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The growing popularity of mediums

Since the credit crunch hit us, a recent study suggested that people in the UK are the least happiest people in Europe. The study was measured against various factors such as job satisfaction, home life and financial security.

The same study announced that more people across the UK are depressed than ever before. This may be linked to research that the popularity of mediums, clairvoyants and tarot readers has also increased in the past few years, suggesting many people are actually turning to these people for guidance and support through what is quite clearly a difficult time for the UK.

Mediums have been around for many hundreds of years but it is only more recently, with the documentation of many famous mediums on television that has caused more people to find out about clairvoyants and book appointments to go and have psychic readings.

One person commented, “Life is difficult for many people but more recently families have been hit hard and you wonder if there is ever a way out, particularly financially. I decided to see a psychic because I wanted some guidance and I felt I needed to see some light at the end of the tunnel. Luckily I found a medium who worked close by to where I live and I was really pleased with the psychic reading. I got some interesting points out of it and it made me see the bigger picture, realising that this bad spell wouldn’t last much longer. I am so glad I went to see a medium and I would recommend others to, as well.”

Television shows such as Most Haunted and The Sixth Sense document many instances of peoples lives been touched by a medium. The shows are aired on prime time TV and this may also have gone some way towards the rise of people visiting mediums and psychics in the past few years.