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Tarot Card Meanings – Four of Pentacles

Are you ready to learn more about the fascinating world of tarot? To begin with, it’s a good idea to become familiar with the meanings behind each tarot card. Carry on reading to find out more about the four of pentacles card, and what revealing this card in a reading could mean for you!

Four of Pentacles – Upright

Revealing this card can suggest you are currently going through a time where you are holding on to things a little too much. Perhaps you are trying to keep control over a situation, are clinging on to things (or even people or situations) you don’t need or maybe you have become a slightly too possessive of late.

On a positive note, this card is a sign that everything you have worked for is finally yours! You have accomplished all of your goals and are on the road to great success.


This will be a good time for you financially, achieving your goals will equal material wealth and financial security – a pleasant chapter in your life. However, this card indicates a need for balance. Be careful not to value material wealth too highly, or become too possessive and greedy. You might want to hold on to every penny that you have, but remember that there is more to life, and no matter what happens, there are always others less fortunate than you. Be grateful and remember to give a little, too.

Achieving your goals

This card generally indicates success is on the horizon, so you can be sure this is a great time to achieve all of your goals. Don’t let your success change you, however, as this card is serves as a reminder to stay grounded and count yourself lucky for all the little things you have.


This card can relate to fear in love and relationships. Are you holding on to someone you shouldn’t be? Clinging on to an old flame? This is not healthy and you should think hard about the situation and if it is truly making you happy. You could also be experiencing this from a partner. Love shouldn’t be suffocating for anybody involved, so try and allow more space in your relationship. If you’re single, let go of any insecurities that may be holding you back, step out of your comfort zone and let go of the past if you really want to find love.


This card serves as a reminder to listen to what your body is telling you. Are you worrying a lot lately? It could be affecting your health. Meditation and consciously letting go of any worries and issues you have been clinging onto for too long will do your health the world of good.

Four of Pentacles – Reversed

When reversed, the four of pentacles card can indicate that you are lacking something solid and dependable in your life. You might feel like there is nobody you can truly rely on. There is a strong feeling of greed related to this card. You are very much focused on material possessions and are at a risk of appearing stingy.


Are you being a frivolous with your finances? Spending like there’s no tomorrow and throwing all your money away? Be careful! On the flip side, you might also be guilty of being greedy when it comes to your money, remember a little generosity in life will go a long way. Your concerns regarding money are unjustified at the moment, so stop worrying.

Achieving your goals

You need to forget about your need for security and stability in life and take a step outside of your comfort zone if you really want to achieve your goals. This will be a huge, important leap in your personal development.


You will soon let go of any fears you have when it comes to love! Don’t let any worries of rejection hold you back right now. Remember that it is also important that you make the time for love and friendship in your life if you want to build long lasting relationships.


Have you been spending a lot of time worrying about your health? Open up to somebody about these fears and you’re guaranteed to feel better when you do. The situation will improve.


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