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Orb Colours and Their Meanings

Have you ever taken a photograph, only to see strange circular shapes on the photo that look like balls of light?

These circular “light balls” are known as orbs and are thought to be spheres of energy from the spiritual realm. Many people are of the opinion that orbs are spiritual beings such as angels or spirit guides.

Orbs are usually white in colour, but can also be seen in many different colours. Coloured orbs are less common than white orbs, and are thought to be special spirits such as angels or archangels.

You shouldn’t be alarmed or scared should you capture orbs in your photos, they are simply harmless spirits going about their business!

Have you captured coloured orbs in your photograph? Take a look below to find out what each colour of orb means.

Clear Orbs

Clear orbs are most common and are thought to be a sign that a spirit is trying to communicate with you, or perhaps they are just letting you know they are there!

White or Silver Orbs

White or silver orbs are extremely positive energies, they are there to offer you strength and protection. A white or silver orb could in fact be your guardian or archangel.

Black or Brown Orbs

These orbs can be interpreted as a sign of danger. Perhaps the area where the photo was taken is negative, or unsafe. Be careful and act with caution in this area.

Red and Orange Orbs

Warm coloured orbs, such as red and orange, represent safety and security. These spirits are offering you comforting, healing energy and bring strength and courage. They may be your teacher in life, looking over you and taking care of you.

Blue Orbs

Blue orbs are extremely calming and peaceful. This orb may be your spirit guide, offering you spiritual guidance and protection.

Green Orbs

Green is a soothing colour and may represent a healing orb or spirit. Green orbs are also associated with a love and respect for nature.

Yellow Orbs

Yellow orbs are thought to represent caution, so pay attention! This could be a warning from your angels.

Purple Orbs

Purple orbs are known to be orbs of information. As purple is a very spiritual colour, this entity could be seeking spiritual guidance, or prompting you to consider spirituality in your own life.


  1. I was taking pictures in my grandmas room because I’ve always been into the paranormal activities and spirits. As I took a picture in particular a yellow orb zoomed by on the camera. I have an iPhone so when I played back the live you watch go from one side of the screen and out of the other and disappear.

  2. My husband had a camera in our bedroom for I have a heart condition and COPD .when he was watching it back on 7/25/2018 and showed it to me I couldn’t believe my eyes I saw several white orbs flying around room .I watched for several hours .

  3. For the last good two years, after I had stopped meditation “full-out”, I’ve been starting to see white/silvery orbs appearing for less than a second 1-2 meters away from me. I’ve not been able to take any pictures either. The weird thing is, it can’t be dust, considering my room is always dark as black can get, with no way of light coming in (Always midnight or after, when they appear), and then there’s just that “orb” hovering over me. I’m not even sure how I can feel their presence, as they always give me a shock for appearing out of nowhere.

  4. i was on vacation and took a pic on my polaroid and when i looked at it there were two yellow orbs with purple around them and a black orb but i didnt notice them before i took the picture and i knew they were spirits but i didnt know if they were evil so i had to check

  5. 4 years ago my boyfriend (now husband) were watching TV and in the corner to the right of the TV stand saw a white orb shoot up from the floor to the ceiling. I looked at him and asked him if he saw that! Let me inform you he is not a believer in ghost or spirits or anything but I am. And he replied with “yes” ! We were both stunned. I bring it up to him every now and then wondering what the meaning was behind it or what kind of a sign it was.

  6. I did not capture an orb on camera, but sitting down one day, feeling depressed, a soccer ball sized very bright white ball, kept going by the window in the same direction, later my nephew came and sat down, of course I didn’t tell him, what I was seeing, after a short while, he asked me why the moon kept going passed the window, and it was a very bright day also, very strange indeed…….

  7. I fell asleep in my couch, I woke up only to see this silver floating cloud like ball coming towards me. Then when I keep staring at it, it drifted back and turned black then it was gone. I don’t understand what this means.

  8. I just saw a white orb while i was in bed hovering, almost drifting across my girlfriend, i freaked out because this has only happened once before when i was a child and i thought it was some kind of fireworks or something… that was three red orbs.

    Two men have died in two years in my family and i was thinking that that white orb maybe have a connection to them because i was talking about my pop with my ma today.

