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Monthly Tarotscopes: September 2016

To mark the start of September, one of our psychics has chosen a different tarot card for each star sign to represent how the month could unfold. We believe Tarotscopes are a simple way to create a life of peace, meaning and prosperity, plus it’s an opportunity for people to learn more about the definitions of tarot decks. Below are all of the cards that are chosen for the month of September 2016.

*All cards pictured in this blog post are from the famous Rider-Waite Tarot Card deck.*


The Chariot. Upright chariot

Keywords: Control, power, triumph, determination

The Chariot card suggests that in the weeks that lie ahead, you have the potential to succeed at something you set out to do. Whether you’re taking part in a competitive sporting event, waiting to hear back from a job you applied for, or you’re on a mission to adopt a healthier new lifestyle, success could certainly lie ahead.

If you’re sometimes guilty of fearing the worst or assuming other people are more qualified than yourself, it’s time to push these feelings aside and believe in yourself. The power is in your hands and it’s up to you to unlock your full potential and make the most of any situations that arise.


Ten of Pentacles. Upright ten pentacles

Keywords: Success, accomplishment, pride

You’re nearing the end of your journey, Taurus, and we mean this in the best possible way. Perhaps you’re on a mission to learn something new or you’re working hard to find your dream job. No matter what it is, the end is near and your dreams may soon become a reality.

Because you’ve been working so hard to achieve a certain goal, when you do finally accomplish it, you’re likely to be overwhelmed with a sense of pride and confidence. Take some time out to celebrate and relax – you deserve it! Now onto the next challenge! Don’t obsess over your victory for too long though, Taurus.


The Star. Upright the star

Keywords: Hope, spirituality, renewal, inspiration

What a positive card for you to receive this month, Gemini! The Star Tarot brings with it a wealth of positivity and hope. If you’ve been battling through some troubling times recently, The Star suggests that the road ahead is set to be far less rocky.

Have faith in the universe and its purpose for you. Although challenges may crop up and you may have bad days, everything will work out exactly as it should do.

If you’ve witnessed feelings of hatred, jealousy, bitterness or anger in recent times, these negative emotions should start to disappear from your life, making way for more kindness, joy and love in the process.

To make the most of the weeks to come, focus on projecting the very emotions that you wish to benefit from.


Strength. Upright strength

Keywords: Strength, courage, control, compassion

The Strength Card is symbolic of inner strength and self belief. It’s time to dig deep to find the stamina and perseverance that is buried deep inside your soul. If you’re sometimes guilty of giving up at the first sign of trouble or your attention span often dwindles, practice self-discipline and finish what you set out to do.

By maintaining focus and sticking to your original plan, you can achieve your hopes and dreams. The qualities required to succeed at the tasks you’ve set yourself are already in you and waiting to burst out. This month is all about unlocking your potential and ridding your mind of misconceptions and self-censorship.


King of Cups. Upright  king cups

Keywords: Emotional balance, control, generosity

Despite his power and influence, the King of Cups brings compassion and kindness. He is a great leader with an ability to build strong and lasting relationships with people from all walks of life. The appearance of this card suggests that September could be a very balanced month for you. In the weeks ahead you’re likely to take on anything life throws at you while dealing with nasty surprises if and when they occur.

Focussing on the present rather than thinking too far ahead is crucial this month, Leo. Rather than predicting the outcome of a situation or worrying about the future, use the information presented to you to make informed and educated decisions.


Judgement. Upright judgement

Keywords: Judgement, rebirth, inner calling

The judgement card suggests a period of reflection and contemplation is necessary to make the most of the time ahead.  If you’re unfamiliar with the benefits of meditation, introduce yourself to the practice this month. This could involve downloading a meditation app, reading a book by a mindfulness expert, or even taking part in yoga or a spiritual class.

This month you may have a profound moment of clarity. Your intuition is bound to be at an all time high and you’re blessed with this new found sense of wisdom and knowledge. Not only could such traits improve your own life, they could also benefit the lives of those around you.

If you’ve been procrastinating a task that means a lot to you, place extra focus on getting it done in the coming weeks. By ticking it off your list before October arrives, you’ll really reap the benefits.


