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Tarot Card Myths You Shouldn’t Always Believe

Tarot cards are believed to be a mystical method of telling your future and the different circumstances that might face you. They are viewed as an activity which is spiritual; so people often think there are superstitions connected with them. It isn’t the case because Tarot cards are used for spiritual guidance. Becoming wrapped up in these worries can make a tarot reading not as enjoyable as it should be. Here are some of the most common myths that you should ignore.

Tarot cards have bad spirits

Spiritual items like Tarot cards, pendulums and others do not have evil spirits. Many people link them to Ouji Boards, which are notorious for bringing a very negative outcome to those who use it. Tarot cards are entirely different because they influence positive guidance and support instead of something that could inflict bad luck. Even cards such as “Death” represents a chapter that is ending in your life, which will then lead to a new beginning. Don’t believe the negative rumours about Tarot cards because they are there to help you prepare for the changes in your life.

You shouldn’t keep black cats near your Tarot cards

Black cats have been known for years as bad luck because they’ve been believed to have a connection to Witchcraft and Wiccans. It’s believed that black cats can drain spiritual energy because of the connect to black (negative) witches, which can affect your reading in a way where you won’t receive a positive influence. In reality, they don’t have a connection to Tarot cards unless cards as shown in a card as a symbol. You don’t need to avoid adopting that cute black cat just because you own a deck.

You must create an ambience before a Tarot reading

A peaceful setting does help a Tarot reading but it isn’t essential. You might find that candles and crystals get you in the spiritual mood but you can read tarot cards anywhere you want!

Tarot cards must be wrapped up and kept in a material

Again, this isn’t entirely accurate. Psychics do advise that you sleep with your Tarot cards under for pillow for a week so that you can spiritually connect with them. However, there aren’t any rules on how you should store them. Some people like to keep them wrapped up in leather or even in a satin bag. If you wanted to, you could keep them on your bedroom shelf. Keeping tarot cards in your house is important to strengthen your connection with them but you don’t have to keep them in a particular place. It’s more about what is more convenient for you.

Don’t use a Tarot deck if it wasn’t a gift

There is a famous myth that you shouldn’t use tarot cards if you’ve bought them yourself. The same could be claimed about healing crystals. People love to collect different Tarot decks and it’s a great way to learn more about what they symbolise. If you receive a deck as a gift, lucky you! If you don’t, try not to feel put off by using a deck you’ve chosen for yourself.

You should never read your own Tarot cards

This isn’t true whatsoever. Many people analyse their cards because they want to practise and improve. The only reason people say you shouldn’t read your cards is because you won’t be able to see a spread in a logical way. If you are upset with your outcome, you might try and twist the meanings to suit you, giving a false reading. Continue to learn about tarot all you want and try picking three cards every week so you can create a spiritual journey that links them together so that your next reading is fluid.

Pregnant women should have Tarot card readings

It’s actually a good idea to have a Tarot reading when your pregnant because it could help give you guidance on how you can adjust to a huge lifestyle change. Some cards do give you information about your health, but it won’t be telling you something very negative. Instead, it will give you guidance on what to do when you’re feeling lethargic and under the weather. If you are pregnant and want a Tarot card, don’t worry about this silly myth.

You should only use your left hand to split the deck

Some people do believe that your left hand is connected to your intuition which will help in a Tarot reading. Unfortunately, this isn’t true whatsoever, and you can split the deck with whichever hand you want. Most people like to use the hand that is most dominant.

Tarot cards reveal the 100% truth

A tarot reading is going to give you spiritual and emotional guidance on situations that could appear in your life. They are never 100% accurate because every single day can be unique and the slightest change can change a destiny. Don’t ever believe a reading is going to tell you all about your future. Instead, view it as a way to get spiritual guidance and inspiration to make better changes in your life.

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