    Ive never been a big believer on these things, it’s easier for me to dismiss it. But i didn’t see an orb in a camera, like for real right there for like less than 5 seconds and it seemed to disappear into my wall, it was really… strange

  9. I recorded a video of my boyfriend snoring at night while it’s pitch black dark with no flash and I seen a strange reddish orange light floating round. I doubt it could be a dust particle because there wasn’t any light that could’ve been reflected. I feel less creeped out reading about this particular orbs color.

  10. I sat with my grandpa the last few years of his life. My grandma had passed in the house several yrs before but her presence was often felt especially when it came to caring for my grandpa. Me my children as well as other family members & hired help would often notice every time we done something nice/good for my grandpa a lamp in the back,of the house would come on. As fast as we turned it off it would keep coming on. Went as far as unplugging it but as soon as we done something for papa it was back on again. We often joked & said it was just granny thanking us for taking care of papa. As he got closer to death we put baby monitors in his room so we could watch him 24/7. Numerous times we saw orbs in his room at night and it seemed it was always the nights he would talk all night to somebody. Never did I really feel scared it was more of a calming feeling, . I honestly believe it was the spirit of my grandma waiting on the love of her life so the could pass over together. Such a sweet love story

  11. So I was taking a video of me drinking a shot of lemon juice (don’t ask) then when I was watching the footage there was a green orb and I was like omg my house is haunted I looked it but felt more comfortable when it said it ment health and stuff

  12. Lately I have been seeing small bright blue orbs whilst i am driving or just out and about , but the other night as i was lying in bed i had what felt like a visitation a shadow was above me the shape resembling someone i know , I opened my eyes and at the other end of the room was 3 bright blue orbs rotating in a sort of spiral motion with a glow behind them , i was mesmerized by them but felt incredibly happy , they then accelerated and moved towards and straight into me , leaving me a incredible tingling sensation , is this a spirit guide ?

  13. I wish we could add video. My room looks like a disco. Hundreds of white orbs, yellow and red. What does it mean to have so many and why are they in all my videos? One flew right into my chest while filming. Does anyone know who can answer these questions for me?

  14. Liking at my camara facing driveway I see 2 orbs.
    They are large , round with a slight pale tint. They are side by side , one is yellow the other is green. Can someone tell me what this means

  15. So every time I take a picture with the flash on I seem to always see a small blue half circle with purple surrounding it on the outside and I don’t know what that mean please help me

  16. I’m in the hospital being treated for cancer and I was talking on the phone to my daughter and she wanted a picture of me so I took a selfie The Flash is off there is no other lite coming in the room. And the wall behind me is painted a flat color so there’s nothing to reflect off of however there’s clearly about a 3in flame coming out of the top of my head like a spirit orb only made out of fire. I would send you a picture if I could I still have it someone figures away from me to send it I’ll give me an email address to send it to I will and my hand of God the picture has not been touched up or doctors or anything I would love to know that it was a reflection off something and not what I think it is not there’s nothing to reflect off of reality is it certainly looks like a spirit orb to me or Spirit Flame it looks like I’m trying to turn into Ghost Rider LOL

  17. I saw ‘coloured balls of light’ in my bedroom in the early 90’s. I could only describe them as like the little faires flying in Sleeping Beauty (Disney). The lights were orange, green and yellow. I told my partner who laughed. I just put them down to static electricity. We went in my neighbour’s house a few days later who said (without me mentioning it) that she saw a little ball of purple light whizzing over the door in her bedroom.
    Anyway, a few years later I went to see a medium. She asked me whether I had ever seen lights. I told her no because I had forgotten about them. She said to me ‘Oh yes you have. Little ‘fairy ‘ lights you have seen.’ She then went on to tell me they wete orbs and that one had just whizzed over my head.

  18. Late one night when I walked into my dark bedroom, I was suddenly startled as if I had heard an unexpected noise although I heard no noise nor did I see anything. Whatever caused me to react this way definitely got my attention and I quickly turned my head to see what it was. All I saw was the darkness of the night but I very strongly knew something was there and I wasn’t afraid of it. Whatever it was that was in the dark corner of my bedroom
    held my gaze like a strong magnet although I could see nothing but darkness. However, as I kept looking, bright stars suddenly began to form and they arranged themselves in a cascading umbrella shape. The stars at the top were larger and became smaller as they cascaded down. Then, under the cascade of stars, a blue orb formed. The blue orb was not intensely bright like the stars, but it was a soft velvet blue with a bit of rose/pink toward the lower half. As I viewed this, I felt tremendous peace like I have never known before and the beauty was mesmerizing. Then, just as this had formed out of the darkness, it went back into the darkness as if it had been swooshed away. This experience still feels very real to me.

