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Pet Astrology: The Easy Guide That Will Improve Your Bond

It’s common knowledge that your astrological sign can be responsible for your personality traits. Many of us go through life wanting to learn more about ourselves, which is why reading about your sign is a great idea. The traits we have can change the way we interact with one another, especially if these tend to clash. It’s crazy to think that the planetary movements can help connect you to someone. When we talk and share our feelings, it helps us gain a mutual understanding, which can help sort out issues. What happens if you are trying to understand your pet a little bit more? Because animals can’t speak our language, the barrier can be a little difficult from time to time. This is why we must tap into our senses and think about what they are showing us. Did you know that they can be influenced by their astrological sign just as much as we are? Read about your pet’s traits according to their star sign and discover how to bond with them!


This pet can be rather bossy, only because they want to get going as often as possible. Instead of wanting to relax and take a time out, this pet will want to exercise and have fun all the time. An Aries pet is great for a family with children because they will suit the playful atmosphere. They are always wanting to learn and will want to take part in as many activities as possible. At first, their stubborn nature might be tricky to get past if you are teaching them different tricks. After they know the score on the door, they’ll want to be the limelight so that all attention is on them. If you know that they have a favourite place to visit, only take them when they’ve behaved. It will be very easy for this pet to have you wrapped around their little paw pad. This all the more of a reason why you should only reward them once they’ve shown you they can behave.

Points to remember about an Aries pet:

1. They will try and be in charge so let them know who is the boss.
2. It might take them a while to get the hang of tricks.
3. This astrological sign will be the happiest when they can play (which is what makes them an excellent family dog).


If your pet is born under the sign of Taurus, you might notice how down to earth they are. When they are close to their loved ones, it will transform their mood.  More often than not, they’ll want nothing more than to sit with you for cozy cuddles in front of the fireplace. If there is a sign that loves the finer things in life, it’s a Taurus pet. They won’t enjoy eating plain foods, which is why you might need to excite them a little bit more. Instead of shop bought treats, they’ll love homemade baked bites that have a little more flavour. Never forget to give this pet a cuddle, or else they’ll think they’ve done something wrong.

Points to remember about a Taurus pet:

1. They will absolutely love to cuddle and get comfortable with you. But make sure they have their own special bed, otherwise they’ll never get away from yours!
2. They love treats and will often want them so make sure you keep an eye on balancing their diet.
3. If you can, bring a Taurus pet around lots of people because they’ll adore the constant affection.


The sign of Gemini is represented by the twins, which can mean your pet will have two very different personalities. With this sign, a pet can change from being extremely loving to pushing their luck. Don’t be surprised if when you cuddle this pet, that they suddenly jump up, wanting you to take part in a tug of war. Even if you have a Gemini dog that is small, they won’t be afraid to play fight with the biggest dog breeds they can find. Incredibly mischievous and playful, you will need to teach them how to calm down at a moment’s notice. This should be an easy task if attempted from a young age due to their desire to communicate and learn.

Points to remember about a Gemini pet:

1. Learn how to deal with their mood swings (especially when they are being cheeky, trying to eat all the dog treats).
2. Teach them from a young age how to communicate with you by using different commands and hand gestures.
3. Make sure they have lots of toys that will distract them from the sofa or carpet when they are in a silly mood.


The astrological sign of Cancer is typically a sensitive one, which is something to keep in mind. This sign can often be clingy, which is why they’ll hate being in their bed at a time where everyone is awake. They want to be part of everything and be upset if you leave them out. You should only put this pet in their bed when they have been naughty, otherwise they’ll get very upset. You might notice how loyal they are to many different objects and even people. If a person visits your home, don’t be surprised if your pet greets them with their toy as a friendly hello. Due to their emotional side, they can tell straight away when someone is unhappy, which makes them great at cheering people up.

Points to remember about a Cancer pet:

1. They can be a little too sensitive at times and might cry if you tell them off.
2. This pet will be excellent at understanding emotions, which makes them protective.
3. They can be clingy so cuddle them as much as you can and if possible, not leave them at home alone for too long.


This sign loves nothing more than roaming around outside, regardless of the weather. They don’t suit being stuck indoors because it can leave them feeling very down and under the weather. This pet will love to socialise as much as possible. When you take them to a park, they will want to say hello to every single dog and might even play with them. If they had it their way, they would be the master, not the other way round. When this pet is young, you must teach it who is the boss so that they don’t try and push you around. They will pride themselves on how they look, so take them for regular grooming. This will be right up their street because they’ll be able to show everyone else just how glorious they are.

Points to remember about a Leo pet:

1. Try and get them out of the house as much as possible.
2. Let them socialise from a young age; it will only improve their communication later on in life
3. Take them to get groomed at least once every two months so they can feel their absolute best.


Many pets will like to get messy in the park or at home, but you must know, a Virgo pet is the complete opposite. This can work wonderfully well if you prefer your home to look spotless. For toys and different dog accessories, make sure you keep a wicker basket in the corner of the room for them. Better yet, teach your dog this basket’s purpose so they know to tidy their toys up when you ask. They will love to learn this trick and many others because this sign always aims to please. Easy to train and extremely upbeat, they will be excellent around children. If a child is playing with them, they will always look out for them. It will be difficult not to snap if their ears get pulled, yet they know how to behave well.  It’s good to know that this pet will love baths, too. Even if they don’t get mucky in the park, a little bath will be highly enjoyable for them.

