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Pendulum Reading: How to pick a pendulum that is best for you

If you’re looking to start pendulum reading, then choosing a pendulum is an incredibly important task! It’s not enough to just like the way a pendulum looks, but it also needs to ‘feel’ right. If you feel an instant connection when you hold the pendulum, you can be sure it’s the right one for you!

But with so many different types of pendulums available, from gemstone pendulums to metal pendulums, and even those made from wood, it can be difficult to know where to start. Our guide to choosing the best pendulum for you might help you make the big decision…

What should it be made from?

Gemstone Pendulums

Gemstones make great pendulums because they contain the energy of the stone of which they are made from. These energies can cause a pendulum to have a stronger swing, giving you clearer answers to your questions.

Many people like to use clear quartz pendulums as this crystal is associated with clarity. Amethyst pendulums are also a popular choice due to this crystal’s strong spiritual connection. If you are looking for a pendulum to help with matters of the heart, then one made from rose quartz could be perfect for you. This stone has wonderful calming properties, too.

Metal Pendulums

Metal pendulums such as those made from silver, stainless steel or chrome are also popular. Silver and copper are the most energy conductive metals available, which makes them perfect for pendulum readings, as when using a pendulum you will be working a lot with energy. Metal pendulums have strong magnetic energies which can generate a good, strong swing, giving you clearer answers.

Wood Pendulums

Wooden pendulums can be incredibly beautiful as they are usually hand carved. However, it is believed that wood does not hold energy as well, making the swing much weaker than that of metal and gemstone pendulums.

Whatever your pendulum is made from, try to choose one that is strong and sturdy, but not too heavy or light. A heavy pendulum will be more difficult to swing, and a pendulum that is too light may be too sensitive.

What should it be shaped like?

Pendulums come in all shapes and sizes, making it difficult to know which one is best. Traditionally, pendulums are shaped in a certain way to help with divination. Most will have a pointed end, as this represents the point where channelling energies are passed from you to the pendulum.

Chambered or Caged Pendulums

These pendulums will usually have a lid in which you can insert a piece of paper with thoughts and intentions of the reading, which can help you to stay focused. You can also fill the chamber of the pendulum with herbs, crystals, oils (soaked up in a tissue), or even something else that you feel connected or close to.

Teardrop Pendulums

A teardrop pendulum is perfect for the beginner. It is a very basic shape and swings easily with momentum. Shaped like a droplet of water, the narrowest part of the pendulum is at the top and the widest near the bottom.

Hexagon Pendulums

This pendulum shape is great for healing. It can be used to detect sensitive spots of the body, or to find the origin of an illness. It’s unique shape helps to find balance, union and harmony.

Sephoroton Pendulums

Sephoroton style pendulums usually have a gemstone sphere, with a metal tip, and is known to be very precise and accurate due to its high sensitivity to vibrations. This is one of the most reliable pendulums, so use it for any questions relating to love and money.

No matter what it is made from, its shape, or size, it’s important you trust your instincts when choosing a pendulum. Go with the one that feels right, one that you are drawn to and instantly feel a connection. You need to feel comfortable and at ease with your pendulum in order to get the best results from your spiritual reading!

Do you have a favourite pendulum you like to use? Let us know.


  1. What if you buy one online How can i chose then just follow My heart ? Becuase they are hard to find here

  2. please i need a pendulum that is very precise therefore sensitive and i can use to transmit thought or thought forms
    what about the radon x pendulum ?

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