  19. I take a Random picture and it Turned out to be a white or with a crack in it and orange lines going up-and-down but if you could add my brightness on it turned out to be just pitch black and I have no onsides my room or a white ball thing with a crack in it what does that mean

  20. I had an experience i just had moved into a new place with a friend and his gf we all fixed up the place i was in my room going to sleep sumthing told me i should open my eyes it looked like i had two orbs going around me n my bed witch was in middle of floor at time sum reson it didnt scare me i was more fascinated with what was happening
    The first orb was white in center but gave a yellowish glow and the other was red what does it mean

  21. I had a very astonishing experience on NYE. I was in my grandmother’s house- in an area where I had an OBE once before. I was alone and after some champagne- was listening to some 70’s tunes on our PBS local channel. I decided to dance to “more than a woman” and then put my phone on video. I was really freaked out- in a good way that by half way thru white/silver orbs were flying all around me. I was in a very good mood- happy- filled with joy. When I saw the video I couldn’t believe how many there were and how they flew in all directions- not like lent- like mini spaceships- -like a star trek movie. I couldn’t believe it! I felt it was my guardian angels – just celebrating with me. One of the most amazing experiences of my life!

  22. I came to be face to face with a blue ball of light late one night. It was outside my front window one minute next minute its inside within arms length of me. I stared at it for a good minute long enough to where i was fixing to say something to it. Then it exploded without a sound disappeared into thin air and knocked my light bulb out from my ceiling fan.

  23. My wife took pictures with her phone of our grand kids playing in the snow this afternoon. Upon examination there were two images of large red orbs in the photos. She has taken pictures in the past at our son’s home that borders on a former railroad track along a river now used as a walking trail. We blew up one of those white orbs and you could see a man’s face wearing an old style hat. I wonder if it’s the people behind the camera that makes orbs appear. My wife is a bit of a physic ,she has had some strange experiences ,visions,dreams etc..

  24. When I was looking on FaceTime I seen myself on my screen and I scene a green orb following my screen when I move my iPad .i turned my thing off and I turned back on and it was gone. I know it’s my dad watching over me and I loved that .
    I have an angel watching over me

  25. This Christmas eve we spent it at my eldest brothers house along with my mom’s sisters. When we took a picture with some of the boys and my aunt’s we saw in the picture a bright blue “double” orb intertwined. We believe its my mom and dad. The picture is amazing. I can’t find anything on a double orb…. picture or article.

  26. One nigh between 6-7pm 2016 after done take a bath i went outside to hang my towel I saw really bright white crystal ball of fire at back of our neighbors house it’s a vacant lot there with lots of tress , from the coconut tree the white crystal metallic fire ball moving towards to a big tall tree then gone .. it’s really amazing it dosen’ t scared me , I’m sure it was really a good luck and it gives me a guide too especially I’m so blessed for what I have now in my life. It’s was my archangel send from heaven to watch and guide me. Whatever is it bring luck and reminders always remember God is bigger more powerful in everyway ,he is the creator in the universe, he is the most God of all Gods and Lord of all Lords who made you and me..

    Gracy 🙂

  27. I saw an orange orb, just a bit bigger than a golf ball i was mezmerized, it came from behind and slowly came past the corner of my eye i was walking at the time i just sopped watching it moving away thinking, WTF!!
    then i was a bit freaked out 2 months later, i got diagnosed with lung disease talked about it with 1 person, and he said it might have been specks of dust, i know what i saw it was not dust

  28. I’ve photographed white orbs in my home several times. On magnification I see a shape within, although I can’t make it out. Guess I’m not meant to!

  29. I’ve seen a red orb with my bare eyes in two different occasions. I’ve seen them outside my house at night . It was bright red and the size of a button. It flew in a slow motion and was shoulder level to me so close I wanted to touch it, but I decided not to becouse i didnt know what would happen. It floated further and further away into the corn fields. Could anyone tell me what this means ?

  30. Hey I just wanted to share my thought I have them in my pics A lot but I mostly see blue orbs I didn’t know what they were until I looked on this web site!!

