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Tell us which animal you see first and we’ll tell you what that says about you

There are a number of different ways to learn more about your personality but animals are a great way to delve deep into your psyche.

Humans have a natural connection with the animal world so it makes sense that we would be able to gain insight into our personality by looking to the animal kingdom.

We’ve written before about animal spirit guides, outlining the different types of animal spirit guides, as well as ways to connect to your spirit animal – which you can also read. However, this blog is dedicated to unveiling more about your personality based on the animal you’re drawn to from the image below.

How it works

One of the ways your dominant personality traits manifest themselves is by informing your senses. One example of this is your eyes. Depending on your personality trait your eyes will be drawn to certain images, colours, shapes and patterns. What we’re going to use is animals.

animal personality test

Simply look at the image above and note the first animal that you see. Then take a look at what that animal says about your personality. It’s simple!

What did you see?


If your eyes were drawn to the cat before anything else it means you have an introverted personality. Whilst you do like to socialise on occasion, it’s usually in small groups and you do like your alone time. You have curious tendencies and can be quite nosy but it doesn’t come from a malicious source, you’re just genuinely interested in other people. You can be quite moody and aren’t really bothered about what other people think of you – even though most people do warm to you.



Sensible, hard-working and logical, if your eyes were first drawn to the beaver these are just some of your positive personality traits. You value relationships and always put 110% in but you can sometimes come across a little cold and insensitive. Just when your logical side gets the better of you! Because deep down you really care about those around you. You tend to be pretty organised and like to balance your relationships with your career.



If the horse was what first caught your eye you have a dependable personality. You are loyal, loving and can really empathise with others. You are a lover of rules and don’t cope well during times of great change or upheaval. You do love your routine which means others can find you a bit of a stick-in-the-mud at times. Honesty is one of your strongest personality traits.



Intelligent and creative, if you were first drawn to the dolphin you have a personality that just loves to do. You’re not one for just sitting idly by twiddling your thumbs. You have a great sense of humour and are often the life and soul of the party. Whilst you have a strong adventurous side you do have a strong sense of home and family that keeps you rooted. You can give a first impression of being quite shallow but once people get to know you they realise what a deep and sensitive soul you are.



If the dog was the first thing you saw you have a very open and affectionate personality. You wear your heart on your sleeve and can’t help but let those around you know how you feel. However, you are a very giving and selfless person and always try and cheer up those around you if they’re feeling down. You tend to make strong, lasting bonds in friendships and romantic relationships but your loyalty can sometimes do you more harm than good. You’re incredibly protective and a joy to be around.



Mysterious and unpredictable, if you saw the octopus first you’re a little bit of an enigma. You don’t go through life specifically searching for kinship with others but you always seem to draw the right people into your life. You’re very self aware and have a strong sense of self. You have your convictions and you stick to them! You do have the capacity to learn from others but you often find going down your own path much more enjoyable.



If the butterfly was the first animal you identified you have an adaptable personality. You’re flexible and can roll with the punches that life brings. You don’t always find that it’s easy to get your point of view across and it can be hard for you to participate in large discussions and group activities. However, your beauty (inside and out) and elegance always sees you through and by working hard you always seem to come out on top.


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