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Self Improvement for Taureans

Each sign of the zodiac has positive and negative traits and the Taurus sign is no different. Taureans are very dependable, persistent, loyal and generous people. But they can also be lazy, stubborn, possessive and materialistic.

As we’re slap bang in the middle of the Taurus sign we thought we’d take a closer look at some personality traits and how Taurens can work to improve themselves.

Too shy around strangers

The great thing about Taureans is that they make excellent friends, however they can be extremely shy around strangers which can mean they can struggle in social situations when surrounded by people they don’t know.  If you struggle overcoming this anxiety there are several things you can do to try and help yourself. Meditation can help with this – try breathing exercises once a day in the comfort of your own home and develop a mantra you can tell yourself over and over again that will help you when you’re faced with interacting with strangers. Something like “I am the type of person who can do this” or “I am safe and nothing bad will happen.” Setting yourself some small achievable goals can also be a great way to make progress. Tell yourself you’ll make small talk with a stranger for at least 2 minutes and build from there.

A stubborn streak

Taureans are headstrong and are committed to getting things done, but this can manifest itself into stubbornness for the sake of being stubborn. Whilst sticking up for what you believe is right is a trait to be admired, showing dogged determination not to change your attitude when you have good reason to do so is not. This kind of behaviour can stop you growing as a person and you may even hurt someone’s feelings. If you feel like you’re being stubborn just for the sake of it or to get your own way, stop and try to objectively analyse the situation. Ask yourself why you’re behaving like this? Is there a bigger issue at play? When you start asking yourself questions you can start to unpack what’s really going on.

Scared to step outside their comfort zone

Taureans crave harmony and routine so anything that disrupts this can throw them off balance. So the idea of stepping out of their comfort zone can terrify a Taurean. Obviously, this can then lead to them getting stuck in the same old rut. If you feel like this fear of change is holding you back you can do something about it! The best way to approach it is to start small. Throwing yourself into the deep end is only going to make you crave your comfort zone even more. So begin small and go from there. Try going to a different coffee place for your morning caffeine kick. Or go see a film by yourself. Little things like this may seem silly but you’ll soon feel more comfortable taking bigger steps.

Running away from responsibility

Taureans have a tendency to deny any and all responsibility when it comes to tough situations or problems. This is because they never want to deal with anything, and it leads to them ignoring all their faults. Do you feel like you’re always taking the easy way out? It can cause you more problems in the long run. By owning up to your mistakes and facing some tough decisions, you’ll become a much stronger person.

Like every different star sign, those under the Taurus zodiac have complex personalities made up of different traits. But by delving into them we can gain all kinds of insights and work on self improvement to really get the most out of life!

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