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Ways to pay:

Spell To Reconcile Differences

These can be between yourself and another, or between two other people. If you decide to work this for somebody else, bear in mind that you might be interfering in others’ lives so tread carefully!

This is a spell that takes place over several days, but is started in your ‘Sacred Space’ (Circle). You will need either a picture of the persons or pieces of wood representing each person. Matchsticks with the initials of the persons are fine.

In your Sacred Space (Circle), call your late relative to witness the formal names of both parties. Take the first matchstick and holding it up, say, “I name this (say whatever the name is) by EARTH, AIR, FIRE, and WATER before thee (name your late relative). This is (name the person represented by the match). Blessed Be .”

As you say these words, visualise each Element as you name it, so take your time.

Then repeat the same thing again with the other matchstick, using the other person’s name.

Take three pieces of stone or rock and place evenly as obstacles between the two named matchsticks. Leave them where they will be undisturbed for three days and nights. This completes the part that you will work in the Circle.

On each of three successive days, draw the two matchsticks closer together, removing each obstacle as they get closer so that at last they meet and all the ‘obstacles’ have been removed.

Remove the ‘obstacles’ and bury them in the ground. Leave the named matchsticks together for a further three nights, and bury them in soft ground far away from the ‘obstacles’. This spell is then completed.