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Our favourite 3 card tarot spreads and what they reveal

Three card tarot spreads are ideal for people who want a reading that is straight to the point. We may have questions about what our future could hold. However if you have a particular question you need answering, three card layouts will take out little details and gives you the vital information only. It means if you only want a short reading, it’s the perfect choice for you. There are different types of questions that suit these spreads, such as:

  • Will I get married in the next year?
  • How can I work towards success in my career?
  • Should I move abroad for a new opportunity?

Even though there are only three cards presented in this type of reading, a psychic has a variety of ways they can use them to your advantage. Don’t underestimate the power of a simple reading because it can give you solid advice that is easy to remember. Below are a few of our favourite Tarot card spreads that only use three cards.

Past, Present, Future.

This type of reading is the most popular and it gives you a look at how your life has developed so far. It enables you to look back and reflect on what you’ve learnt and how you can apply it to your future to ensure success.

For example, if your “Past” card is The Magician, it means that you have experienced a positive new beginning that has lead to projects and increased creativity. Something you wished for may have become a reality, which has made you feel energetic towards your future. If you received Ten of Cups for your “Present” card, it would mean that you have felt stable in current relationships and friendships. The card represents peace and harmony in your life, which will make you feel a wonderful sense of contentment. Finally, if you received Page of Pentacles for the “Future” card, it would mean that you could experience good news about money. It also asks you to be careful about spending too money, even if you do have a bigger budget.

You as an individual, The relationship, your partner as an individual.

This reading is an excellent choice if you would like to discover how you and your partner’s personality contributes to your current relationship. You might have individual problems that you must resolve, and this reading can help you understand them more.

For example, if the card representing “You as an individual” is The Star, it means that you bring creativity, positivity and guidance into the relationship. It reveals that you might have a gentle dominance within the relationship, so you can make sure it runs smoothly. You could be the type of person who thinks up of exciting activities to cheer your partner up after a long day, meaning you’re a fun person to be around. If the card representing “The relationship” is Four of Pentacles, it means that your relationship is stable and happy. There is trust in your partnership and it also means there is rarely any jealousy shown from either person. Finally, if the card representing “Your partner as an individual” is Three of Cups, it means that your partner may have gone through a time of healing during your relationship. They may have been struggling to trust again and may have needed to approach a new romance very slowly. The card is a tale of celebration also, so it’s likely that your partner now feels emotionally stable and happy in their relationship with you.

Where you are now, What you desire, How to get there.

This tarot card spread is great if you’re someone who finds goals very important. If you’ve been struggling for a while, and you want to find success, this will be the best spread for you. Going through this reading will allow you to analyse what you can do to get on the right path.

For example, if you choose The Hermit as a card representing “Where you are now”, it means that you are experiencing isolation from the world around you. It could be because you are planning something carefully and you could be quietly working away at this. The card also tells you that there is a possibility that you have been healing, which means you may have been disappointed in a job yet now you are planning to move forward gradually. It could be any situation where you need to have a real think about what you want before taking drastic action. If you drew the Ace of Swords for “What you desire”, it means that you want progression and success in your life. You may have experienced a delay in this area but you’re now prepared to go for it. It also suggests that is it important to keep a cool head, just in case any obstacles appear. If you received a King of Swords as your “How to get there” card, it means that you must keep your ambition in check because you may feel like giving it all up after a struggle or challenge. It is telling you to carry on with what you want and not to let other people influence you negatively. Continue your path and don’t let anything distract you.

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Which card spread is your favourite out of our three picks? Comment and let us know!

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