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Monthly Tarotscopes: July 2018

To mark the start of July, one of our psychics has chosen a different tarot card for each star sign to represent how the month could unfold. We believe Tarotscopes are a simple way to create a life of peace, meaning and prosperity, plus it’s an opportunity for people to learn more about the definitions of tarot decks. Below are all of the cards that are chosen for the month of July 2018.

*All cards pictured in this blog post are from the famous Rider-Waite Tarot Card deck.*


Wheel of Fortune (reversed)

Keywords: Bad luck, negativity, lack of control

A month of mayhem could be on the cards, Aries. Be careful not to lose your cool the moment you face your first crisis, as you’re in for a rollercoaster of a ride.

Stay calm and try to take things day by day. You may struggle to retain control over the situation, but by taking lots of deep breaths and thinking carefully before making any big decisions, you can minimise the impact and prevent things escalating into a full blown war.


death card

KeywordsNew beginnings, transformation, end of an era

It’s your turn to get the dreaded Death card this month, Taurus. But fear not, because it’s far more likely to bring you positive blessings than devastating curses.

In fact, we’d even go as far as saying that the Death card can be one of the most positive cards in the whole deck.

Although you may reach the end of an era in the days and weeks ahead, remember that every cloud has a silver lining and as one door closes, another one opens. Who knows what exciting opportunities the future may hold.

Make the most of every second this month, Taurus, because your actions – good or bad – have the potential to make a lasting impact on your life ahead.


The Lovers

Keywords: Perfection, harmony, trust

If you’re single, love could be just around the corner this month, Gemini. The person you’ve been looking for may land at your feet in a way you only thought possible in the movies. Cherish every moment of this whirlwind romance as you’re likely to look back on it for years to come.

Already coupled up? Things may blossom in ways you never imagined this month. But in order to reap the full benefits, you’ll both need to put your trust in one another and be willing to step outside of your comfort zone.


Five of Wands (reversed)
five of wands

Keywords: Avoiding confrontation, deceit, lies

If your intuition is screaming at you and telling you not to trust a certain someone, pay close attention to it. You may not be able to identify the reasons you feel this way about the person in question, but your inner voice is way smarter than you think.

All this time, it’s been quietly working away in the background, taking in as much information as possible and silently analysing every second. When it tells you something, have faith and trust in it.


Page of Cups  

Keywords: Creativity, optimism, hope

Lucky you, Leo! You’ve got one of the most optimistic cards in the entire tarot deck this month. The Page of Cups tends to suggest an exciting project or dream-worthy adventure is just on the horizon.

Could a promotion or pay rise be in the pipeline?

Perhaps a friend will break some exciting news to you.

Or maybe you’ll meet someone new who changes your life in unimaginable ways.

Be open to spontaneous activities and don’t get too wrapped up in plans you’ve already set for yourself.


The Hanged Man

Keywords: Suspension, restriction, letting go

Avoid making any big decision this month, Virgo. Whether you’ve been contemplating a career change or you’ve been wondering whether to move house, delaying these huge life milestones a little longer could reap better results. However, be sure to do plenty of research and planning in the coming weeks. This is the perfect time for preparation and assessment. When you’re finally ready to take the leap in August, you’ll be impressed by the results.  



Keywords: Refresh, forgiveness, reflection

Is it time to hit the refresh button, Libra? The Judgement card certainly suggests that’s the case. This is an ideal month to start all over again with a fresh perspective and new found outlook on life.

Whether you’ve been battling a bad habit for a considerable amount of time or you keep procrastinating when it comes to reaching for your dreams, bite the bullet and just do the work!


The Moon

Keywords: Illusion, anxiety, insecurity

Don’t get bogged down with unnecessary worries this month, Scorpio. Sure, that may be easier said than done, but could it be the case that you’re sweating the small stuff?

Life isn’t meant to be smooth sailing 24/7 and the occasional hurdle is inevitable. Try to ride the waves with a smile on your face. Save your worrisome energy for significant life changes that catch you off guard, rather than wasting it on insignificant stresses that you’ll forget all about within a matter of weeks.


Nine of Pentacles
page wands

Keywords: Happiness, harmony, family

The Nine of Pentacles brings beautiful news, Sagittarius. July is sure to be a happy month filled with harmony and joy.

Someone may step into your life and take all your cares away, lifting weights off your shoulders and helping you to laugh away your worries. Your relationship with this person won’t necessarily be romantic, but it will be life changing. Even if they’re not in your life for very long, their impact will be one to remember for years to come.


The Chariot

Keywords: Journey, determination, departure

The Chariot card suggests that an exciting expedition of wonder and joy is just moments away. If you don’t already have a holiday booked, now’s the time to set the wheels in motion and make some plans. If your purse is a little empty, you don’t have to book anything right away. Instead, spend the coming weeks creating an adventure action plan with the people you’re most eager to travel with. You’ll be surprised at how effortlessly things fall into place after that.



Keywords: Dishonesty, betrayal, deception

Are you worried that someone’s lying to you, Aquarius? Whatever you do, don’t brush these feelings under the carpet. It’s time to pay attention to your concerns and address the situation head on. We’re not suggesting you go in all-guns-blazing, nor should you throw any accusations around. Instead, keep a watchful eye on the situation from afar. Once you have all the information you need, that’s when you can make a move.


Six of Pentacles (reversed)
six pentacles

Keywords: Money problems, dishonesty, responsibility

This month someone may expect you to take responsibility for their own mistakes, Pisces. They might not even give you any warning. They may spring this burden on you with nothing more than a moment’s notice. Although their behaviour may leave you reeling, try to keep your cool. You can’t control other people’s behaviour, but you can control how you respond to it. By acting with dignity and composure, you can minimise the impact this person’s dishonesty has on you and walk away from the situation with your head held high.

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