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Tell-Tale Signs Your Chakras Are Imbalanced

You’ve probably heard about how your chakras can become blocked or imbalanced, and how this can affect the way you feel both physically and mentally.

But how do you know if yours are imbalanced?

Here are a few of the tell-tale signs and symptoms of imbalanced chakras that you should be aware of.


Crown Chakra aka SahasraraSahasrara Chakra

Imbalanced crown chakra signs include feeling lonely, depressed, anxious, confused and lethargic.

If your crown chakra is balanced, you will be able to say to yourself “I am at peace!”


Third Eye Chakra aka AnjaAjna Chakra

If your third eye chakra is imbalanced you might feel like everything is happening to you so suddenly, you may feel out of control and that you have no time to think or react. Physically, you may be suffering from migraines, headaches, nightmares or poor vision.

If your third eye chakra is balanced, you will feel calm, in control of your life and fully able to solve any problems.


Throat Chakra aka VishuddhaVishuddha Chakra

If you have a blocked or imbalanced throat chakra, you may have trouble explaining or expressing yourself. Physically, you might be suffering from frequent colds, neck or shoulder problems, hearing difficulties or issues with your thyroid.

If your throat chakra is balanced you will be able to express yourself and communicate freely with confidence.


Heart Chakra aka AnahataAnahata Chakra

A blocked heart chakra can mean you are someone who is finding it difficult to form long-lasting, loving relationships. You might feel your life is loveless, and your heart may feel broken. Physically, you may have heart issues or problems with your blood pressure. You may suffer from asthma or lung problems.

If your heart chakra is balanced, you will be able to be loved and give love!


Solar Plexus Chakra aka ManipuraManipura Chakra

If your solar plexus chakra is imbalanced then you may experience emotional difficulties such as anger. You may feel helpless, and find it difficult to start and finish tasks. Physically, you may experience digestive problems.

If your solar plexus chakra is balanced, you will be motivated and organised, ready to achieve your goals.


Sacral Chakra aka SwadhisthanaSwadhisthana Chakra

A blocked sacral chakra can lead to feelings of despair. You will find it difficult to think of new ideas and will lack creativity, finding it difficult to find solutions to even the most simple, everyday problems. Physically, you may suffer from kidney problems, infertility, impotence or problems with your urinary tract.
When your sacral chakra is balanced, you will be full of ideas and creativity. You will feel in complete control of your destiny.


Root Chakra aka MudMudladhara Charka

Low self-esteem is a tell-tale sign of a blocked root chakra. You may also lack energy and feel exhausted all of the time. Physically, you may have problems with controlling your weight, and you may experience lower back pain, muscle pains and arthritis.

If your root chakra is balanced, you will feel full of confidence with plenty of energy.

If you recognise any of these signs in yourself, our article on how blocked chakras can affect your health and how to fix it might help!


7 Signs Your Chakras Are Imbalanced

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