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Same Star Signs In Love

When two people fall in love, it’s a wonderful thing, especially if you grow more compatible as the days go on. At the very beginning of relationships, we tend to show the sides of ourselves that we think people want to see and it’s only until later on that people discover hidden traits. For example, many Virgos can look as if they try to control relationships due to their perfectionism, however, after a while their partner could realise this is because they care too much about it working. After a long period of time, a Virgo could open up and reveal a very relaxed side of their personality that is warmer than people anticipate. This can happen to any person in any relationship, meaning that traits we might be attracted to could pop out of nowhere from a partner.

However, when we look at star signs, many believe that each sign has key characteristics that could determine whether a two signs are destined to work well with each other in a relationship. It’s said that the key is to find the ying to your yang, meaning that certain star signs could bring something to the relationship that you lack and visa-versa. Others say that when you are looking for a partner, it’s a good idea to have a look at those that are the best suited and what your star sign expects a loving relationship to be like. On the other hand, regardless of star signs, many relationships could stand the test of time or not work at all. There are only two ways it can go!

This is where Sun Sign compatibility comes into the mix. If you share the same Sun sign, this means you are both born during a particular time, such as under Gemini’s sign (May 21st- June 20th) or within any other sign. This is said to not be the best match because it’s seen as two of the same jigsaw pieces that just don’t fit, no matter how hard you try. However, we think there can be ways that you and your partner can have an amazing relationship if you are the same sign and below, you can read what couple is like together.


Aries  Aries Couple  Aries

When two people in a relationship are born under the sign of Aries, the combination can be very fiery and passionate, which is fantastic! The sign of Aries is often very independent and these people like their own space, no matter how much they love someone else. If two Aries start a relationship, they can happily agree on the fact that they need their own space to pursue hobbies and different interests. If an Aries couple end up living together, they should make sure that they have their own little room, such as a home office so they can escape there for a couple of hours and have time on their own.
With this relationship, there will be problems linking to dominance because the both people will want to be the one who has the upper hand. With two fire signs, they will need to learn how both people can have a dominant trait without driving each other up the wall. If they start to feel as if they are boiling up, it’s advised that they just exit the situation by doing something else, like taking a short walk. Instead of adding fuel to the fire, it’s best that two people under this sign both learn to agree to disagree when there is a bump in the road. Other than this, this combination can expect to have a huge sexual tension that is simply irresistible, which makes for an incredibly romantic relationship.


Taurus Taurus Couples Taurus

With two partners that are born under the sign of Taurus, it’s most likely that the both people will have a taste for the finer things in life. Everything has to be of a high quality which means this couple will experience some lovely times together, such as luxury trips away and nights that involve delicious food. It’s very common for a Taurus to be a foodie and with two of them, we can expect a fridge to be packed full of amazing cheeses and wines that will make any food lover green with envy. Two people of this sign can clash often due to their mutual “stubbornness” that comes with the Bull-like personality but once it is understood how to work past it, the relationship will be blissful.
When they are both with each other, they like to opt for a relationship that is kept behind closed doors and a Taurus relationship isn’t one with smooching each other in a restaurant. Instead, they leave that for when they return home.
One challenge these two born under this sign will have is money problems. Because these two will like the luxuries in life, it’s very easy for them to egg each other on when it comes to buying fancy things. For example, a Taurus couple could have four cars when there is only two of them. This couple will need to whittle down what they REALLY need instead of driving themselves into debt.


Gemini Gemini Couple Gemini

If two people in a relationship are both Geminis, this will be one hell of a quirky relationship. Instead of the Gemini sign being twins, with two people born under this sign, it will transform into a quadruple dynamic, which can be rather complex. If both people have two very different sides of their personality, it can be a minefield for them figuring each other out. This can be very tricky, however, it makes the relationship very interesting and there will never be a dull moment between these two. At the beginning of the relationship, these two Geminis will probably stay chatting all night long, getting to know the ins and outs of each other’s lives and how they’ve grown up. Because people born under this sign are very talkative, it’s important that you both speak equal amounts without interruptions. A Gemini is often very passionate when they are talking about something and they can forget that a conversation is between two people and that it’s polite to let someone else speak for a bit. In a relationship, they’ll connect mentally very well but must allow each other to share opinions. For a Gemini couple to really survive, they need to be able to communicate very well.


