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Relationship Psychic Readings

Our relationship psychics understand the trauma that relationship problems and break-up’s cause, we are here to help you get through your tough time.

We understand that the first few weeks are the hardest as at this time very often you can’t think of anything or anyone else but your ex. We understand that the pain you are feeling is excruciating and very real.

Friends and family can come across as unfeeling they tend to say things like “pull yourself together” or the other old chestnut “there’s plenty more fish in the sea”, if only it was that easy! It’s not that they don’t care about you, quite the reverse in fact they are trying to help you, sometimes those closest to you will not tell you the truth again it’s only because they don’t want to hurt you. It’s normal to have low self-esteem

Feeling vulnerable and unattractive is another expected symptom. Now is not a good idea to rush out and change your appearance drastically… don’t go on a starvation diet in the hopes of losing two stone in two days, just in case your hair colour or the fact that you were carrying a few extra pounds was the reason he/she left you.

You will not be able to cope with this kind of pressure, wait until you are feeling stronger and more in control of your emotions.

Don’t whatever you do measure yourself against your ex’s new partner…feelings of inadequacy will tear you apart…don’t do it you are worth more that this.

Denial will cause you to ring/text your ex many times in the hope that he/she will change their minds. Don’t do it, many of us have looked back at our actions with embarrassment and regret.

Anger and temper tantrums are to be expected. Don’t try to get back at your ex revenge is not sweet. Take your anger out at the gym or in the garden, you’ll be surprised at how good it feels to attack the weeds.Feeling isolated and alone can lead us to act irrationally and start up relationships just to blot out the loneliness.Don’t rush into a new relationship on the rebound. Start up your social life again. Getting involved with group activities and meeting up with friends will help you to rebuild your confidence.

No one can say how long it will take for the pain to ease as we are all different but it will ease eventually.

You will fall in love again. When you do try to learn from the mistakes of the past. Take things slowly and learn to become friends before you become lovers then you will be able to love with all your heart again.

Our relationship readers are empathic and sensitive people, who will, listen, understand, support you and tell you the truth so that you will be able to get your life back on track.