  31. While taking a selfie I looked at the pictures and saw rainbow orbs and 4-6 inches wide rainbow bands dancing around me. Then I decided to make a film and I captured a basketball size pure white orbs that alternated in and out of my picture. Felt like they were peeking at me. The room was still, quiet and peaceful Even More than before this happened. WOW!!!!! What is going on!! Any ideas???

  32. I took some photos yesterday evening of the sunset at a seaside town i was visiting, when i looked at them there was a tiny green dot in a couple of them, a friend of mine told me that they are orbs, I am fascinated to know what this means, or is it just a fault in the settings on my phone?

  33. I was stopped next to a cemetery at night time and seen black shaped spirits popping there heads up n down of headstones and trees moving fast around and later at home I was sleeping I woke up suddenly so fast and covered in sweat for few times a night for 3 nights was I being attacked or being warned not to go there again or what’s going on
    Please reply to me urgently wanting answers as lately I have felt strange feelings and being moody often

  34. Hello, up until now I’ve seen this moving light balls about 3-4 times with my own eyes.
    They usually look like small white “ball-like” stars the size of approx. a tennis ball.
    I believe those light balls are angels.
    I once sat outside in my garden looking at the beautiful night’s sky and prayed: “Please angels if you truly exist send me a shooting star” and suddenly, after about a minute or so, a small shooting star appeared on the night’s sky.
    Since then I strongly believe in angels.
    There is more to this world than what we can superficially perceive.

  35. I am an Empath and i catch orbs like crazy and i have several apparitions. I also catch evil entities!

  36. Hello i recently took a picture of the sunrise and seen in 2 of the photos I had taken an odd shaped (possibly an orb?) On the lower part of my pictures. It had moved positions slightly in each picture. How do i know if it was an orb or simply just a sin light reflection? It was not completely a symmetrical shaped circle however, it was like a moon shaped figure kind of. (Hard to describe). It was a yellowy gold colour and i am interested to figure out if I am just seeing a reflection, a dust particle, an orb? Im not sure. Please advise if someone would like to.

  37. Very interesting post. I frequently see Spirit as Orbs, particularly when in public, & when they want to get my attention…….it can be very off-putting when in the middle of a conversation, but Spirit & I have an agreement now, whereby; they know we share control. It’s not all about them, otherwise; they’d quite happily take over.

  38. Hello.

    What does a LIGHT gray orb mean and are orbs only circles because this is a line and I know it’s not a bug or a piece of dust falling this was totally scary when I first saw it but now, I thought it was so cool 🙂 – but not sure what it means though!! U_U

  39. So i was celebrating my bday on September 14 with my family and a dear friend, we were having a nice dinner at our friends house and i felt so positive that night. As i take a picture of what we were soon to eat i see like a purple mist/orb and nothing was there to reflect off of to make that…so does that mean spiritual information was being sent to me?

  40. I just got done recording my Pastor preaching his message tonight and my phone recorded 3 different green orbs floating around the the pulpit area. That is awesome. Does anyone know what that might mean?

  41. What if I saw a white orb when I was brushing my teeth and not in a picture (in a room across the hall)? I don’t know if it was light reflecting off my watch, but it wasn’t shining on the wall it was just floating. So would that be an orb or a trick of light?

  42. Hi in the past few weeks a friend and I saw orbs in my apartment I saw 2 white orbs and just 20 minutes ago I saw a black one so I lit some white sage and waved it around the area I saw it and asked God to remove it from the house but Im not frightened I also waved the sage around myself and asked God to put a bubble of protection around me…I had to get a medium into my house a few years back over ghosts that I and my upstars neighbour experienced a few years ago I saw a red orb in my bedroom…can anyone tell me wht this means for me thnx Sean

  43. Grey orb fly through my bedroom.
    Sorry an error in spelling in earlier message.
    Thankyou in advance

  44. I saw a grey on fly through my bedroom the other evening. What does this mean please?
    Thankyou in advance

  45. In 1990, I was meditating in an effort to produce an OBE which I have done a few times. On this occasion, I was shocked to discover that I had exited my body as a little blue ball. In 1990, I had never heard of an orb so I didn’t know what to do. I remember asking myself “How am I suppose to get around as a little blue ball?” The next thing that happened stunned me even more. I witnessed my ethereal or spirit body split from my physical body and attach itself to “me” and off I went. This is when I realized what we truly look like in our original form and the belief that we are the image of our father made sense. I never believed that God looked like a human.