Cancer Cancer Couple Cancer

When two people born under the sign of Cancer fall in love, the relationship can be absolute bliss! In their lives, Cancer signs love surrounding themselves with home comforts and at the end of the each working day, they will find a way to unwind and find peace within themselves such as taking a walk in the park or having a bubble bath. They adore putting their passions into hobbies and interests, meaning that when a Cancer falls in love, their partner will be their highest priority. Many people born under this sign will feel very rejected if a partner doesn’t do the same or if they are a little too independent. If someone can last two weeks without missing their partner if they’re away, for a Cancer, this relationship isn’t right. However, when two people share this sign and they have a romantic relationship, they will be fully involved with each other from the get-go. Watching movies wrapped up in bed and calling each other cute names is what it’s all about for a Cancer couple and their love is like something from a romantic blockbuster. The only thing a couple like this will need to keep in mind is how much they disconnect themselves from friends and family. They need to be careful not to neglect everything else in their lives!


Leo Leo Couple Leo

People born under the sign of Leo like to be reminded that they are loved. They need to know it and feel it for a relationship to last. There’s no point in a Leo being with a partner who never tells them they look nice because this sign works hard to look nice for someone they are attracted to. With two lions, they’ll be a lot of affection and loyalty shown to each other, meaning that once two Leos fall in love, they like to shower one another with gifts and compliments. With many fire sign couples, the romantic spark is absolutely off the charts and that honeymoon period will last for years. In a loving relationship, you can expect this couple to be constantly learning about how each other tick. More information about one another could be revealed later on, which can bring plenty of good surprises. Something a Leo couple must watch out for is confident issues and by that we mean having too much of it. Both Leos will have to learn to push their ego to one side if they don’t want to hurt their partner. Phrases such as “You’re so lucky to have me!” in an argument could be like salt in the wound especially if the other Leo tries just as hard in the relationship. Put away the claws and chat about your arguments instead of fighting about it.


Virgo  Virgo Couple Virgo

Virgos are known as perfectionists and they expect to have this in a relationship. Even though this sign is incredibly accepting, they can nitpick at the tiniest things when it comes to their partners. If a Virgo is going on a date and someone shows up wearing some mucky shoes, they’ll metaphorically boot them out of the door, never to be seen again! Not many people understand why this is so important but to a Virgo, making an effort is an absolute must. If someone looks lazy, it won’t go down well.
When two Virgos meet and start dating, they will both share the desire for things to run smoothly without any bumps in the road. They will both pay close attention to their image and making Virgos one of the signs that will never let themselves go. The constant need for everything to be perfect can create problems out of nowhere. If a romantic relationship is fantastic between two Virgos, chances are they will worry about it going sour. When this happens, both Virgos will need to step away and apply their concentration to something other than the relationship itself. Both people will need to spend some time apart and help others. If they both worry all the time, the whole relationship will be based on anxiety, which is the opposite way it should go. Be open and honest but also try not to be negative about something that doesn’t even exist.


Libra Libra Couple Libra

When two Libras join forces in a relationship, they will do everything they can to make each other feel comfortable. A Libra will never point out a negative trait to a partner unless they absolutely have to. Most likely, they will accept it and move on. Sure, someone might have a really annoying habit but if they can put it behind them, sooner enough, they won’t even notice anymore. At the beginning of a relationship together, these two will want to find out as much as possible about each other, meaning the relationship will almost be like an open book that they can both lose themselves in. Taking part in creative activities will be fantastic for this couple because their bouncy personalities will need some sort of fun outlet. One of the problems two Libras will face is the fact that neither can make their minds up.. about anything! Even going out for dinner can take ages because both people won’t mind where they go and won’t be able to put their foot down and decide. This problem can develop into bigger issues, such as deciding whether to get married or have children. If both are sat on the fence about making the next step, the relationship could stay in the same zone for decades. Both of these people will really have to think about what they want and communicate this to each other so that a plan can flourish.


