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Rising Signs Explained

Sometimes it can be so off putting to read your horoscope and think that this just 100% completely does not relate to yourself or your current circumstance. It makes the whole experience of horoscopes feel like one big dupe, and whether you believe in the truth behind astrology profiling or not, reading a horoscope that doesn’t appear to relate to you can leave you feeling deeply deceived.

The reason that your horoscope may be inaccurate is simply because your sun sign (zodiac) acts as umbrella energy for all of those born in the time of the year where the sun is  aligned with that particular constellation. By determining your rising sign you can gather a much more accurate zodiac reading which will make much more sense to you and your personality.

What is a rising sign?

Your rising sign (sometimes known as your ascendant sign) is the sign which rises in the east at the exact moment of your birth.

Rising signs give greater insight into how the environment and conditioning that our younger selves will be / have been influenced by having noticeable effects on the way which we present ourselves to the public eye through character and style choices. The closer that your ascendant sign is to your sun sign in the zodiac chart, then the stronger you will feel the affects of that sign in your day to day life. Your rising sign also gains strength over your Sun sign if you were born in the night hours or towards the beginning of your Sun signs retrograde.

Your rising sign is calculated by using the date and time of your birth and can be found by using the chart below.

rising signSource


What does my Rising Sign mean?

Just like the other forms of signs in the Zodiac, Rising Signs fall into the elemental categories of Earth, Fire, Water and Air and each hold their own unique personality personality traits. The astrological profiles of a rising sign and a sun sign are identical to each other, but understanding how your rising sign effects you means understanding the traits of that sign. Below is a brief overview of each of the Rising sign traits, however to find out more about your rising signs astrological profile click the links provided….

Aries – Those born during the rising sign of Aries live life in the fast lane. Quick to react to emotion, a rising Aries will always look to move past obstacles and thoughts of anger will disappear and be replaced with forgiveness easily. Determination and optimism are an Aries’ strongests character traits.

Taurus – Taurus rising shows signs of loyalty within an individual. A Taurus loves the finer things in life; food, comfort and material goods are all pleasures which those born under the Taurus sign will enjoy. Having a nature which means that they need to feel safe and secure Taurus’ will not often take the lead and can be stubborn when something challenges their own comforts.

Gemini – The sign of the twin shows duality in all that they do making those born during Gemini rising exceptionally clever and quick witted. A Gemini rising has the ability to evaluate a story effectively from both sides usually remaining unbiased in discussions and are brilliant at taking on multiple tasks as a time.

Cancer – Shy and sensitive, those born during Cancer rising can become quite moody at times especially when taken away from where they feel most at home. Often choosing comfort over trends, Cancer’s are home proud and practical making excellent chiefs when their mind is put towards it.

Leo – Larger than life, those born during Leo rising hold very daring personalities. Often described as being bold and courageous Leo’s can possess a lot of confidence, however many Leo’s remain humble about their achievements and focus their vibrant energy on changing the mood of a negative situation.

Virgo – Those born during Virgo rising always aim to create the best first impressions. Presenting themselves elegantly and with a reserved nature Virgo’s are very aware of the situations which surround them and struggle to understand and accept any flaws. A Virgo rising will be very health cautious and at times anxious and are in need of good, kind people to surround themselves with.

Libra – Those born during Libra rising are amongst some of the most charismatic people you will meet. Always up for an adventure, a Libra loves to be free, yet their indecisive nature can lead to unsteady paths ahead. Finding it easy to break away from things which leave them unhappy, a Libra can sometimes become destructive to the emotions of others and themselves.

Scorpio – Scorpio rising shows extremely hard working and driven personalities with a high success rate in what they do. Whilst it would be uncommon for a Scorpio to let you down, people are often wary of Scorpio’s because of their deeply intense nature. This however is of no concern to a Scorpio whose self worth is based off of achievement and will do what it takes to protect themselves.

Sagittarius  – Known for being the adventurer that they are those born during Sagittarius rising love to explore making great story tellers. Freedom, culture and travel is of utmost importance to a Sagittarius and they love to express their love of these things through how they present themselves.

Capricorn – People born during Capricorn rising hold strong traits of responsibility, making them great mentors. Their sense of compassion also means that a Capricorn will never stand by and watch someone struggle and will instead offer a helping hand. Thinking less of themselves and their achievements a Capricorn needs to be reminded of how brilliant they truly are.

Aquarius – Unusual and unique those born during Aquarius rising are accepting of all types of people and ideas. Wherever help is needed those born under the sign of aquarius will never be too far away to help those who need it.

Pisces – People born during Pisces rising are sensitive yet creative, meaning that they hold many idealistic views and opinions which may at times leave them vulnerable. However, a pisces has the ability to adapt well to a new environment and strives to see the silver lining in a negative circumstance.

Your Rising Sign Explained

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