Ways to pay
Ways to pay:

Spell for Wealth

Cast this spell for wealth and prosperity on a Sunday

You will need:

  • One piece of money attracting crystal, I find Citrine works perfectly in this spell
  • One gold candle
  • One silver coin
  • One oil burner and Frankincense essential oil

On the first stroke of Midnight light the oil burner and the gold candle.

Hold the silver coin in your right hand (this is your receiving hand).

As you gaze into the flame of the candle repeat the Angel Invocation:

“Archangel Michael I invoke thee to grant my wish tonight
Grant me my wish
And ease my plight
Money luck not greed
Enough to fulfil my needs
Grant my wish and I will remember
To give as I have received
So Mote It Be”

Thank the Archangel for helping you and allow the candle to burn down.

Keep the silver coin in your purse or wallet along with the Citrine, this will ensure you will always have enough money to fulfil your needs.