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Star Sign Ruling Planets

If you know about astrology, many of you will be aware of which what Sun/Star sign you are and that these change towards the end of each month, meaning that people born in July and August could be a Leo, depending on their exact birthday.
It might be surprising to know that we also have ruling planets for each star sign which can say a lot about our personalities because of their different qualities. You may have read in the past phrases in astrology such as “Mercury is in Virgo” and when a planet is aligned with a sign, they take on key influences of one another.
Because each planet has it’s own qualities, it’s always a good idea for you to keep a close eye on which planet is currently aligned with your sign so that you can prepare for the different changes it brings. We will now move on to the different planets and what star signs they rule plus what it means for you.


The Sunthesun1
Ruling Planet of Leo

In ancient mythology, Apollo the Roman God of The Sun was often prayed to for his healing qualities, making him very admired and loved figure throughout history. Also known as the God of Light, he brought truth, music and poetry which made him a wonderfully charismatic man. The Sun is extremely fiery and bright which is why it suits the sign of Leo perfectly. People born under the astrological sign of Leo are individuals who tend to shine brightly due to their positive attitudes. They tend to have large personalities and even shy Leos that have a lack of self-confidence will have a fantastic fun side to them once they are comfortable enough to show it. Don’t be surprised if this sign likes to show off their talents in their spare time, such as getting involved with sports or different group events. Everyone should have a Leo as a close friend because they can encourage people to do their absolute best in life, even if they are feeling their worst.


The Moonthemoon1
Ruling Planet of Cancer

In Greek mythology, The Moon actually had a Goddess named Selene, who is also known as Luna, Diana and Artemis. Her story is actually a very sad one because she fell in love with someone who is mortal and after happiness together, he started to grow old. When it came to the time of his death, she couldn’t bear the thought of him passing away and decided to cast a spell on him so he would sleep for all of eternity. This still resulting in her losing the love of her life however she didn’t want to fully let him go.
This story is a very emotional one and it’s the same when it comes to those born under the sign of Cancer. This sign will always be a very understanding one, especially when it comes to their feelings and the ones of those around them. Deep analysis and a journey for emotional enlightenment are often the way for Cancer and they always want to know why the feel certain things and what to do about it. If you’re experiencing a tricky time of uncertainty, a friend born under this sign will help you debate your opinions and decide the best route.


Ruling Planet of Gemini and Virgo

Mercury is famously known as Hermes who is the God of merchants, travel, literature and more. Often known as a mischievous character, he would often be involved in dishonest situations that didn’t make him look like a trustworthy person whatsoever. On the other hand, this planet promotes good organisational skills and completion of tasks, giving us the ability to reach our goals.
When it comes to Gemini, Mercury has a tendency to improve the way they communicate with people around them, especially if they have two very different sides to their personality. This sign can grasp new skills very quickly meaning that if at any point they want to change a career, Mercury will back them up big time. This ruling planet can help massively this sign is meeting any influential people because it can them an impressive gift of the gab, wooing people around them with their interesting conversations.
As for Virgo, this planet will help them break out of their shell and talk to more people so that they can make friends easier. This sign loves to read and write yet in person, they might find it difficult to express themselves and this is where Mercury steps in. This God can help a Virgo become a little more talkative and open up more, making it easy for them to have fun in their lives, instead of being too shy.


Ruling Planet of Taurus and Libra

Many of us will be aware that Venus is the goddess of Love who was admired and loved by many different people. Often considered as the mother of the Romans, even though she was married, she was involved in different relationships and eventually gave birth to the famous Cupid who is known for his connection to love. Being the Goddess of Love and Beauty, when this sign is aligned with your sun sign, it means there will an improvement in these areas of our lives. However when Venus is retrograde, it urges us not make sudden changes to our image or love lives. To find out more about Venus Retrograde, click here.
Venus has a very positive on Taurus because she will remind this sign to treat themselves a little more to the finer things in life. Taurus is a sign that is very hardworking and loves to work so they can have beautiful things, especially after accomplishments as a well done. This sign needs to be surrounded by the comforting decor in a home where they can relax more, especially if they have a delicious meal to top it all of. Venus just reminds them that it’s ok to rank themselves as number one and that it’s ok to treat yourself and indulge.
When it comes to Libra, Venus gives this sign their sex appeal and individuals born under this sign are often known as people who look amazing, even if they don’t make that much effort with their image. They can put a jacket on and look like a million bucks, which is why this Goddess is so lucky to have a ruling planet, too!