  46. My husband had no health problems but died suddenly on Xmas eve 2015, I had my 3 young Granddaughters come stay with me a few months after and all wanted to sleep with Nanny, they looked so sweet all tucked up together so I decided to make a video of them. I was shocked the next day when I played it back for everyone, there were orbs flying everywhere around the children’s heads and one was so fast it was like a flash of light going passed my phone while others just hovered over them then sped off at speed. I’ve tried it many more times and the orbs are always over the children but not in any other parts of the room. Some have been white but a bit of few have been blue and they are the fastest. I have videoed in other parts of my house but I only see them when the children are here and never with the naked eye. I like to think it’s their Grandad coming to say good night.

  47. I have a question. My dad, mom, sister, and I moved into a supposedly haunyed apartment complex. Last night my dad’s cat, Nomi, just kept meowing until someone followed her into my bedroom. We didn’t know what was wrong, so to keep her out (because we had a weird felling about it) my dad shut the door, but when he did something banged on it. We kept the door shut for awhile then went back in. My mom then decided to get her phone, shut off the light, and take a photo. In the photo were two white orbs. My question is how can white orbs just symbolize peace and love if Nomi was afraid of them? I know she was afraid because I have a cat blanket and when we went in she pawned at it trying to get under it. When I went in with her I laid down by her, and when she went to move I lifted the blanket for her and she clawed at my bed. Do you happen to know why she would be afraid of white orbs if they symbolize peace and love, and if we have been living here for awhile?

  48. I took a picture of the moon and caught an orb going past the trees, it was a beautiful blue

  49. I was taking a photo of my son sleeping and above him were 2 big orange orbs it scared me but once I read up on it and the colouring of them it eased my mind as the orange and red orbs are spirits who are there to keep you safe as it’s a warm colour, mad how it’s all connected and how safe they can be

  50. My cousin has not long just died and every time I either take a picture or video around my aunts or mums face there’s silverish orbs around there faces and my other cousin was watching TV and thousands came out of the TV straight at her…

  51. When I was about twelve years old it was about 12:30-1:00 and I was in my bathroom on the main floor going to the bathroom with the door open (my parents were sleeping upstairs) and with my own eyes I seen a red ball of light go so steady from one end of the door opening to the other. I was petrified I had obviously never seen anything like that in my life but 2 people had died in my house, my uncle and my grandpa. The house was very spooky and I always had a feeling spirits were lingering. It’s always stuck with me and scared me.

  52. My friend was taking pictures of our ferns, and I was standing about six feet from her. In the picture was a huge pink orb about four feet to my left. It looks like a cloud of pink smoke atop of it.

    What does this mean?

  53. my Grandpa on my mom side past away before I was born and now this last year Oct. 25. My grandpa on my dad pass away. We were close so I was pretty heartbroken but now in my bedroom I see two white orbs and when my ex boyfriend broke up with me one orb turn red and other turn green. I am happy to see them but I do want them to rest in peace and not worry about me and my family.

  54. I was at work last I seen this brown orb float across the security cameras and the shelter I work in use to be woman prison back years ago

  55. So I was checking our security cameras because I haven’t done it in a couple of days n on 5/2 outside our side door a bright yellow orb floated across the porch stopped for a second than disappeared into the side of our home and as shocked as I was at what I had just seen when I played it back I also noticed one in the yard just floating in one area n than just diappeared into the air. …. reading what I have on here we are now on the alert n watching not because of the orbs but because of other things that have been happening in our home gonna be paying closer attention to the little signs

  56. I’ve seen two bright green orbs above my twin flames head with the naked eye .They were identical in size and a few centimetres apart . I am really interested to find out what these were as I’ve also seen silver as if was raining when I’ve been with him also never seen anything with anyone else .

  57. I was recording something in my house on my phone whensuddenly a blue orb began dancing around the screen but I couldnt see it with the naked eye.- learn this orb is blue meaning angelic. Maybe my guardian angel. G Gorton

  58. We were on a walk in the evening and I had just finished a drawing of an Angel. I am Artist .
    We took a few pics of ourselves by the pond.
    When I got home, I noticed an orange oval type orb over my head and then a pic with one shining on my sunglass of my left eye. It had s yellowish color in the middle. .
    I tht it was from the sun setting but it was on the wrong side of the tree we were next too so it couldn’t have been..
    I remembered my drawing had that same orange and yellow shapes around the Angel I drew!! Do amazong!!