Points to remember about a Virgo pet:

1. They don’t like their space to be too cluttered or crowded.
2. This pet will always want to please, so teach them lots of tricks and commands.
3. Virgo pets will be like “Nana” out of Disney’s Peter Pan because of how great they are around children.


This pet will be a very easy going on and will suit all types of people. This pet will want a crazy adventure but will also enjoy days lounging around.  This sign can be very indecisive which is why surrounding them with a lot of toys can confuse the hell out of them! When you return home, they’ll get so excited that they will frantically search for the best toy to show you. Libra pets will have endless amounts of enthusiasm and are the types to get you ready for an incredible day. This sign isn’t too protective, which means they will suit being around another pet in the house.

Points to remember about a Libra pet:

1. They can either chill out or go bonkers.
2. Libra pets will show you a lot of love, affection and enthusiasm.
3. This pet can happily share a home with another dog.


If your pet is a Scorpio, you may have already noticed that they love doing their own thing. They march to the beat of their drum and can completely ignore you, or even isolate themselves from you. If you want this pet to behave, they might blatantly ignore what you are saying to them. Don’t be fooled- this pet is extremely intelligent and can turn on “selective hearing” whenever they want. This is why you will need to sort out this behaviour early on, making sure they know how to obey your orders. When they want to isolate themselves, it’s only because they want a little time to themselves. If you are sat watching TV and they wander off, it’s their way of saying they want to be on their own for a bit, so don’t take this personally!

Points to remember about a Scorpio pet:

1. They can be extremely intelligent
2. This pet will like to be the master so do everything in your power to stop them believing they are.
3. Let them have their independence and peace so put a secondary bed in an isolated room like a utility room.


A Sagittarius pet is a fire sign, meaning they have a big, bright spark to show off. Keep these pets occupied, otherwise they will become bored very quickly. This is a sign that wants be active as much as possible, meaning they are often best suited to the great outdoors. A pet like this will hate being indoors for too long, especially in a home that doesn’t have any garden to run around. Make sure you have many different toys for them to play with and interact with them a lot. When it comes to affection, they see activity as quality time, not cuddling. Try not to take it personally if you pet isn’t interested in endless naps with you on the sofa, they still love you!

Points to remember about a Sagittarius pet:

1. Keep them entertained often throughout the day.
2. Try and keep them away from a city lifestyle- they enjoy the country much better to run around in.
3. Accept that they might not ever be a couch potato.


Capricorns are the sign of the zodiac that are naturally hardworking. They love to work hard, play hard and nothing much in between. Give this pet little tasks to complete if you can, because it will allow them to show how much they want to impress you. If there is a dog that can be trained to get a drink out of the fridge, it’s a Capricorn pet. As an Earth sign, they are very good at communicating how they feel. It will be very easy to tell if they are upset or happy by their facial expressions. One thing to keep in mind about this pet is that they prefer a routine. If you take them out for a walk every day at 3 o’clock, they’ll remember because they get so excited. If you start to muddle up their day, it will confuse them so much that they won’t enjoy themselves as much.

Points to remember about a Capricorn pet:

1. They make excellent working dogs, especially if you work in the outdoors.
2. As an owner, it will be easy to understand this pet’s emotions because they are very expressive.
3. Try not to mess up their healthy routine. They like being comfortable and aren’t very good with change.


Entirely different to Capricorn’s need for routine, an Aquarius dog loves variety and change. If things get a little predictable, it will irritate them. You might pick a certain park that is close to your home, but it’s a good idea to try and take them to others as often as you can. Put this pet in the back of your car for a road trip and they’ll be wagging that tail nonstop. They are the natural explorers of the world and will make an ultimate companion. Take your dog on different countryside trails to bond with them through exercise and travel. If your friends and family meet this pet, many of them will comment on how wonderful they are to get on with. Forever charming and happy-go-lucky, this star sign is an excellent choice if you want a best friend pooch.

Points to remember about an Aquarius pet:

1. This pet can get bored very easily- they dislike routine.
2. They want to join you on every adventure.
3. An Aquarius pet is often upbeat, so show this side of you too and they’ll be extremely happy!


The sign of the Pisces is one that’s intuitive to feelings. If you have a pet that is born under this sign, they will always want to look out for your well-being. This incredible trait makes them very good at being therapy dogs because they can often spot an emotion brewing and help calm someone down. As a water sign, they love to be near it as much as possible. Taking your dog to the beach for a grand day out is their idea of absolute paradise. They love to swim, relax and play in warm environments, which is why they are brilliant pets to take on holiday. Pisces pets can also be rather clumsy, so if there is an expensive decorative accessory in your home, make sure it’s out of their reach. This sign will never ever mean any harm however, they can accidentally knock things over a lot and make a mess!

Points to remember about a Pisces pet:

1. Allow them to look after your wellbeing and let them cuddle you when you’re upset. They’ll be happy to do it.
2. They adore a seaside or lake, so take them to either on weekends for days out.
3. Remember their ditzy side and hide fragile items away from them.

What sign is your pet and do they have any of these personality traits? Let us know and comment!

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