Three of Swords. Reversed three swords

Keywords: Forgiveness, recovery, releasing pain

When upright, the Three of Swords can indicate pain, separation, heartbreak and grief. But, as this card is reversed for you, the month ahead may not be as negative as you initially fear.

Have you been through a rough patch recently? Make recovery and renovation a priority this month, Libra. If you’ve suffered from a turbulent few weeks or something negative has shaken you to your core, take some time out to improve your mental and physical health. No matter how much work you have on your to-do list, there will be times where you need to put yourself first.

If you made any mistakes in August, look to rectify the situation and seek forgiveness from anyone you may have wronged.


Eight of Swords. Upright eight swords

Keywords: Isolation, restriction, imprisonment

This month you might find yourself feeling trapped in a situation that you cannot escape from. Before panicking and sending yourself into a frenzy, make sure the restrictions imposed are not self inflicted. Are you letting your own fears and insecurities stand in your way of success? If so, it’s time to step out of your comfort zone and leap straight in.

This month you might also feel a little isolated and alone. Whether a friend forgets to invite you to an event or you’re the only person at work to not receive an award, you may feel like the odd one out. Before you take offence or cut ties with those around you, take some time out to reflect and assess whether your own actions have contributed to current events. For example, have you done something to offend the friend who forgot your invite? Has your performance at work not been up to scratch?

Rather than feeling like a victim, be proactive and make a plan of action. What can you do to turn things around, boost your relationships and improve your life?


Six of Pentacles. Reversed six pentacles

Keywords: Debt, selfishness

Beware of things that may not be what they initially seem, Sagittarius. An act of kindness may have deeper repercussions than you initially believe. Is someone trying to cover up something sinister with a veil of good?

If you’re in a relationship, you may feel as though you’re giving more than you get in return. Make sure you’re not trapped in a one-sided relationship. If you’re feeling overstretched or as though your partner is taking advantage of your kindness, tell them like it is. If they love you, they’ll be only too happy to work with you to make the relationship that little bit more equal.


The Sun. Reversed the sun reversed

Keywords: Temporary depression, lack of success

You may struggle to look on the bright side this month, Capricorn. No matter how hard you try to remain positive, every event or occurrence seems to have a negative twist or consequence.

Be careful not to overthink things. Such an approach could lead to you seeing things that aren’t there or fearing the worst when it’s not necessary. We all have our ups and downs, but successful people are more likely to triumph if they hold on tight and try to enjoy the ride.

Don’t be afraid to change course and venture down a different route if the road ahead looks less than rosy. But be careful not to give up on dreams you’ve had for years at the first sign of struggle.


Ace of Swords. Upright ace swords upright

Keywords: Victory, break-through, clarity

This month won’t be as straightforward as it initially may seem, Aquarius, but don’t let that stop you from making the most of it. The Ace of Swords suggests that a particular situation could have both positive and negative consequences for you.

An unwelcome surprise could catch you off guard and, if you’re not careful, throw you off course. But by using your own intuition and approaching big decisions with caution rather than haste, it’s nothing you can’t handle.

The Ace of Swords also suggests it may be time to seek the truth and find justice for an issue that remains unsolved. Have you been ignoring a friend’s damaging behaviour or pushing a loved one’s lies to the back of your mind? If either of these situations sound familiar, it may be time to confront them like the wise and considerate adult you are.


Knight of Cups. Upright knight cups

Keywords: Romance, charm, imagination, heroic

Of all the Knight Tarot cards, the Knight of Cups is the most feminine. Like most knights, he is a gallant and brave hero who is not afraid to go the distance for justice. But he also has charming, kind and has countless emotional and sympathetic qualities.

The appearance of this card suggests that a person with these qualities could enter your life. Alternatively, you may be this person yourself!

This month, don’t be afraid of wearing your heart on your sleeve and telling it like it is. Being in touch with your emotions and feelings doesn’t make you weak or powerless; it makes you human. You never know, those you open up to could admire your honesty and may admit to identifying with your thoughts and concerns.

If you’re single, romance could enter your life in the coming weeks. Your knight in shining armour, whether male or female, may appear and sweep you off your feet. If you’re in a relationship, a new friendship could fill you with a new lease of life while bringing out a side to you that you never knew existed.


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