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Pisces Astrological Profile


Today is the official start pf the Pisces birthday season, so Happy Birthday to all of you who have a birthday during this time. Here at Wishing Moon, we like celebrating star signs and each month we write an in-depth profile, so you can gain a deeper understanding of the personality traits your sign is best known for. Below you could discover that you are more connected to your sign than you thought. We hope you enjoy reading your profile.


Pisces is the 12th (and final) sign of the zodiac. The element that rules this sign is water and is depicted by two fish that together make a yin and yang shape. This sign is known as the dreamer of the zodiac because they are very idealistic and hopeful throughout their lives. Even when they are experiencing a negative time in their life, they like to look for the silver lining and believe karma will follow as a reward for being a good person. Emotional and empathetic, they connect with others through how they feel. This sign is incredible at picking up how people feel and love to try and cheer friends up who are having a bad day. Pisces focus on their feelings too but sometimes in a very negative way. They are guilty of beating themselves up way too much in life. If a Pisces makes one mistake in life, they’ll never forgive themselves for it, which can lead to depression and anxiety. What a Pisces needs to learn is that no one is perfect and it’s ok to have flaws. If a Pisces supported themselves like they do to everyone else, they’d be much happier.

A very positive trait of Pisces is that they are the healer of the zodiac. If someone isn’t well, they will be the first person to run to their rescue. The same goes for animals. A Pisces sign is going to be someone who loves animals and almost treats them as if they are small children. Charity work with animals is something a Pisces will happily do throughout their lives. God forbid if they ever see a three-legged dog because they’ll be signing the adoption papers straight away so they could take it home for unlimited cuddles. They want everyone around them to be happy, which is why they will go out of their way to ensure this. It’s important that Pisces are shown the same from others or it will make a Pisces feel very unworthy of love. If you know a Pisces, it would be a great idea to do small things for them to show your appreciation.

People born under the sign of Pisces are also very creative. Someone born under this sign may take to music, art or writing like a fish to water. It’s vital for them to have this creative outlet in their lives, especially if their job doesn’t require this talent. Writing music is an excellent way for this sign to get in tune with their emotions, so they should think about trying it out if they haven’t already. When a Pisces gets older, they might even take up hobbies such as crafts or gardening so that they can make the world around them a much prettier place. If family surrounds this sign, they should all expect cute, handmade gifts as birthday or Christmas presents. A person born under this sign will love anything related to water, which means they love nothing more than soaking up the sun on a beautiful, tropical beach. Because of this, they might be severely affected by the winter blues and could be in need of regular holidays.


In relationships, Pisces can be notorious for jumping into the deep end very, very quickly. While their family members might warn them of this, a Pisces just won’t listen. It won’t be a surprise if a Pisces has rushed a relationship way before they are ready. Doing this can result in a sudden panic where they could break something off without even considered how the other person feels. They don’t mean to cut and run but if their emotions get muddled, they’ll just want to break free. It’s best for this sign to take one step at a time because they might also become very committed with someone yet learn facts about them they don’t like later on. A Pisces is a very idealistic character, so they tend to ignore red flags, even when they are popping up all over the place. Love makes this sign ignore the negatives sides of people which can later come back to haunt them, especially if they’ve ended up getting engaged to the wrong person. If a friend has packed their bags and left town with a bad boy on the back of a motorbike, it’s probably a Pisces.

Once a Pisces waits and finds the right partner for them, they will be someone who wants nothing more than to shout their love from the rooftops. They are very sensitive and can sometimes have a huge lack of confidence, which is why it’s important that a partner can be there to convince them otherwise. Sure, words of affirmation might get a bit tiring for a partner, but it’s essential that a Pisces feels loved. A Pisces does like the finer things in life but it’s not entirely necessary for them. Eternal love is much more important to them than a big diamond ring or a fancy car, so make sure you don’t just buy them guilt presents if you do something wrong. A personalised gift is the best present a partner can give to their partner because it shows they’ve thought about the type of person they are.


Lucky Colours: Turquoise, Pale Blue, Pale Green, Lilac

Lucky Number: 3, 7, 12, 16, 21, 25, 30

Lucky Day: Monday

Lucky Fragrances: Ginger, Rose, Lily

Lucky Stones: Aquamarine, Agate, Topaz

Love Matches: Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio

Ruling Planet: Neptune.


It’s important to a Pisces that their job helps people around them. It is why they can make amazing counsellors, doctors, vets and teachers. If there is ever a problem, a Pisces can iron it out with their calm, ethical ways. If they ever go down the teacher or counsellor, they will like to concentrate on the people who struggle the most so they can help them get back on track. Seeing someone change their life for the better will fill this sign full of joy. They would make excellent vets because they love animals so much and want to be surrounded by them, even if that animal isn’t their own. Giving good news to people is what makes them tick, so all of the careers above is what will suit them most.

Are you born under the sign of Pisces? If so, Happy Birthday! We hope you have enjoyed your star sign profile. If this doesn’t sound like you, take a look at your Moon Sign instead. The Moon sign is calculated according to the precise time of day you were born so the result could surprise you. You might be born under the sign of Pisces, yet your Moon sign could be something else.  If you would like to calculate your moon sign, click here. Check back on our blog for our star sign guide every month that could be good to look at for your Moon sign if yours is different!

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