Ruling Planet of Aries and Scorpio

Venus is known as the mother of the Romans whereas Mars is known as the Father, which is why there is the famous saying, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” which is a book that explains how genders behave around each other. Mars is widely known as the god of War and many soldiers would often pray upon his powers to help assist them with a successful battle. In Greek mythology, he is called Ares and is especially celebrated in March and October.
For Aries, Mars gives this sign the ultimate masculine, dominant energy and helps them to get what they want in their life. If a woman is born under the sign of Aries, she can often take on a go-getter attitude that will help her achieve goals all by herself with no help from others. As incredible leaders, Aries do not mind being in charge of others and can do so with a very positive, encouraging attitude which can help see others succeed. Sure, they might not need help themselves yet they will always be there to help others if they have a lack of motivation.
With the sign of Scorpio, it’s main ruling planet is actually Pluto however because this sign is combined with Mars also, it makes this sign one that is completely unbeatable in the world of love. Scorpios are emotional and understanding yet are also very passionate, which means they can lure romantic interests in with sexual chemistry but also support them through times of despair. It’s very rare that a water sign has fiery elements, which is why if you come across a Scorpio, they’ll be very hard to forget.


Ruling Planet of Sagittarius and Pisces

Jupiter is more famous known as Zeus, the ultimate God of Romans and did his absolute best to protect each and every one of them. Zeus was a God who was an amazing leader to all, offering guidance, strength and the ability to act with justice at all times. It is said that Zeus liked his women and had many different relationships. Often seen as a character for good luck, he can assure different signs that it is time to step up and go for what they really want.
With Sagittarius, having Jupiter as their ruling planet is very lucky indeed because it will urge them to discover more about themselves, which can encourage this sign to go off on a gap year so they can find spiritual guidance. This sign is often confused about what they want in many departments of their life, causing them to make many mistakes, hurting others around them. This is why Jupiter’s influence will help them become level headed so they can make better decisions.
When it comes to Pisces, Neptune is the main ruler which means Jupiter will help Pisces gain more knowledge and wisdom on their life journey, especially if they come up against obstacles where they must push past them with a calm attitude to avoid disruption.


Ruling Planet of Capricorn and Aquarius

Capricorn’s sign begins in mid-December and Saturn is the God of Farming and Fertility therefore in ancient times, it was believed he helped the harvests in the colder months and this is why it was much appreciated. Romans would celebrate this God during December as a thank you plus they would also give each other food and gifts so that they could decorate their home, just like we do at Christmas.
Saturn was never seen as a young God as always appeared to be old, which is why Capricorns are seen as the very wise and cautious Earth sign that don’t like to be around any risks. They love to plan in detail what they want so that they can achieve goals effectively without fail or bumps in the road. This can actually make them come across as grumpy old men because their plans and dreams can make them very stubborn, especially towards those who offer alternatives.
Aquarius’s main sign is actually Uranus however Saturn does help this sign to gain more knowledge and structure so they too can achieve what they really want. If an Aquarius is trying to balance too many jobs all at once, Saturn will encourage them to organise themselves a little better and take one step at a time so there is no chance of silly mistakes being made in the process.


Ruling Planet of Aquarius

Even though Aquarius is a famous star sign that holds a jug of water, it is, in fact, an Air sign that is ruled by Uranus, the God of the Sky. The reason why water comes into the picture is because this God made sure that rain fell on the ground to help grow plants and food for people living there. He wanted all to live in peace and equality yet this God actually suffered a great downfall (which isn’t the most pleasant story).
When it comes to the sign of Aquarius, it receives an influence from the positive aspect of this God. People born under this sign are often very intelligent and Uranus helps with this and can also guide them towards a lot of success in their lives, even if they struggled at the start. This God can also promote good communication towards others which can keep Aquarius more down to earth and aware of other people’s feelings.


Ruling Planet of Pisces

Neptune is famous known as the God of the sea, which comes as no surprise that the sign it rules is Pisces, the sign of the two fish. This God is extremely well known for riding a dolphin and having a very impressive trident, which was said to help protect people from the sea. Sea-merchants, sailors and even pirates would pray to Neptune and urge him to cast away any storms that were forming so that men could be kept safe during their travels.
People born under the sign of Pisces are often those who have their head in the clouds and love to daydream. Neptune is well known as the planet that helps us get from one life to the next, which is why it’s Pisces is the 12th sign of the Zodiac. This sign will want to help and protect others around them, making them excellent at careers within nursing and other areas where they need to assist people on a daily basis.


Ruling Planet of Scorpio

There were three famous Gods in Greek mythology that were Pluto, Neptune and Jupiter who all wanted to rule the Underworld, however, it was Pluto that achieved this. After ruling this by himself, he decided to make Persephone is wife and Queen of the underworld yet he was very possessive of her.
When it comes to the sign of Scorpio, this is a part of their personality they might know all too well. Scorpios rank sex, relationships, birth and rebirth very important in their lives, making it very easy for them to reinvent themselves when a chapter in their lives has ended. Unfortunately at times, they can come off very hot headed and don’t like to have to answer to someone else. This can create a lot of problems in the workplace, especially if they want to do something one way but are told it must be done in another. A Scorpio must look towards their water sign so they can become calmer when dealing with these problems. Their water element can eventually soothe their jealous nature and help create a peaceful balance.



What do you think of your ruling planet? We’d love to know!

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