  59. 2/23/17
    Adopted a kitten recently. I was taking video’s of my cutie and all of a sudden Orbs were flying everywhere. It is awesome. The. Colors are Blue and White. I’m changing a few things in my life and I encourage the Orbs to visit often. I will continue to open my mind and heart to my positive engeries.

  60. We took a photo yesterday and on my 3rd eye was a orange orb i felt happy and loved i wanted to post the photo but couldnt maybe i can send itbto your email and then you post it love & light xxxx

  61. I have an orb. It’s quite brite and white or silver. Any interest in having good a look. I have a few pictures of orbs, but one in particular is very vibrant.

  62. When my dad died of cancer back in 2012, I looked down at his casket and I told my family, “this isn’t like him. He won’t just leave just yet. He is going to say good bye one more time.” That night in the hotel room, I woke about at about 2am or so. I looked across the room at the wall nearest to the bathroom, and there is was a bright white orb floating 6ft off the ground. Bright like looking at a single car head light. The white orb hovered for a few seconds, then it shot off into the bathroom! Thinking it was a flash light I looked at the windows, but the drape was shut with an inch opening. I opened the door, but no one was there or walking down the hallway?

    So, I knew it was either my dad saying his last goodbyes like my intuition told me, an arch angel trying to give me support, or something reality could not explain. I’d like to think it was my dad or one of the archangels. Either way it related to my dads death, I am forever humbled and honor I was chosen to be able to see this, and I feel gifted to be one of the few to see it. It felt like winning the lottery to know that there is life after death. It was that moment that made me understand not to be afraid of death. Death is to be reborn. As long as I die to natural causes, I will welcome death with open arms.

  63. I was walking along Port Rannock beach on the Isle of Mull yesterday. I took many photographs. The wind was blowing gale force, sun out, no rain. When I returned back to my mother’s house, we looked at the photographs. To our amazement we had a green orb in the photos. One was floating above the grass, then in another picture taken at the same place the orb was floating above the rocks!! We zoomed in and it was a round tennis ball looking orb with lots of green light flowing in circles!! Very strange looking, but very interesting.

  64. wow i saw a blue orb maybe last year and im back to finding out what it is and Idk if its in my dream or in person but it just came out from behind my bed and i umped back because i was scared so being a kid was scary back then but i do would like protection as well as my friends now that shadow people are coming and now red shadow people.

  65. HiI had the same experience as one of the comments above my husband recently passed away a few months ago and we purchased a new wall muralthe other day and I decided to take pictures of it to send to my girlfriendand when I took the picture there was giant clear orb on the mural it had to be 4 foot by 4 foot round on the second picture I took before I even snap picture you could look in the Cameron there wasta white bright light and when I snapped it it came up on camera third picture had these white orbs tiny linked together and on the tips of them going around each one was a vibrant bluelight.later on that evening I decided to use my video camera and I picked up these bright blue lights that were flying around and they were coming from everywhere, they would shoot from one side of the room to the next and when I said is that you thinking it maybe my husband they came all around me what does he want if that is him what should I do please help me. also there is a very heavy overwhelming feeling down there like you can hardly breathe and my legs feel weak and you feel like you’re walking in quicksandplease respond to me as soon as popossibleThank you

  66. I was taking photos with my friends yesterday at the beach around 8ish pm and as got home to decide which one to post I see a yellow orb on my leg and then I swipe to then next one to see it was right next to me on the right, Apparently this orb colour means caution and soon ill be starting high school (year 8) so I don’t know if this is a warning, my mum keeps saying its the suns reflection but the sun is in front of me and how could the sun reflect off my leg and a bush? my Nana passed away when I was 2 and my mum and my dad said I was sleeping talking and sitting up in my bed talking to her if she were in front of me. what does this mean? she also gave me a Guardian Angel crystal.

