afraid of letting your inner child run free this month, Sagittarius. You’re usually one of the most sensible signs of the zodiac, so this is the perfect time to let your hair down and enjoy yourself. From playing a harmless practical joke on a good friend to booking a spontaneous trip to somewhere you’ve always dreamed of visiting, there are plenty of things you can do this month to feel like you’re walking on sunshine. You may face criticism from other people, particularly those who are overly concerned with being seen as mature, but it’s not worth beating yourself up over their negativity.


The Magician

Keywords: Power, skill, talent

You have hidden skills that are just waiting to emerge, Capricorn, and this month is all about unearthing the talents you never even knew you had. Be adventurous in the weeks ahead and don’t be too shy to step outside of your comfort zone. By trying new things, you’ll be able to test the waters and figure out where your skills lie. You may spend your day sat at a desk, but could you be a karate champion at night?


Ace of Swords

Keywords: Power, clarity, success

Be careful not to blame other people for your struggles, Aquarius. If the Ace of Swords is anything to go by, it could be the case that you’re the one holding yourself back. You’re an ambitious sign and have a lot going for you, but a lack of confidence could see you fail to make the most of your power. Take a step back from the situation that’s causing you grief and confide in someone older and wiser than yourself. They may give you the brand new outlook you need to push forward and achieve your goals.


The HierophantHierophant

Keywords: Teamwork, conformity, following, tradition

Be careful not to sacrifice your own personality in a bid to conform to other people’s expectations of you, Pisces. You’re known for your big heart and desire to make the world a better place, and although most people love you for being a passionate and driven individual, there will always be others who just don’t ‘get’ it. In the coming weeks, you may encounter jealousy and criticism from those who want you to be just like them. Take no notice, Pisces, and work closely with those who love and support you.


  1. Hi. Nice of you to do these readings for us. I was wondering if the August 2017 Tarotscopes are coming up soon. xxx

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