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Summer Horoscopes

A lot can happen in the summer, including romances, fun trips and possible career changes. Many of us could have a few stories to tell about this season of 2015 and who knows, this year could dramatically change your life.
Summer is an excellent time because with the longer days and warm weather, people tend to be in better spirits about life, making them go for what they want.
These horoscopes are based around your love life and there is set to be a lot going on in 2015.
Here are the summer quotes each star sign should live by during June-August, according to what’s written in the stars for these months.

Aries (March 21st- April 19th)


This summer, there is set to be some changes in your love life and this is set to kick off in the last week of June, which is a lovely way to start.
During this time, you might have to sit down a romantic interest and be upfront with them about where a relationship is leading. You are a very independent sign, so you like to have your space as often as you can yet this person might be overcrowding it.
Instead of dropping a huge, negative issue onto them, tell them this lightly. Explain that it’s nothing to do with how you feel towards them and instead, it’s more about you needing a little you time. After this, your summer should be much more relaxed with them and you may even feel more encouraged to go on a little weekend trip with them.

Taurus (April 20th- May 20th)


During the summer months, you might meet someone that completely knocks your socks off and you believe it’s a romance that is set to be legendary. However, because of the summer sun and good times, you are proudly wearing those rose tinted glasses. This person may not be all they are cracked up to be and it might be quite similar to the film “500 Days of Summer”.
Don’t worry though, this person just isn’t the one for you and this means you’ll find someone else eventually that’ll be even better for you, which is brilliant. The lesson for you is all about patience and not to get yourself too defeated if things don’t work out the way you want them to.

Gemini (May 21st- June 20th)


For you Gemini, you might experience some dry patches when it comes to your love life yet it will be balanced out by September. This means that you might be pondering a decision that you can’t make at the moment. Are you in or are you out? At the end of the day, you’re just not sure enough to make a change to your life. This can be do with whether you and your partner should move in together or get engaged. One rule for you this summer would be not to pressure yourself with too many questions. Everything has a way of working itself out. Chances are, if you are truly happy with a partner, a big step in the summer might not be the right time.

Cancer (July 21st- July 22nd)


You’re feeling hot, hot, hot this summer! You can expect to feel extremely confident in yourself (finally) and go for that person you’ve had your eye on. In the past couple of months, you may not have felt confident to act on your attraction. Yet at the end of June, you’re hit with this feeling that you just can’t ignore. You might even choose to update your look a little bit that ends up interesting the person you like, making them come to you instead.
Flaunt that confidence, Cancer and enjoy the summer!

Leo (July 23rd- August 22nd)

life is a party

To many different people, you’re going to be completely irresistible which means you could go on a fair amount of dates by the end of the summer months. You are the sign of the Leo, proud and confident, so don’t feel guilty if you can’t decide who takes your fancy the most. Instead, just have fun with it and take your time. At the end of the day, if you’re single, you aren’t tied to any specific person.
By the end of the summer, you might just make your mind up, pushing you to tell someone how you really feel. This romance could keep you toasty in the winter months, therefore a good, long lasting romance after casual dating could be on the cards.

Virgo (August 23rd- September 22nd)


This summer, it’s all about wanting what you can’t have. If you fancy someone who is unavailable or if you like someone you shouldn’t, step away! You are more than capable of attracting many different types of people, so why this one?
It’s time to ask yourself whether your romantic interests are good for you or are they just making you feel down about yourself? Put yourself out there and discover how you can find happiness in other ways, instead of with a partner that doesn’t really want you on their arm.
Be independent and banish the toxic relationships!

Libra (September 23rd- October 22nd)

life surprise

There is massive potential for romance that will rock your world this summer and this can happen after you meet someone at a friend’s party or night out. This person you meet may not be your typical type however, after a good conversation, you might feel a huge connection to them, making you want to find out even more about them.
On the other hand, this person might even be a friend who will soon be a lover, taking you by surprise. This may have all started after a drunk night followed by shameless flirting yet, this friend could actually be the perfect partner for you. This summer, you might have the amazing time of getting to know them better on a more romantic level.

Scorpio (October 23rd- November 21st)

allow continue

This summer, you might learn that you’ve reached your limit when it comes to an important relationship. Something hasn’t be right for ages, whether that’s a lack of respect or a fizzled out spark. It’s going to be the time that you sort through these problems and ask yourself whether this relationship is meant to continue. Of course, this can be very difficult yet some things do come to an end and you can still have an ending that is mature and mutual.
On the other hand, you might have had a dry patch that you need to discuss. After you have an agreement of what needs to be done, you can both move forward.

Sagittarius (November 22nd- December 21st)

things are how

You want the classic, movie-style romance this summer, Sagittarius. You want smoothes in the rain (hopefully the weather will make that a kiss in the sun) and flowers delivered to you. The guilty pleasures of Rom coms may have you expecting a little more than what’s realistic.
Your partner might feel a little exhausted and not be quick-thinking enough to do these extravagant acts of love, making you feel a little down. Whatever you do, don’t let this upset you. Enjoy the relationship for the little things and perhaps give your partner a few hints about what you’d like them to do.

Capricorn (December 22nd- January 19th)

light and dark

For your summer Capricorn, you might experience a few fights between you and a partner but something incredible might happen. During the past couple of months, your relationship might have felt a little stale, making you back off a little. However, if you have a huge fight, it could bring out the passion that’s been lacking, making the both of you engage in well.. some good making up! Patching your differences up will work wonders and make that spark burn brighter than ever!

Aquarius (January 20th- February 18th)

will it be easy

This week, it’s all about patching everything up with a loved one that is much needed to keep your life easy going. You may have had some disagreements in the past over the effort that both of you put into the partnership. One of you may have been guilty of neglecting the other a little, not putting their needs first.
Even if you’ve been having a few doubts in your head, everything will become crystal clear this summer and things may end up being very positive. You might learn how strong and deep your relationship is and that even if you do have a bit of miscommunication, you can sail through the storm.

Pisces (February 19th- March 20th)


It’s set to be a scorching summer, Pisces. You’ll have a lot of fuel for the fire when it comes to your passion and it’s all set to become every explosive! If you’re single, you could meet someone who makes you very confident! On the other hand, your current partner might treat you like absolute gold during the hotter months, making you feel like the luckiest person alive.
Overall, for people born under the sign of Pisces can expect to experience a very wonderful time full of love and happiness in the next couple of months!

Are you horoscopes already starting to come true and are you excited for the summer? What about your plans? Let us know!

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