  67. I have at times been blessed with unexplainable things that happen. I shut my front door one night 2 yrs ago hot humid night. I seen a – what i now know to be – a Orb. A bright oblong shaped, Orb. Approx a metre long and .5 metre high. Deep, it was deep, like a white/bright fog. A deep, not see through cloud of bright light. A few centimtres off the ground near the garden, 3 metres away from me. I looked for car lights, moonlight any light, i shut my eyes, i shut the door and then opened again. It was there. I ran – screeching as i went. I was freaked out, scared, curious, scared, scared, creeped out. Turned on the lights inside, and looked again outside the bright light was gone. I didnt sleep hardly for a few nights- i had the beejeebies scared out of me. Then two hours later –approx– a call came my beloved Aunty had passed. I took an opportunity to see a renowned good reputation Aust. medium, he sort off explained the Orb and it was send as comfort and if id looked into it, id be comforted. And it was a high level being- wow. Still these things still creep me out and before that night. I have had other circumstances of messages from Angels- and it still makes me uneasy. Ive taken a big step away from organised religion, some of those preaching/teaching teach opposite to what happened. Its hard, but i try for the universe, angels and god.

  68. I am deaf since my r.i.p dad I can see white/silver orbs in my bedroom and again it appears yesterday at around 3am or latest in my bedroom also
    my partner who is deaf can see why it appears & what does it mean as I can’t spell, can’t hear or feeling which is doesn’t work for me thank you

    Yours sincerely

  69. This morning I woke up early to study for a geology test and the night before I took a picture of a slide in a PowerPoint because I thought it would be beneficial. When I got up and put the camera to my face to find the picture on my phone, I saw a bright white light in my camera. I quickly pulled the camera from my face to see if it was there, and it wasn’t. I then put it back to eye level to see the same light again! I went through this action a good 10 times to make sure I wasn’t crazy, and every time the same thing showed up and then didn’t. Some crazy shit had been happening in my house the last month, and I’m just glad to know that I’m not crazy nor am I in danger. Btw it’s a small white light.

  70. So I’m an special case here any pictures of me in the dark even with group pictures white orbs are round me I have a couple of pictures me on nights out with white orbs so any experts want to take up a case I’m

  71. I have a video I would like some to take a look at for me if they know anything about orbs. I would really appreciate it. Thanks

  72. I was on my way home from rehab for alcohol, and I decided to take a picture of the sun. Actually, I took two. I only noticed in the pictures tonight an orb around the brightness of the sun, light blue in colour. In the first pic on the right side, the second the left side. The sky is kind of dark but the sun is very bright, almost white, and seems to almost have a line going though it, but curved down a tiny amount, almost looking like wings. I am sober 6 months today.
    What does this mean?

  73. My girlfriend n I were in are bedroom n she’s blue, red, white, clear orbs. And just last night she seen a shadow in are she opened the door and she felt as though she let something in.. At times it gets real hot in are bedroom, I’ve read that red orbs leave a hot intense feeling. We would like to know what does any of this mean? I would appreciate it so much if someone can Help us out with some answers.. Thank you..

  74. I have noticed orbs in my pictures recently. I have been reading online about people seeing one to several orbs in their pictures. Does anyone have hundreds of orbs in their photos? I do! So many it looks like rain. I took a picture of Troy as he was coming in the back door and there was one following him in. I haven’t photographed myself but I’m curious to see if it’s me they are drawn to because when I take pictures they are in almost every picture. I used two different cameras yesterday. I made sure they were clean even though the orbs are all in different places and different colors and sizes. I videoed also last night in pitch black with no light from my camera. They showed up as dark blue spots and they moved like white noise on a tv screen. Can anyone tell me what is going on? I honestly think it’s caused by chemtrails because I have noticed a lot of aerial activity lately. Plus on November 17, 2016, Troy and I went hunting at our hunting club in Call, Tx, we got back to the truck right at dark and hovering above the tree line was a big white light. It was so close that I kept asking Troy if he was seeing it like I was and he said yes! I couldn’t take my eyes off it for about 20 minutes. Then I looked around the rest of the sky and noticed flying crafts with blinking red lights flying back and forth. I noticed that after flying directly over me the stars would fade and then about a minute later the stars were bright and visible again. They were spraying something.

  75. A friend of mine took my photo on the side of a mountain early morning and I have 5 large reddish and orange orbs circled around me and one that is right in front of me which its colours are stronger with a wisp inside it and a 2 wisps in the background.

  76. My husband got a new I phone 5s and when you take a picture with it its live and my husband was taking picture of me and what o believe look White orb moved from back of me and touch my shoulder and then faded away can you get back to me to let me know why it was there many thanks Mrs sterry

  77. Maybe about a month before my lil brother passed away. I bright pink light we both seen hovered over me very slow. I was laying down by the way.. once it got right over my head i was able to see it perfectly i was even maybe touching it with my finger.. it lokked just like this. OO
    Six rings but closer to each other more like attached to each other. And was glowing very bright pink.. and it turned like going toward my lil bro but as soon as it wasnt over my body it disapered. never made it to my lil brother who was laying on his bed.. maybe some 4 feet away from my bed.. what does it mean.

