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Signs and Symbols: Is A Message Trying To Get Through?

We’re used to following clear cut signs that we’ve been programmed to adhere to, for example things like traffic lights. But we actually find it quite difficult to follow subtle signs that we aren’t used to. These signs are never concrete, always open to interpretation and can often be explained away as a coincidence. Which is why they’re pretty easy to ignore.

But what if you’re disregarding important messages that are trying to get through? Here we’ll try and explain the kinds of things you should look out for and what they could mean for you.

What’s the Difference Between a Sign and a Symbol?

Basically, all symbols are signs, but not all signs are symbols. So a sign encompasses pretty much everything that you see, hear or experience. It can be anything, such as an event, an object, a word, number, or sound. Whereas a symbol is more specifically an icon, number or symbol of some sort.

Types of Signs and Symbols Commonly Seen

Repeating numbers

This happens to so many of us but we often dismiss it or don’t even notice. But when you put it at the front of your mind you’ll soon start to pick up on repeating numbers. Have you ever looked at the time at various points in the day and seen a particular number over and over again? It could mean that you’re in a good flow energy wise!


These are often considered to be reassurance from the spirit world. Different coloured feathers have different significance and meaning.


If you find coins outside your home or on a route you regularly take it’s a sign that money may be flowing to you or you’re finally in a sound financial place.


Often dismissed as nothing more than a coincidence, synchronistic events can actually be signs pointing you in a certain direction, or helping you with a problem.


Messages can be subtle and you may not feel like they are specifically for you at the time, however upon reflection, you can realise that they actually made a lot of sense. You could find a message on the TV, radio, on advertising boards and even on public transport. You just need to be open to them.

Scents and smells

Randomly experiencing a certain scent or smell can take you back to a certain memory which can be the universe’s way of helping you overcome something or remind you of what’s important.

Asking for a sign

If you’re going through a hard time, feeling a little lost, or you need some answers, you can ask the universe for a sign to help you. Through meditation we can reach out to request some guidance. But a big part of asking for a sign is simply being open to receiving one! Remember to look out for numbers, messages, things that seem like coincidences, feathers, coins and familiar scents.


  1. I truly believe in this. Only yesterday; I’m going through some challenges right now; I asked for a sign that everything was going to be ok. Later in the evening, my smoke alarm intermittently kept going off for no reason. Also the screen on may landline handset kept ligbting up as if I was about to receive a call.

    So I think it’s fair to say I asked for a sign ans my prayers were answered!

  2. I definitely agree by what I have read regarding signs. I loved this girl and still love her now also. At that time, I didn,t had the guts to tell her how much I love her. Nearly 16 years have passed since then, but I still love her and will till the end of this life. I feel some past connection with her. I have experienced sudden surge of emotions and felt like crying when I remember her. Strangely I don’t even know where she is, if she is dead or alive. But that is love for you. True love does not mean that you will get your love, sometimes it is the other way round.

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