Scorpio Scorpio Couple Scorpio

A relationship between two Scorpio signs is built around emotions and just like their water sign, the feelings will flood and it will be hard for them to keep it in. People born under the sign of Scorpio absolutely love expressing themselves whenever they get the chance to and they hate feeling as if they cannot be themselves. They will need someone who is fully accepting of their traits (both good and bad) for them to feel fully comfortable. When two Scorpios meet, they can quickly realise how much they like each other, making them want to shout the good news from the rooftops. Some people might hate this type of partnership, but Scorpios absolutely love it. Romantic days out and holding hands at the dinner table are examples of what make them smile. Who cares what other people think? A relationship is meant to be sweet and playful! A problem this couple could encounter is that even though they speak their minds about the positives, they will do exactly the same about the negatives. A sting in their tail could mean many harsh words are said to each other, which could make each person believe they are not loved in the slightest! Instead of dishing out the nasty words that can’t be taken back, sit down and talk through the issues when you face them.


Sagittarius Sagittarius Couple Sagittarius

When two people under this sign combine, the relationship is absolutely jam packed full of adventure that never ends. Even a day out to the supermarket can turn into some sort of fun game for this couple and other people outside of this partnership will admire the ability these two have to make each other laugh. A lot of people born under the sign can find it difficult to open to up other people who are different, however, when they are dating someone of their own sign, everything just clicks! A couple like this will often be signed up to different travel websites to find the latest offers for their next adventure. Staying and living in the same place all their lives isn’t an option because they want to experience a life together that involves moving around as much as possible. Creative and visionary, they will always find something to do to spice up a boring day and get it going. A problem that this couple can face is when they both believe they are right about a situation that has no facts and is completely based on emotion. For example, if a partner believes the other person isn’t being caring, regardless of whether that’s true, they will fight, fight and fight some more to try and prove their case. Instead, it’s best to stop focusing on the rights and wrongs and just come to a peaceful understanding.


Capricornus Capricorn Couple Capricornus

If there is a couple that will most likely go into business together, it’s a Capricorn couple. Both very hardworking and always wanting to be productive, if two people born under this sign learn skills in their spare time, they will be as happy as ever. Even if it’s a cooking class that can teach them how to make a new dish, learning that new skill can make a Capricorn feel accomplished with their day. Sometimes, Capricorns can save a lot of money and forget about enjoying the moment. There may have been many times where this sign will feel as if they can’t afford a night out, simply because they need to pop that £50 away for someone they’re going to buy in the next five years. When a couple are both Capricorns, they will find it very hard to enjoy their money and take the time to play. If they tire themselves out too much by trying to do too much, they can become very irritable with each other. Instead of worrying all the time about not doing enough, you should learn how to relax and enjoy a romantic relationship.


Aquarius Aquarius Couple Aquarius

People born under the sign of Aquarius will often be running around, trying to look after people and pick up the pieces others have dropped. For example, in work and at home, if something goes wrong, they are the one who restores the peace and puts everything back together again, which is a fantastic trait. The only problem is this is that they can barely find time for themselves, let alone a relationship, which is why when two people are born under the sign of Aquarius come together, they will need to make sure they book in some quality time. One thing that is fantastic about two people of this sign falling in love is that it is going to be a very, very unique relationship. Nothing bores an Aquarius more than being like everyone else. If this couple lives together, expect to find very quirky decorative accessories and pictures from their crazy adventures together. These two will keep each other forever young, always on the look out to have fun and learn even more about each other during the process. The only thing they need to do is schedule time to do this so they don’t miss out on the qualities of life together.


Pisces Pisces Couple Pisces

Imaginative, creative and caring, a Pisces relationship is one of romance novels. After a Pisces has experienced romance that is unequal and hurtful, once they meet their other fish, they won’t believe how lucky they are to have found them. People often look at the negatives at life, but this isn’t the case with emotional Pisces. This sign wants to focus on the positives that will (and can) happen if they try hard enough. This sign cares very deeply for other people and they love to show this side of their personality. If a Pisces loves someone, that person will always know exactly where they stand because this sign won’t hold their feelings back.
When it comes to a Pisces couple, they won’t play games such as waiting hours to text each other back. Two people born under this sign will agree that if something makes you happy, you should do it and that involves diving into an exciting relationship. One lesson a Pisces couple must learn is that people don’t always need to be saved and this applies to each partner. If a partner wants to resolve something by themselves, they need to let them get on with it and stop acting as if it’s their job to fix the problem. Once Pisces can learn to give the other person a little more freedom to learn from their own mistakes, the better the relationship will be.



What did you think of these different sun sign couples? Comment below and let us know if you and your partner are the same sign!

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