  78. We have energy all around us, all the time… Everything you see including ourselves, at the smallest level, is energy (atoms that are the building blocks of matter, are nothing more than energy and energy can neither be created nor destroyed). I believe these orbs to be both spirits, and at times, from ourselves. We put out energy with our thoughts and so we attract things in this way. Make your thoughts and actions positive and as often as possible and all will be fine. This is the other dimensions we are seeing which is incredible! Super awesome. I get them in photos and video all the time. I wish mainstream science would put more effort into studying this. Tune in, you can answer a lot of your questions yourself…

  79. So one night I wuz takeing some pics nd I caught pics of some evil sprits and truly I knew they would be there but then when I quit talking the pics my camra on my phone wuz still going and a ball of a green shaped light came flying out my bathroom it wen back and froth from the bathroom to the living space in my mini trailer ” camper” about 3 or 4 times… Now I am possitve that there is a evil sprit that is in my bathroom closet that is very playfull on full moons and it’s hard to sleep at night …. So y did the green orb come flying out agressivly I do be leave that it wuz protechting me nd a friend. Now the grownds I live have ALOT I MEAN ALOT of evil sprits as demons old evil sprits that have died here I’ve seen them n my dreams . it wuz a old jappanes consertrion camp and the railroad tracks r litraully 10 to 15 feet away from me …. If someone could get a hold of me plz that would b GREAT! I want to know y there mess with me nightly plz… Thank you much for the info …

  80. I am quite sure this isn’t dust. I understand that phenomena with cameras but not on video and not shooting up from the floor with no flash,

  81. Hi all,
    I have been really uncomfortable lately because any time I video from my phone in my home, there are dozens and dozens of white orbs shooting in several directions. From the floor, across the room, etc.

    I just don’t understand what is going on. I do not feel threatened (but very uncomfortable) but this is really odd. What could it be? I’m being serious when I say dozens and dozens, any time I shoot video in any room of the house.

    Can you help?

  82. Purple Orbs

    Purple orbs are known to be orbs of information. As purple is a very spiritual colour, this entity could be seeking spiritual guidance, or prompting you to consider spirituality in your own life.

    Yellow orbs are thought to represent caution, so pay attention! If you notice anything unusual, or feel insecure or uncomfortable or unsafe in the area where your at then leave. The Spirit is warning you about a current situation in your life, pay attention, maybe something serious is going to happen to you, or your family or friends, so be cautious and always pay attention to your surroundings.

  83. After my grandma passed away my sister made a poster with all of her pictures so we were taking pictures of that and we saw a big white orb come right out of the picture we weren’t sure what it was but now I know she’s just trying to protect us then today I was taking a picture of my shelves for my friend and there was a white orb on the bottom of the picture and now I’m sure that she’s just here to protect me thanks for telling me that

  84. My sister has been ill with Lupus for five years she is in stage 4 and very sick she has had many Orb events they usually can be seen with the naked eye they come in many numbers especially when she is very sick they come in all colors and sometime different shapes she has had them in her TV as well or circle over her in bed they bring energy to her and uplift her she is in the hospital right now last night there were some small blue ones in her room she has also had shadow ghosts they dont bother her she feels its healing

  85. My brother took a couple of pictures one after the other of my family during a birthday and in one of the pictures there are 4 purple orbs over our heads. What could they mean? Thank you!

  86. I taken I pic and a big round blue orb is in the picture. What does this mean. I’m going through a hard time with depression I’ve had so much loss in my life and lost my cat and dog with in 2 weeks of each other last November. What do orbs mean.

  87. My husband recently passed away my son was Visio taping and there was 5or6 clear to white orbs when he got near me they scurred to me do you no why that happened

  88. Thank you for the info. I want a little more tho there are differant shaps of orbs what do they all mean or do they mean the same thing?

  89. I regularly video record my apartment and my spirit guide’s. Usually i get mainly orba that are White or greyish. 2 nights i recorded after all went to bed and got a red orb hith night’s. I read they can mean an angry or demonic spirit. I hope not. I only seem to get a red orb after the light’s are out and all are asleep.

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